The Collective: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Communicator Coming From DST In November

In November Diamond Select Toys & Art Asylum will follow up last year’s Star Trek II Wrath of Khan phaser with a Wrath of Khan communicator role play toy. In addition, Roddenberry have a new TOS phaser rifle replica for the high end collector. More information plus pre-order links below.



DST Wrath of Khan Communicator role play toy

The Diamond Select Toys Wrath of Khan communicator, designed by Art Asylum, features flashing lights and phrases from Admiral Kirk, Spock, Khan and Uhura, as well as the authentic communicator chirp sound effects. There are three modes: Voice Clip Mode, Screaming Kirk Mode, and Hail/Call-Back function. The communicator chirps when Communicator is opened or closed. The TWOK communicator will be released in November and is available now for pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $37.99.

Diamond Select Wrath of Khan phaser

Order Star Trek The Wrath of Khan Communicator Replica from Entertainment Earth!
Star Trek The Wrath of Khan Communicator Replica

Star Trek II was a return to the flip open style from the original Star Trek, after switching to the wrist style communicator in Star Trek The Motion Picture. The silver TWOK communicator can be seen most prominently in the genesis cave scene in Wrath of Khan.

Kirk uses his shiny new communicator in Wrath of Khan

The TWOK communicator is a companion piece to the Star Trek II phaser, released late 2009, along with the similar Motion Picture phaser (which was an EE exclusive). The TMP version is the same shape, but the sticker and sounds are different. Both are available now at EE.

Order Star Trek: The Motion Picture Phaser Replica – EE Exclusive from Entertainment Earth!
Star Trek: The Motion Picture Phaser Replica - EE Exclusive
Order Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Phaser from Entertainment Earth!
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Phaser

Here is a video showing the TMP version.

Roddenberry Replicas at EE – including new TOS Phaser Rifle

Entertainment Earth has also started carrying dozens of Star Trek replicas from Roddenberry Productions, from phasers, to PADDs, to shirts and more. You can see the full line up at (CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL RODDENBERRY REPLICAS).

One of the newest Roddenberry Replicas is the orignal series Star Trek phaser rifle seen in the pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before". This item will be available in June and retails for $859.99 (available for pre-order).

Phaser rifle

Order Star Trek Original Series Phaser Rifle Prop Replica from Entertainment Earth!
Star Trek Original Series Phaser Rifle Prop Replica

The rifle was also featured in a giveaway last week on G4’s Attack of the Show (which TrekMovie notified our twitter followers about). You can watch the segment to see the rifle.


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Bleh… Sorry to be negative on this, but I always HATED TWoK communicators. So… stocky & bulky. If I recall correctly (and I do, lol) they had to push a button on the back to talk. That, plus the silly box light on the botton – yeesh. The phaser was so-so. I much prefer the phaser/communicator from TSfS.

@1 – I’m of two minds about this toy.

Mind one: A new prop replica! Awesome!
Mind two: Oh, it’s that bulky TWoK communicator design. ::sigh:: Oh, well…

Yeah the design of that one is hokey beyond belief…

I always saw them as a kind of retro thing back to 50s sci-fi. They don’t fit well with the TOS era or the TOS movie era, but i still think they are cool

“Screaming Kirk function”. Mysterious…

The communicator does look bulky, but I like the look of the phaser from the video. Judging by the comparison shot of the two phasers, the ST:II version looks better, but the TMP version looks really good from the video. A video of the ST:II version would be awesome for comparison’s sake.

Of course, my favourite phaser has to be the one from ST:VI. It’s just prohibitively expensive, last I heard.

“The Cage” phaser rifle? Surely you mean “Where No Man Has Gone Before”?

@ #6:

I’m pretty sure they used that same phaser rifle in The Cage as well, when they were trying to blow the door off that elevator down to the Talosians underground habitat, but you are correct that it was in Where No Man has Gone Before as well.

I´m under the impression that in The Cage Pike´s crew only used hand lasers (not phasers yet) but I can be wrong, it has been a looooong time since I last saw it…

1) Phaser Rifle Prop is nice but not worth its price. Sorry.

2) Phaser Rifle only made its one time appearance in the episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. Did not appear in the first original Star Trek Episode “The Cage”. Yes, the Phaser Rifle did appear in some publicity shots with Mr. Shatner but that was it.

3) I am guessing that you are thinking of the Laser Cannon Prop in the original Star Trek Episode “The Cage”. In my view, it looks like a Portable Phaser Bank.

4) As for the Communicator and Phaser Props from Star Trek Deux: The Wrath Of Khan — Enough Said.

Thank you for your time.


Not to nitpick and nitpicker , but it was a large laser canon , used to trasnmit the ship’s power .

changed it to WNMHGB

I always thought the communicator from TWOK looked like a big ice cream bar, complete with the little holes on top.

I would love to get the Phaser Rifle replica.

I would love to get that communicator

DST is known for doing variants on their models.. Just look at the Back to the Future DeLoreans. Same exact model, just painted a different way with a few new bells and whistles. Having said that, I hope they relief a special “KHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAN” version, complete with authentic spit drops and a broken and shattered microphone. I think that would sell well.

I will only by this thing if it has Khan saying: “I shall leave you as you left me, as you left her; marooned for all eternity in the center of a dead planet… buried alive! Buried alive…!”

And as for the Kirk scream mode, I can imagine it is something that captures and records what you say, and then it replays it as an echo with the phasing noise…… That’s my guess. So you can say “PRIIIIICELINE” and it will repeat it as such.

DST and Art Asylum rocks my world.

Another communicator to add to the collection…..

While not exactly the best one they designed for the films, it surely not the worst which were those Dick Tracey style two-way wrist radios…. not my idea of 23rd century tech.

Still they do have a certain style of thier own.

I can only imagine how many Trekkies he pissed off by saying Star Wars. All look like good replicas, though.

“What were they thinking!!!!”… when they designed that communicator! I’ve always thought it was crap from the first time I saw it.

Kudos to DST though for having the nads to reproduce it! If they’ll do this prop then there’s no limit to Trek props in the future! Silver lining, people, silver lining!

Lol the “Safety Function” on that phaser turns it into a checkout scanner.

The TWOK communicators simply had to be last-minute, what-can-we-throw-together-off-the-parts-table contraptions. Maybe someone knows the inside story better than I do, but it seems like, in the midst of getting TWOK ready to roll, someone mentioned that those Casio wrist radios they wore in TMP didn’t float too well with the fans, and the props department was tasked with coming up with something with a flip-up antenna grid on short notice. It looks like someone mated an analog multimeter to a Radio Shack project box, then tortured it on a drill drill press.

I consider myself a pretty big Trek fan, but I must admit I don’t think I’ve ever seen that communicator before, or really noticed its design in the movie. :-| Doesn’t look like I was missing out on anything though.

The STII communicators and tricorders were done by an outside prop house if I remember correctly. I think this was done to save costs. The wrist communicators and tricorders used in ST1 seemed much to “sleek” for STII. To me personally they were fine. Would that phaser rifle cost so much if DST made it?


So……Where are the Star trek Communicator Cell Phones? and yes $800.00 is way too expensive for a phaser rifle. even if it’s hand made.

Phwwoargh, I’d go the girl handling the rifle!

$859.99. It’s only worth that much if you can actually disintegrate annoying co-workers. LOL

Oh, geesh, only 9 days late to get that rifle giveaway. KHAaaaaaaaaN!!

Yeah, I never could figure out why the communicator looked better in the 60s TV show then it did in the 80s movie. Something was very wrong there.

i loved the twok communicators because of their silver/metal finish and the light at the bottom, and then i saw the controls which you didn’t see in the film and i wasn’t impressed at all.

I have only one thing to say about TWOK communicator. KHANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Modern Props did the TWOK stuff, but it wasn’t like they just got to do what they wanted … MP wanted to do a new phaser but was shot down, and I think the communicator is just a VietNam era item that got plated for the film, not like what anybody with a brain would have picked. It always looked like shit, making a toy of it is probably just for completists.

MP had a lot of hokey stock stuff that turned up in TWOK and KNIGHTRIDER and AIRPLANE II, but they really did a wide variety of gadgets, many of which are in the backgrounds of BLADE RUNNER.

How cool is the Star Trek Original Series Phaser Rifle?!?! I WANT ONE OF THEM!!!!!!

The TWOK communicator is one of the more forgettable props – way too bulky and retro to fit in to TOS continuity – and I’ll be passing on it…

…but the ST:TMP phaser from Entertainment Earth is absolutely beautiful. I picked one up a few months ago and the thing looks and sounds fantastic. Very nice build quality for a “toy” with a really clever lighting scheme and some cool sound effects. The front even detaches to a standalone Phaser 1 type weapon. Easily one of Art Asylum’s best pieces in my opinion.

I always felt the TWOK Communicator was a super rugged field variant. Like a ST equivalent of the Panasonic Toughbook. Ugly and bulky, with stripped down features, but able to withstand a photon grenade barrage!

Dak23, et, add me to those who dislike that communicator. Especially the light on the bottom. The last thing you need is an enemy to see if you are transmitting.

No question about it, the TWOK communicator just doesn’t fit aesthetically with Trek. But it is an interesting prop. I plan to buy one when it comes out. IF it comes out. But with Art Asylum and Diamond Select, you just never want to get your hopes up too high. But here’s hoping anyway. Keeping fingers crossed for the Reliant.

Can’t believe he said Star Wars

The reason the TOS communicators looked better is: Wah Chang.

The TWOK communicator is clunky and ugly, and I have never liked it, but now that I see the interior, it has a rugged, built to survive look similar to current military hardware that kind of makes sense. But it is still ugly. And I definitely recognized it as built from a Radio Shack project box.

It’s a toss-up which phaser/communicator looked more like a kids’ toy… TWOK or ST09.

Seriously, the work on the TOS props was iconic. Kudos again to Wah Chang and Matt Jeffries. Maybe it could use a little tweaking for the next movie (holographic imaging or some such) but it’d be SO nice to see something close to TOS props in ST2012.

I’m completely with those of you that don’t like this design. It just looks so kitbashed, not like something a professional military would put out.

And I don’t have a spare $850 for that phaser rifle, alas.

I want the type one phaser or ‘laser’…seen on the cage and at times in the series…anyone make those yet?

that phaser rifle, in retrospect, looks like a bizarro sex toy (xd) see the look on the face on the frame on the vid embed in this article? wonder how she got it;)

Star Trek III phaser please

Ugliest communicator ever. It looks like something a fan made from stuff they found in their dads basement. What were they thinking? Spent the whole budget on the nebula battle scene?

That laser rifle is da bomb, you can probably make your own for around $25.

The pistol looks like a cheap T.V. remote.

The communicator design is hideous. Talk about a step backward from the sleek compact style of the series. But the rifle…it’s pure retro gold. I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I had the cash. I think they have a kit version for about $300 or so.

The phaser and communicator from TWOK probably have great design and effects. But I’ll wait for the Search for Spock phaser and communicator, thanks. Or the STV & VI Assault Phaser…in an affordable version!

The Wrath of Khan communicator:……..I always thought they took a step backwards on the props in the movies.

As for the phaser rifle……859.00?! Wow. Now Rodenberry Productions…make a servo and I may buy that.

I just watched The Wrath of Khan this morning for the first time in years.

I have always remembered it as a good film but i had forgotten just how good a movie it actually is. The journey for Kirk through the film really was story telling at it’s best.

Haters! :D

Ya know, I was never a huge fan of TWOK communicator either, but once you hold a perfect replica of one in your hand, I say you’ll change your minds.

Do I expect the DST version to be a “perfect” replica? No. But, based on what they did with TWOK phaser (and the TMP phaser), it’ll be damn good and well worth getting.