VIDEO: Big Bang Theory Star Trek Refs From This Week and Next Week

The geeky CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory is rife with comic book and sci-fi references, but this week and last week’s episodes show that Star Trek is the closest to their hearts. In this week’s episode Sheldon revealed just how important Trek is to him in a potential crisis, and in next week’s episode, a flashback will show how Sheldon used Star Trek as a key test for his roommate Leonard. And you can watch video of both Trek refs below.


Preview: Sheldon’s Star Trek Test For Leonard

Next week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory will flashback to how Sheldon and Leonard met and became roommates. This required Leonard to pass a specific Star Trek test.

From Monday: Sheldon’s Emergency TOS

On this week’s episode Sheldon also showed his love for Star Trek. When he was going over all the features of his room he revealed that season two of the original Star Trek was a key part of his emergency survival kit, along with a crossbow. Watch it below.



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I’d have packed the movies instead.

All right, season two. Good choice. After all, how could one get through an emergency without “The Doomsday Machine?”

Funny show!

2nd one is blocked.

First clip was good. 2nd was blocked though. Sometimes I hate being Canadian.

5: On the bright side, the Shat will be your captain soon ;-)

The Big Bang Theory is so funny! I heard that there’s a campaign to not only get Leonard Nimoy to be a guest on the show, but to get Betty White to play Sheldon’s Memaw.

That would be EPIC.

This show has become a classic. Its well written with a great ensemble cast and most of all its funny as hell! I love this show.

Picard over Kirk? Shame on you, Leonard!

This is one of my favorite shows! I can’t wait for the new boxed set.

Ah, crap — haven’t watched this in awhile so I didn’t know Leonard and Penny weren’t together anymore until I watched the clip. I was hoping the show would buck convention and stuck with a long-tern relationship, showing all the trails and tribulations that entails.

Oh, well. Still a good show. Picard over Kirk, shame, Leonard, shame.

WHAT !?! Picard over Kirk ???? I’m really disappointed, Leonard… but love the show anyway :)

YES – Picard over Kirk!

Aw, it was a new big thing on Monday? D’oh!

Spock over Picard and Kirk!

fun show just started watching it a month or so ago

I’m sorry, it’s Kirk over Picard as well as TOS over TNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This show was on the other night. I couldn’t get through 2 minutes of it. Watch Breaking Bad yo!!

It is annoying when trekkies outside the USA have the links blocked,

No, No, No. It;’s picard all the way.

#17 + 18 – So says the red shirts…

I trust Picard!

#19: No. And 15, right on! Spock over Picard and Kirk indeed!

Picard vs Kirk – looks like they’ve reached a classic rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock moment.

If you watch the show, you know how that always turns out…

Picard fiddles while Kirk burns.

#24 : Oh yeah :D So funny !!!!

@11 …Thanks for spoiling those of us who didn’t watch the clip. Pay it forward indeed.

I knew there was a reason to not like Leonard. It is not enough that he always looks like he is trying to read his lines off camera. Now the truth is out – he prefers Picard! And worse, Sheldon agrees!!!! I don’t know if I can ever watch this show again.

Picard had more of a chance to become a fuller character… TOS only ran 3 years… Go Team Leonard!

I’m sorry but I don’t find this show entertaining or respectful in any way. This looks more like an attempt to mock Star Trek and sci-fi fans not to honor them. I mean look at how outlandishly stereotypical these characters have been written. It’s no different than making a sitcom about black gang members or a sitcom about fat people running a fat farm, or a bunch of italians working for the mob. What I’m saying is this show is the most offensive piece of crap I’ve ever seen and if anybody actually finds this show entertaining in any kind of way then it’s just a reflection of how low brow our society has become.

This was fine.

Did anyone else catch Marc Alaimo on Family Guy last night? I recognized his voice immediately when the “Dean of the Secret Order of Dirty Joke Writers” started talking … but not exactly who it was. So there was this eerie sense of “I don’t like this guy” associated with it … and then it clicked … AH! Gul Dukat!

Man, talk about a great character actor if even just hearing his voice in another context can give me that Pavlov’s Dog response of genuine dislike.

I just figured out that this show is very much like Frasier, with Leonard being Frasier and Sheldon being very much like an equally neurotic Niles… Just a brain fart, carry on…

@ Kobayashi

As of member of the group being ridiculed by the show I love. Most of my friends of a similar background love it as well. As the saying goes if you can’t laugh at yourself you can laugh at. If the sterotypes weren’t so true this wouldn’t be funny. The arguments on this page alone about kirk vs picard are a prime example. I know who I am in the show and I know which friends of mine are which characters and they know it too. If we couldn’t relate the show wouldn’t be funny at all.

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