Star Trek Live Headed To San Diego + Details on ST: The Exhibition In Sacramento & Riverside

This summer Star Trek fans will have some great opportunities to go out and experience Star Trek at museums and stage shows. Today we have news on the West Coast premiere of Star Trek Live in San Diego in June. We also have details, including pricing an hours, for the two locations of Star Trek: The Exhibition this summer, in Riverside and Sacramento.


West Coast Premiere of Star Trek Live at San Diego Fair – Illinois next

We have previously reported that the Star Trek Live educational stage show will premiere on the East Coast on June 11th at the Kennedy Space Center, where it will run through the summer (see previous article). For more on KSC, visit the official site for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

We also reported that there will be another traveling version of the show and we have now learned it will also premiere on June 11th at the San Diego County Fair, which runs from June 11th until July 5th. There will be multiple performances of the 30-minute show each day. The show is included with the tickets to the fair, which cost $13.00 for adults and $7.00 for kids and seniors. More info on the fair at

The next stop for the travelling tour of Star Trek Live will be at Harper College in Palatine, IL on July 15th for two shows. Tickets are $12 (discounted for students and faculty). This show will be somewhat longer than the version at the SD county fair. More info at Following Harpers College Star Trek Live will appear in a number of cities across North America for the rest of the summer and beyond. TrekMovie will have a full list in a few weeks.

Pricing and hours for Star Trek: The Exhibition in Sacramento and Riverside

Another way to experience Star Trek this summer will be at Star Trek: The Exhibition, the touring exhibit of Star Trek props, replicas, costumes and more. Both exhibits will be in California. We now have more details on both.  

Museum   Aerospace Museum of California Riverside Metropolitan Museum
Location   Sacramento, CA Riverside, CA
Dates   May 28th 2010 – January 2011  June 19, 2010 – February 2011
Hours   9am-5pm (T-Sat), 10am-5pm (Sun)   12-8pm (daily)
(discounts for kids, seniors, military &members)  
(discounts for kids, seniors, military &members)  
(Max Flight ride)
$7 TBA 

The exhibit in Sacramento will be mostly made up of the exhibit most recently on display at The Tech Museum in San Jose, which is anchored by the replica of the original series Star Trek bridge. The Riverside exhibit will be comprised of a compilation of things from The Tech Museum exhibit, the recent Hollywood exhibit and stuff that was in storage, but will not include the replica Enterprise-D bridge. However, the Riverside exhibit will include a number of captain’s chairs.

The Aerospace Museum of California has also lined up a special hotel package for out of town visitors at the Lion’s Gate Hotel. The Star Trek Exhibit. Package deal includes: overnight accommodations, tickets for two and an upgraded, "Beam me up" hot breakfast, and hotel shuttle service to and from the Aerospace Museum. More information at

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Let see if they will add anything different.

Some of the local Star Trek clubs in the area are going to volunteer to be guides for the exhibit. Not a bad way to get the public interested in ST when you can a knowledgable fan giving a tour of the props anfd things.

San Diego! WOOO!!

Star Trek: The California Exhibition. :( When is it coming to ATLANTA GA??!

Damn it i wish the one in Illinoise was a few days earlier im going to be out of town14-18th DOes anyone know if it will be comming anywhere close to chicago again?

You know every time I see an update on the Exhibition all I see is California. I’m about to start ignoring the updates because at this point there is no way in hell its leaving the west coast ever at this point.

Do you think you can work a free preview night for Riverside, like Hollywood offered?

3. The Bear – May 14, 2010
Star Trek: The California Exhibition. :(

No sh*t! I was lucky to be in San Diego the day it opened as the Tour…TWO YEARS AGO!!

Can someone tell me what ST: Live is about?? I live near the college where it will be performed in Illinois and will see it but I don’t know anything about it. Is is worth it?

Sacramento… yes! I can get to that one.


wow, they must think that star trek is a california kind of a thing. we on the east coast like our star trek too :(

Can’t wait until the Exhibit hits my city next month. And the price is right at $15. My wife and I saw it 2 years ago when it was in Long Beach (at the Queen Mary). We had free tickets then (through a friend), but I thought the idea of paying $30 a pop sounded excessive (as it was priced in LB). For a scaled down version of it, $15 sounds about right.

The original costumes and props were great to see up close. I liked the bridge, engine room and transporter sets as well (got my ‘posing in Kirk’s chair’ money shot! Every geek’s fantasy). It was a fun day, and I’m looking forward to reliving it with even more of my friends this time.

And I for one, DO wish it would travel around more of the country as well; #10 has a point; the eastern seaboard has PLENTY of Trekkies as well!

A little visit to the Shat’s hometown wouldn’t go amiss… ;)

Star Trek: California needs to head out of the Pacific Time Zone…to anywhere else. It needs to come out here because I am not going out there and because Star Trek did air in 49 other states.

“Star Trek: California needs to head out of the Pacific Time Zone…to anywhere else. It needs to come out here because I am not going out there and because Star Trek did air in 49 other states.”

OK, I get with my other California Trek buddies and we’ll throw you a bone and see if we can get this to Phoenix, AZ and Portland Oregon soon.

Hey its not star trek westcoast at all-so far none of these traveling exhibits have made it out of california–i live in wa state and oregon south of us and neither state has seen any exhibits yet, just like you on the east coast, middle states etc…and we are in the pacific time zone–we have the scifi museum in seattle yet no trek exhibits here yet-dammit jim—-

Good grief.

The closest ‘Trek’s gotten to Nebraska is like — 25 years ago when Shatner appeared at a car show here. My parents got to meet him; I think they were on a date. To go see William Shatner. And around that same era, Jimmy Doohan literally brushed past them. LITERALLY.

And about three years ago when Denise Crosby was the guest at Osfes. And I was out of town.

And — of course — in Riverside, Iowa, but that’s a good two; three hours away.

Ah well. Maybe I’ll find an excuse to go to Cali some time. xD


Well, you can always attend a show in spirit!

“I can’t go, so I’ll just imagine myself there and have a good time doing it!”

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