The Collective: A Look At Hallmark’s 2010 Star Trek Ornaments

Christmas may be seven months away, but it isn’t too early to start planning ahead for what you will be hanging on your tree. Hallmark have revealed their line-up of Christmas ornaments for 2010, including three new Star Trek ornaments, including the first ornament tied into the 2009 Star Trek movie. TrekMovie has details and images.


Hallmark’s Trek Christmas 2010

For Star Trek fans there are two tell tale signs that Christmas celebrations are near. First, you could find yourself in The Nexus spinning around until you arrive in a Victorian Christmas scene with Whoopi Goldberg. Or, you could get your Hallmark Keepsake Dreambook in the mail or at your local store. The book is a catalog of this year’s Hallmark ornaments, and for 2010, Star Trek fans will have three ornaments to decorate their trees.

New U.S.S. Enterprise ($32.95, available July)

The very first Hallmark ornament based on the 2009 version of Star Trek, the U.S.S. Enterprise looks to be an excellent offering. It is designed by the talented Lynn Norton who has sculpted many of the best Hallmark ornaments during the previous 19 years. The ornament is 6 inches long and includes lights on the deflector dish and engines. Being battery operated means the ornament has the additional benefit of being able to be displayed all year without a Christmas tree light strand.

Hallmark 2010 USS Enterprise – Click to enlarge

"Amok Time" scene ($28.95, available July)

Anita Marra Rogers continues her contributions to Star Trek with this iconic scene from the season 2 opening episode, “Amok Time.” The ornament is another “scene” ornament that in the past included other offerings such as the Guardian of Forever and the iconic confrontation with Khan on the Enterprise from Wrath of Khan. The ornament is 4.25 inches and battery powered. A noteworthy feature is that the classic fight music by Gerald Fried is played.

Hallmark 2010 Amok Time scene – Click to enlarge

Captain James T. Kirk ($14.95, available July)

Beginning a new Keepsake Ornament series called “Star Trek Legends” is this 4.25 inch tall ornament of the 1960s version of Captain James T. Kirk. Again produced by Rogers.

Hallmark 2010 Kirk – Click to enlarge

 Hallmark trivia

The Kirk and “Amok Time” ornaments are the seventh Kirk sculpts by Anita Marra Rogers, previous Kirks from Rogers were :

1995 Captain James T. Kirk (in the bridge chair)
2004 City on the Edge of Forever
2006 Transporter Chamber
2007 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
2009 The Menagerie


All three ornaments are available for sale at your local Hallmark Gold Crown stores starting July 10th which begins the annual “Keepsake Ornament Premiere Weekend.” As always, the Dreambook includes a wish list that could be brought to local stores now to reserve the ornaments.


Next year will mark the 20th anniversary of Hallmark Star Trek ornaments which began with the famous U.S.S. Enterprise (released in low quantities, this ornaments is a true collector’s item and commands hundreds more than its original 1991 price).

While Hallmark does not have Star Trek ornaments for sale during Comic-Con International this year, they will have a preview of some of the 2011 prototypes.

Hallmark 1991 Enterprise – their first Trek ornament


For those Trekkies who also like other science fiction franchises, Hallmark has ornaments from Nightmare Before Christmas, Tron Legacy, Avatar, King Kong, Twilight, Alice in Wonderland, DC Comics and Marvel, Harry Potter, How to Train Your Dragon, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, Legend of the Guardians, Wizard of Oz, and many Star Wars ornaments.

POLL: Do you Trek your Tree?

Hallmark has been making Star Trek ornaments for 19 years, with a few to choose from every year. So how many have you picked up over the last couple of decades? Or are you Trek ornament free?




Special thanks to Kevin Dilmore for information and help writing this article.

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Now I know what to ask for for Christmas!

The JJ Enterprise looks to have pretty good detailing and accurate proportions. Like!

Seems like a great reason to have a xmas tree this year!

I never liked the original Enterprise ornament because of the extra lights around the outside of the primary hull. Every ornament that followed however were true to the orignal models…

Bah.. the JJ Enterprise will be the first ship I don’t buy since this collection started. I still hate this design, the proportions are just ugly, nothing fits!

The wife now makes me have my own tree for Trek, as the one in our living room was getting too assimilated!

I was really lucky last year, I was able to score a 1991 Enterprise Ornament at a garage salr (complete and in box) for just $5.

A little tip. If you are short of money Hallmark has a layaway program.

Something I wished I used last year, I lost out on the Ecto-1 car because I thought they would have lots in stock. That thing flew off the shelves quickly.

6 Bob- You WHAT? Now that’s an awesome find. Congrats.
The JJ-prise looks very good.
In retrospect, I’m glad they didn’t go with red or amber-ish nacelle caps. (Yes, nacelle caps again.)

$33 for a tiny lighted plastic thingy to be hung on a tree? Ouch.

The nuEnterprise ornament looks great. So does the “Amok Time” one as well. However, the Kirk with phaser ornament isn’t that good. Doesn’t look like Kirk at all. For some reason, William Shatner’s likeness seems to be hard to duplicate on action figures and figurine ornaments.

Hallmark has done consistently good work with these ornaments!

Ahhhhh. Nothing brings the holiday season to life like two close friends trying to kill each other with lirpae. [insert pithy comment regarding organized religion/consumerism here ;-)

Cool, they’re releasing the ugly-prise. Did they ever release the refit?

The figures look awful so I’ll pass on those. The JJ ship is too overpriced (as have been all the ship ornaments) so I’ll pass on it as well.

Kirk looks like Sulu.

Best Ornament Ever was the Galileo Shuttlecraft. I picked one up on Ebay a few years back, and every year my wife and I have great fun listening to (and pantomiming) Spock’s holiday greeting. Also I like the blown glass Judge Q which always sits above my presents.

No, I don’t ‘Trek’ my tree. I leave each and every first-run ornament in its original box. Including my prized 1991 Enterprise. I did, however, grab a couple of extra Type I hand phasers at 50% off in January, so I can shoot the wife and dogs when they get underfoot. :-)

Nice, but is Kirk’s shirt torn in front on the Amok Time ornament?

I’ve been collecting these for 16 years now and they are by far my favorite Trek memorabilia. They are amazingly detailed and quite gorgeous to look at. My only complaint is that a couple of years ago, the ornaments that lit up started to come with batteries instead of a Christmas light plug. This means you have to push a button and then the ship only lights up for about 20-30 seconds. All of my other older ships stay lit. I’m quite fond of the Guardian of Forever and the Enterprise E ornaments. I also have Capt. Sisco standing tall clasping his hands behind his back. Quite striking. One reason I am probably fond of them is that I only take them out once a year!

I usually pony up for at least one Trek ornament every year, but I can easily pass on all these.

Still want my classic D7 battlecruiser, classic Bird of Prey, and … the GORN!

Scott B. out.

Wow…. I’m surprised that these are going to be available so soon. I remember the days where it would be November before they were released.

#5: Agreed. I thought as time passed this new design would grow on me. I like it even less now than when I first saw it. Absolutely no grace whatsoever. A mishmash of competing lines and forms. No desire to buy it, unfortunately.

I managed to get the store display for the Shuttlecraft ornament just after Christmas the year it came out. I think I’ve only missed (didn’t want) one ornament out of all of ’em.
Yeah- I’m an addict

Proud to say I have not missed a single Trek ship ornament since this line started. From the 1991 USS Enterprise with its goofy multicolored lights around the saucer to the stupid looking Scorpion Class attack fighter from Nemesis, the collection is truly staggering. Will I purchase the nuEnterprise? Yes. Do I like it? No. Its hideous. Poor form by the designers.

sigh…the Kirk ornament looks like the artist noobishly tried to merge the likenesses of The Shat with Piney’s (Chris Pine)’s look…and it turned out looking like Trelane… therefore it is a FAIL

Dang! It does look like Trelane! I didn’t notice until you said that, nuPike!

$32,50 is waaaay over-priced. When you see them up close, there’s nothing to justify topping $10.


Yeah, last year the Klingon Battlecruiser was $45 in Canada. Too expensive for something that is only a few inches long. It was well made, but just not worth the price.

HAHA Xman in july again Thanks Hallmark….Well I thought the Kirk ornament kinda looked like SULU when he was a kid maybe….clever mentioning it looked like shat and pine mixed it kinda does or maybe the kid spock ahahah….

Lastly I think the Kirk Figure looks like a japanese cartoon..MAYBE SPEED RACER! haahah

opps meant XMAS in july! Danged Marvel superhero typos haha

Ugh do we have to talk about Christmas? We’re not even halfway through the year yet, and I’m still trying to get over the debt accrued LAST Christmas. Call me a grinch if you will, but.. it’s May!

Anyway, I echo the sentiments made by those in reference to the new Enterprise. Both in terms of form and price. Being attached to the Star Trek franchise obviously allows manufacturers and sellers free reign in attaching a random (usually high) number post-dollar sign.

And the design of the JJ-prise, as people have come to call it, is the one example I can think of where JJ Abrams’ top-secret methods failed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that he maintains an element of mystery until my bum’s on the cinema seat, and I actually wish more directors would take a leaf from his book (as opposed to giving everything away when the film is at the trailer stage), but if he’d released certain production design elements, such as his “hot rod” starship, then public reaction would likely have forced him back to the drawing board and we’d have one less thing to complain about in the movie. Also, anyone who thinks that ship looks like a hot rod has obviously been hitting the Felicium.

Query, whether the second Kirk figurine is supposed look more like Bill Shatner or Chris Pine.

Another thing i do not like on the kirk ornament is the danged ornament hook coming out of his frakkin head-just like last years Alia probe ornament-its too hellraiser zippy pinhead to me only hookhead-also i dunno if everybody knows this but after christmas if u watch hallmark closely-any ornaments still available gets discounted 50-80%-last year for example the limited edition alia sold out in 3 days but there were lots of the phaser,menagerie and klingon cruisers still at the stores for discount-i usually buy one full price then wait to get extras to sell or trade–the jj prise looks about as good as the one i got from target with the dvd–

31. I think a mix. Not sure either. Strange, ain’t it?

im actually proud to say that i have practically every single one…including the very first enterprise…still in perfect working condition i might add.

#23 – well, problem with the new E is that the designers tried to incorporate elements from the ugly and outdated TOS design to the superior TMP one.

Re: post 5; I agree the new Enterprise design is badly proportioned. But Lynn Norton has done his usual fantastic job and looks like a great ornament I’ll add to my collection.

Nice job Lynn!

The other sculpts look great too!

Kirk looks like he’s pinching a loaf.

Likenesses are horrible!!! No ice cream in the rec room tonight…

Oh well, it stands to reason they’d do the Uglyprise. At least there are two classic ornaments to offset the monstrosity.

#5: Agree, I am the ultimate completist but this will be the first ornament I will be passing on. Nothing would make me happier than seeing a complete refit of the JJprise – external and internal (especially engineering) in Star Trek 2011. Either that or such an overwhelming number of lense flares that the design of the ship is totally obscured.

Middle of the year and the Trek Ornaments are reported. It must be approaching that time of year – quicker it seems then last year

Christmas must of broken the Transwarp barrier now… without the assistant of the Borg :)

The redesigned Enterprise looks like stretched taffy.

Christmas in July for SURE with the new-designed Enterprise! Woo Hoo!

The new Enterprise looks like it is being pulled into a black hole…and that is where this design should of stayed. Star BLECCK! An abonination to matt jefferies design.
Guess JJ put us old original Trekkers out to pasture…..along with the manure.

Ok, she’s gonna hate it but I’m getting that Amok Time. It will be on the tree next year.

I wonder what fan they used as a model for Kirk cause it sure wasn’t Shatner.

I had the original 1991 enterprise but it was so wonky and fugly I sold it. Got a nice profit from it.

I much prefer 2006’s remake, though I don’t like that they’re now putting batteries in ornaments instead of plugs. I miss the days of having the ships glow all the time the tree’s on.

I’m in for the JJprise, great looking version of the big E. Love the Kirk/Spock hand tom hand as well. but I’ll echo the wish for a return to the tree powered ornaments.

I have them all except for the original Enterprise Ornament… Cant really justify spending that much money to get it.

I spent less to get the much bigger Playmates JJprise. It was priced to clear at Toys R Us for 20 bucks. Gotta say, it was a turning point for me as far as liking the new design goes.