Exclusive Video Of 2010 Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments

Today we have a follow-up to our Saturday first look article on Hallmark’s 2010 Star Trek Keepsake ornaments. Star Trek novelist Kevin Dilmore (who also works for Hallmark) has sent us a video he made, showing off the three new ornaments. Check it out below.



See new Star Trek ornaments in action

The Star Trek ornaments will appear at Hallmark during ornament premiere weekend July 10th & 11th. For more on the three Star Trek ornaments (and many more) visit Hallmark.com.


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I wish the lighted ornaments could plug in so they would stay lit.

Kirk and Spock fighting in Amok Time? Ooooh, gimmeee!!!


3 for me please!!!!

The Abramsprise is still fugly.

The other two are awesome!

It’s called auto-focus….

Man, you would have to be really nerdy to put these on your Christmas tree……good thing I am.

ooooh…..the enterprise lights up! sweet!

The Klingon K’tinga they did last year is superb. The JJ Enterprise looks extremely well detailed, should look nice next to the 1701-A. Not a fan of the sculpts on the character ornaments, but having that Amok Time ornament play the fight music is just too awesome. While I love the battery feature on the ships(definitely NOT because I love turning on the lights and zooming my ships around in the room…no, definitely not) I’d like for these ornaments to both operate on batteries AND be able to be powered along with Christmas tree lights. Oh well.

I agree with #1. I think it was a mistake when they changed to have the be battery powered.

Thank you Hallmark for being the first to come out with a nice detailed replica of the new E and I’m not counting that Playmates toy. I still don’t understand why nobody else has yet. Some of the best ship replicas I have came from Hallmark.

Enterprise looks beautiful! Been looking for a small decent model of it. Does anyone know it the hanging hook can be take off of these things?

Getting tired of all the TOS ornaments. The past three years that’s all it’s been. Where’s TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT?

#11. I doubt that they’ll make any more from any of those series any time soon, especially since it seems they are focusing solely focusing on TOS characters (to the point of unnecessarily re-doing them as a “series”). TOS show/movies just tend to sell better.


TOS related merchandise is the big seller right now. I’m guessing that Hallmark wants to capitalize on the success of the new movie. Having said that, Art Asylum has done TNG era ships and figures while putting out TOS stuff at the same time. I think its safe to assume that Hallmark will return to putting out TNG or ENT era keepsakes, even if it isn’t this year.

Wish they could have shown if the Amok Time Kirk had his shirt torn across the middle. Verdict still out on that Kirk with the phaser….bad likeness as usual.

I love that Enterprise, but I will raise a stink if the one I buy has the tilted saucer like that one has. The lights are gorgeous though. I’m almost sorry I passed up the K’tinga, but before they announced it I had already bought a Konami K’Tinga from Japan.

#13. They’ll probably have a TNG one every now and then, but I think they’ve done all that they will ever do with ENT (NX-01, Vulcan ship, Archer, T’Pol, and Trip) and VOY (Voyager, Delta Flyer, Janeway, Seven).

Apologies for carping on it, but is there any news on the JJ-prise plastic model kit? I only ask here cause it’s the latest merchandies article. :)


luv that enterprise

@ 10

The hanging hook is pretty simple to take off, its really just glued in a little hole. Make sure you twist it out and not just pull it out.

17- Yeah, there is. It’s coming out this fall I think. Check http://www.round2models.com

They should have sliced Kirk’s chest, just under his moobies.

Once again, they’ve sculpted an Enterprise with those sector lines so heavily grooved into the model that if you adjust the scale, you could stand up to your neck in one. Someone correct me, but weren’t those a late addition literally penciled onto the TOS 11′ production model by Gene Roddenberry? Because I don’t remember anything but a gleaming smooth hull until we got to the Starfleet Technical Manual. Everytime the lines turn into scars in the hull, I cringe. Does Starfleet send out ship pre-cut like wheels of cheese? The beauty of 60’s designs is the sexy curvaceousness. Drop the stinkin’ lines. Please.

Quasi off-topic: What happened to the Lando Calrissian ornament that was shown along with these and the 2010 “Star Wars” ornaments at last summer’s San Diego Comic-Con??? (It doesn’t appear in the new Hallmark catalog.)

I actually like that they changed to the battery instead of the cord.

On many of the corded ornaments it just ruins the look of the ship.

Another advantage is that I can take the ornament out at anytime and put a battery in and turn the ornament on. Otherwise I would have to dig out the lights set box and fish out a set and go through all that hassle to plug the cord into the light set and then plug the cord in.

Another thing I like is that sometimes I don’t put up a tree so this allows me to take out my ornaments and put them anywhere and still enjoy them fully.

As for these Trek ornaments, I’m planning on buying the Enterprise and the Amok Time one. The Kirk one will likely be a pass.

The Kirk figure still looks like speed racer dressed up as kirk—go kirk racer,go…….
i also like the watch battery ornaments better as they dont end up on a tree for me–jjprise does light up very nicely–

#24. I haven’t looked into it, but maybe it’s an exclusive for Premiere Weekend. Those aren’t always in the Dreambook, but you should be able to pre-order it at your store.

its a shame that the only thing that was in focus was your face… :-)

1. It’s interesting to know that a Trek novelist works for Hallmark.

2. Now every time there is a fight — e.g., someone in the house wants to watch TNG, another wants to watch TOS, and there is only one big-screen TV — you can play the Amok Time theme. I sense that many prayers have been answered.

3. I always thought that it was pronounced “AMok,” not “aMOK.”

4. The ship: Coolness!

5. I get the sense that the video was taken at a mock set-up at a Hallmark corporate location. I get the sense that it’s there to serve as a model for retailers. But I could be wrong.

6. New series for Star Trek (ornaments) — it’s the “new series” part of it that intrigues me the most. Hear that, CBS? New series. As in “TV series.”

Oh, and about models of the nuEnterprise (which I like a lot): Every day I thank my lucky stars (trek) that I bought the Target special edition of the Star Trek Blu-ray that came with a model of it.

Now I have the nuShip at two scales: The Playmates version (6.5 out of 10 stars) and the Blu-ray version (7 out of 10 stars). The Hallmark version would be the third, and it looks like at least a 7 in my book.

I’d like to see a stand of some kind that you could display the new battery operated ships with. THe E that HAllmark did a few years ago is a very nice ship and I keep it displayed all year round.

Please don’t take this as old school temporal stasis (I thought the 2009 movie was awesome!) but the JJ big E looks like that fish in your aquarium that is about to kick the chum bucket. I would expect to find it floating belly up, some morning – if it had a “belly”. Sorry, but every time I see it, I cringe. Its emaciated shape gives me a subconscious impression of disease and death. Is this supposed to be some kind of statement about the the decay of our culture, or just more retro heroin chic? Not on my Xmas tree, you don’t!! Bring back our healthy and vibrant lady!

I love that Enterprise. It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be…

@21, 22: Thanks! Much obliged.

Its funny how some like the jjprise while others hate it so-me,im right in the middle–the tmp refit remains my fave n probably best enterprise i still like the new movie version better than say,tng although the last couple of tng movies the ships were the best things about the movies–voyager was ok,enterprise better than most of the other incarnations–so really i like the jjprise really i do–

is there a list of all the ornaments that Hallmark has released for star trek? I have only a few of them and would like to complete my collection (in as far as it lights up and/or has sound) and yes I have the sought after NCC-1701 and it goes on the tree every year. and if you want I have a 1080p sized version here for all to use [IMG]http://i612.photobucket.com/albums/tt207/JuddSandage/Enterprise1080.jpg[/IMG]

I have the original Enterprise and several other ships. I’ll have to get the NEW Enterprise. It looks cool.


I sadly have them all. :)

WOW, I have every thing up to 1998, then I started again in 05 with the A, but skipped a few after that… thanks guys, also what do you think of the background for you all?

Sorry – just catching up with this one!

5. Aww – so harsh! It’s called me goofing off with my Flip video camera on my lunch hour. Vittorio Storaro I am not. :) Besides, if I knew how to re-create a lens flare on my Flip, I would have done that instead.

7. Agreed! The battle cruiser is maybe my favorite sculpt of Lynn’s ever – and that’s saying something!

10. I’d not recommend trying to twist the hook thingy off. Just let it hang. It’s pretty cool that way. I have four or five ships hanging in my cube at work and hardly notice the thingy at all. (And yeah, I call it a thingy because I don’t know what else to call it – and I WORK here!) :)

11. Trust me, we do talk about all series when we develop our Star Trek ornaments. We also know what the majority of fans are wanting to see, and these days, it’s TOS. If it was up only to me, we would do a TAS ornament or two. (And for the 40th anniversary of that show in 2013, I’m darn well gonna push!)

12 and 13. Yep., but without the “unnecessarily” editorial comment. ;)

14. Aha! But at THAT point in the fight, Spock had not sliced Kirk’s shirt yet! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyhhFzE5O5U

18. See 5. :)

20. And you haven’t broken an ornament yet? Luuuuucky. ;)

23. WRONG! ;)

24. Lando isn’t in the 2010 Dream Book because it is a Limited Quantity ornament. You can pick it up starting Keepsake Ornament Premiere Weekend, July 10-11, when you get your Star Trek ornaments. :)

27. Whoops. What you said! :)

28. Snap! ;) It’s a shame that you misspelled your own screen name, too, but I won’t mention that in a public forum. ;)

29. Thanks! But I’m not that interesting, trust me. And good call on the video location! It’s a work room just a few footsteps from my booth in our Kansas City corporate headquarters.

30. Got another one of those Target DVD specials? My writing partner wants one bad! ;)

38. Thanks! That’s just where I was going to point him. And what the heck is sad about having them all? ;)

And to everyone, thanks for all of your interest in Keepsake Ornaments. Anthony and John have been fantastic supporters of what we do here, and I promise to keep you all in the loop as soon as something fun comes along.

40. #10 – the loop “thingy” has two official hardware names depending on the shank.

It is called an eye screw if it has threads on the shank that goes into the ornament (screwed in, and hence why #20 suggested twisting to get it out)
BUT if it is just a straight stick with a loop at the end (often used for jewelry and used on cheaper/lighter ornaments) than its called an eye pin.

Most ornament collectors just call them the loop.

I’ve had some fall out without even trying to take them out. I’ve also removed some from pieces, grabbing the loop with a pliers and doing as #20 said – twisting slowly.

Love the Trek pieces. Wish there was an exclusive of the #1 Kirk but in a green shirt for comic con.

Here’s a question: Do the back ends of the nacelles light up too, or just the bussards and the lights under the cowl?

Yes the back of the nacelles light up too. As well as the bussards and the cowl trim lighting.

Hallmark or Lynn
Just throwing an idea out there;
Any chance the next round of ships (or any hallmark light up ornament) could come with a dual option of either lighthing up via the batteries or a cord. By this I mean either place the batteries in the battery compartment or plug in an adapter in the battery compartment and then to a light string. This way it would give the user a choice on how they wish to light up there ornament.

Me personally, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy turning on the tree and seeing all the ships light up and continuously blink through out the night.
However to date I still have not seen the 2006 Enterprise, 2008 USS Reliant, and 2009 Klingon Battle Cruiser light up as I do not wish to use the batteries and it seems pointless if they only light up for a few seconds then shut off.

Even better, any chance a corded retro fit kit can be made for the previously battery operated ornaments? I would by those in a heart beat.

Your ornaments are always amazing Lynn Norton, can’t tell you how much enjoyment they bring when they are lit all the time.