Leonard Nimoy “Hopes It Works Out” For William Shatner and Star Trek Sequel

This Thursday Fox airs the season finale of JJ Abrams Fringe, featuring what is likely the last performance of Leonard Nimoy as an actor. Nimoy recently did a conference call with reporters discussing the finale, where he also talks about his decision to retire (again) from acting, and he gives his thoughts on the next Star Trek.


Nimoy on retirement and Shatner in Star Trek sequel 

Nimoy on why Fringe will be his last job as an actor

It’s really coincidental. It wasn’t anything about the Fringe job or the character of William Bell that made me decide I didn’t want to do this anymore. It’s a coincidence. I’ve been at this for 60 years. My first professional work in film was in 1950. 60 years, I think, is long enough. I had decided not to do anymore acting and directing several years ago. I was called back to work to do the Star Trek movie, which was very attractive. I thought it was going to be a wonderful film. I read the script and a great handling of the Spock character and an introduction of wonderful new actor to play Spock. Then, J.J. Abrams who is the executive producer of Fringe asked me to do the William Bell character. I thought I owed him that. I’m very glad that I did it because it was an exciting project. It’s just coincidental that I decided some time ago that I really didn’t want to do this anymore. I just did this last job as a favor to J.J. Abrams. I’m glad I did it. I think we’ll see
an exciting episode next week. It’s a very good note to go out on.

Leonard Nimoy in season finale of "Fringe" 

Nimoy on the next Star Trek movie and if Shatner should be in it

I have no idea about the next film regarding Bill Shatner. I’m quite sure – I think I can be definitive about the fact that I will not be in it. I have said that I think it’s time for me to get off the stage and make some room for Zachary Quinto who is the new Spock and a wonderful actor, looks a lot like me. And I’m very flattered that the character will be continued by an actor of that caliber. He’s very well trained and very talented. I have no expectations whatsoever even being asked to be in the next Star Trek film. I cannot speak for J.J. Abrams or William Shatner. If they have a common interest, I hope it works out.

Go to MovieWeb to read the full call transcript, which has more from Nimoy on the Fringe finale and his retirement.


Trailer for the finale – "Over There" [YouTube]

Watch two sneak peeks here

"The Bell Tolls" (Leonard Nimoy) [YouTube]

POLL: Shatner in Star Trek sequel?

Once again it is time to take the pulse on what seems like an eternal question.



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“After reading the article” I sure do hope they share a common intrest. I would like to see the shat come back one last time. Alive that is! That was Rick Berman’s biggest flub up!

Well to be honest, I would like to see Shatner in the sequel in some fashion. Just being sentimental I guess but I would. Now in what format, I have no clue at the moment.

This looks to be fun!

WILLIAM SHATNER: OK, listen… if this bald French guy ever asks you to help him kill Malcolm McDowell, well… JUST… don’t… do it. And make that knerk from Ferris’s Day To Jerk*ff just go down himself and fix things.

CHRIS PINE: Uh, alright. Say… when do I get the gut?

WILLIAM SHATNER: We’ve always had that.

CHRIS PINE: Uhhhhh… yeah, you’re right, man. That’s why I’m wearing a girdle now.

WILLIAM SHATNER: Now be quiet as we watch Lennie take his last bow. He may be retired but I still have to say Shat My Dad Says…

LEONARD NIMOY: (onstage at Fringe’s wrap party) I have been and always will be your friend. Now, who wants to show me boobies?


Live long and prosper, Mr. Nimoy!

As for William Shatner, I think it would be best if his role were to be a cameo. Chris Pine is the new Kirk and a large role for Shatner could overshadow Pine and the rest of the cast. A larger role would have made more sense in the first movie since Chris Pine and the rest of the new cast were just beginning.

DeForest Kelley’s appearance in the TNG pilot “Encounter at Farpoint” proved that a cameo can be very effective.

If The Shat comes back, he’s going to have to get himself in shape. I don’t want to see Denny Crane in the Star Trek universe.

It would be wonderful to see Williams again, man , I can’t wait for the next one.

Looks like 54% for “yes” vs 40% “no”! We have a quorum!

#6 :: Hey, I love Denny Crane. xD But I agree with you; not in the ‘Trek universe.

But I digress, as usual.

I do think Fringe will be a wonderful note for Nimoy to go out on. It’s a great show with great writing, acting, and a wonderful cast and group of characters. And the season finale looks stellar! But this brings up an interesting thought: If Nimoy’s officially gone after Thursday’s episode, does that mean so is William Bell?

As for Shatner and a cameo, I don’t care either way. I say we let the new crew stand on their own. I think the success of the sequel would be an excellent gauge of how well the reboot really is. I love the Shat, but I don’t think he needs to come back to ‘Trek.


Who’s “Williams”?

I’m sick of this time travel Crap!!!..I say get on with the new crew and their ongoing missions..Kirk died in STV..OOppps sorry that was the director and writer…Wander who that was ???..Kirk died in Generations so let it be..to make another time travel movie after the other is just going to PO most fans…

The only way they can bring back Shatner is if they have Chris Pine’s Kirk seeing his older self, played by Shatner, the way the mirror universe Archer saw his mirror self.

I love the original cast and always will. As much as I love Shatner’s Kirk I’m afraid the ship has sailed on him having an appearance. The hologram that was proposed for the last Trek film would have been a WONDERFUL farewell to our original Kirk/Spock twosome….but unfortunately he chose not to do it. It is time to move forward with the new cast and new adventures….no more retreads.

Also, if this is the end for Mr Nimoy “Thank you for a lifetime of entertainment and joy”

Shatner was never offered that cameo. He was never GIVEN the choice not to do it. Abrams is the one that chose not to use Shatner, not the other way around.


To Shat, or not to Shat?

This could work, but please, no time travel.


93* 93/93

Now, I know that I’m not the biggest Shat fan…but despite that fact…I think that he is at a point in his career where his strengths lie in his humor and his ability to not take himself too seriously OR to take himself TOO seriously…both for a laugh. I think having the modern Shatner in the next Trek film would seriously compromise the film’s integrity and the direction its going. I think it would also end his relationship with Trek on a really terrible note. I imagine everyone would be disappointed…even those who are clamoring to have him back.

Just my two cents.

I just don’t understand why Leonard Nimoy won’t accept the offer from the producers of “The Big Bang Theory” to do a cameo with the Sheldon character. That would be a better way to end the acting career than “Fringe”.
I’m sure that-given the way the show has incorporated TREK references in the past-his appearance would be treated with the utmost respect.

@8 — Check again. Things change. :)

Well he might be a Kirk, not James T. There is a possibility he could be Grampa Kirk! George’s father could be alive and it might very well be the Shat!

I’d like to see something similar to what they had planned for Shatner in the last movie and decided to drop. I think anything beyond that would detract from the plot but lets face it, a lot in Star Trek involves paying tribute to the Trek that came before, mostly TOS and TNG. I think Shatner deserves better than what he got in Generations to be honest as a last Kirk scene in the Star Trek universe. Then again, TNG as a crew deserves better than Nemesis, but we all know they won’t get that.


Just like the “Enterprise” cast deserved better than “These Are The Voyages…” because we know how that turned out as well, but we won’t get that either. There is a common theme to all this…but at least the DS9 crew and Leonard Nimoy got proper sendoffs.

I don’t think there should be cameos by anyone in the new universe. Unless they had some story where young Kirk aged due to some radiation and needed to be cured or something like that but two kirks or old kirk coming back from the future then no.

I would not mind seeing Shatner reprise the Kirk role in a mini series though. I would love to see a story set in the current universe but in the future where old kirk and spock have to save the universe.

A way for the characters to go out in style while we have the original actors with us.

Plus it would indicate that the change in events meant Kirk does not have the same fate as he did in Generations. It would just fix that problem nicely.

Without interrupting the new film series.

I’m pleased by the poll results. The two highest polling options are the definitive ones; Yes to a proper role, No altogether. None of this “cameo” nonsense, and the apathetic response is the lowest altogether.

Works for me!

Shatner would do well to lose some weight too if he were to reprise the role of Kirk.

NO! Double NO! Triple NO! Has he even seen the movie yet? You know, that one released a year ago? What a j**k!

PLEEEEASSSEE!!! Shatner and Nimoy together one last time. How can anyone say they wouldn’t want to see that if they are a true fan of TOS? Do all of you naysayers realize how truly blessed we are to have these two men still with us and still vibrant? This may be, scratch that, WILL BE the last chance to see these two men who embodied these characters for 40+ years get the proper send off they truly deserve.
PLEASE Mr. Orci. You are the one true fan in the court and the one who can make this happen and make it work in the story.

#25. The Red Shirt Diaries

YES!!! I completely agree! After all those years Kirk and Spock (I mean, played be Shatner and Nimoy) simply deserve a beautiful ending. I hope they could work something out, and if it’ll be a good script, I hope that Mr. Nimoy could also review his retirement for just one more time for Kirk and Spock.
We still have the chance, so PLEASE don’t waste it!

@24 The star trek franchise can make it without shatner. As I read in some of the above posts, The only way for shatner to be in the next movie is:

for him to lose enough weight to portray captain kirk.

For him to play the victim of radiation where kirk has grown old as a side effect.

To be a hologram like captain archer did in a mirror darkly.

Most of these senarios would relagate shatner to a cameo. (Shatner says’s he dosent do cameos).

The aging thing would be a terrible sub-plot. and would distract from the movie.

and yes has he seen the movie? ? ? ? ?

The last thing that Paramount is willing to do is cut shatner a big check when (judging by Trek 2009’s Box office tally) They don’t need to…sounds like irreconcilable differences.

I have been fighting for putting William Shatner into the new Star Trek movies, but more and more I feel like it would just work with Shatner and Nimoy together.
I think old Kirk and old Spock need to be reunited again for it to make sense and have an emotional impact.
William Shatner alone again would be… odd, I think.

So I really hope for Shatner and Nimoy together in the next Star Trek movie. Maybe Nimoy can be convinced to play Spock one last time (again).

– William Shatner alone again would be… odd, I think… –

Agreed – as odd as Nimoy alone felt odd to me, although he was fantastic as Spock (as always :) Shatner & Nimoy together one last time – nothing else would work as a narrative and emotional completion. Abrams & Co. blew it once. And although there are many evidences suggesting it, I still hope it’s not too late.

I list myself as among those who don’t really care one way or another, and voted as such. If it serves the very best purposes plotwise in the next movie to have him in some capacity, and if it feels organic to the plot and not just shoe-horned in, then do it. If not, don’t. I certainly enjoyed ST09 plenty even without him. My first thought on coming out of my first screening was, “Wow, Shatner wasn’t in this movie, was he? Huh.” I enjoyed the movie so much that I honestly didn’t miss him. I can’t say if his presence would’ve made me enjoy the movie any more although I would hope this would be the case, but his absence didn’t make me enjoy the movie any less.

For some one who “hasnt seen the movie yet” F*** you… Really, why would i want to see someone who doesnt have the time to watch trek 11 and get any role in trek 12???? Give screen time to some one who actually has an interest…. Give it to a life long fan. NOT some jealous premadona like Shatner!!

The topic of the vote is too painful, I can’t bring myself to cast a vote!! Haven’t we pained over this enough already…. Whichever option we choose, it is going to be painful. Aaaaaa….

I agree with the camp that says there would be something missing if we only saw william shatner in the next movie. As much as I would like to see the original kirk one last time, and I really would like to, any scenario other than Kirk and Spock riding off into the sunset would be painful, to me anyway. Equally bad is, if we end up without Bill shatner in the next movie, which would mean that Captn’ Kirk died in Generations! I still CANNOT believe that they let him go in that way.

#10 ……..Williams is Tubby .

I am only going to see Star Trek 12 movie if the real Kirk is in it.

No to Shatner in the next Star Trek movie. I can hear the collective sigh of an audience now if he was involved however good his part may be.

Nimoy in the first movie was acceptable because it was apt to have someone from the old guard passing the torch – if they began putting other original series cast members in the sequels then it would become a bit of a joke.

Let the new cast stand on its own two feet. The first movie did a lot now it’s up to them to carry this franchise and continue to build on it’s mainstream acceptance. It still has a long way to go before the mainstream are won over especially in non-english speaking countries.

If anything should be added to the next movie it should be an A-list celebrity(s).

i’ll repeat; the first movie set the foundation, the second has to really start to build on it in a big way because come 2012 – “Star Trek” (2009) will have been forgotten by most mainstream audiences…

A-list Celebrities
deeper story
better story building on the universe set up in the first
bigger story
bigger scope
less in-jokes
No cameo’s by Star Trek Alumni
No Shatner
Khan only if it’s something different from the Khan we know.
Don’t destroy the Enterprise
More ships
More Kirk, Spock, McCoy moments
The Beginnings of a larger arc that could span a third film
Wrap up story within 3 movies.
between movie 2 and 3 begin development of live action TV series focusing on secondary characters from the movie
After movie 3 let a new team take over as the supreme court works on Trek TV show.

No Shatner!

id like to see a cameo from Shatner….even if it wasnt actually him in it – e.g. like ‘Arnies’ T4 cameo – taking face footage from Shats in the 1980s or 90s and augmenting it via CG over todays Shatner or even another actor..

dunno in what context – the hologram from Spock Prime? Pine aged up? a computer file from the Narada Nero had been checking out? JT Kirks grandfather?

nothing big just a minute or so if that

Shatner’s involvement in the next movie isn’t required. But the fact remains, his involvement would generate all kinds of buzz in the media as well as fandom. No one is going to NOT see this movie because Shatner is in it. But having Shatner as Kirk, in some capacity, is a calling card many would find unable to resist. The bashers hate it, but the man is incredibly popular. Any affiliation with the new movie would be just one more feather in JJ’s cap.

Shatner’s an actor and a great one. He can do comedy and drama. He did quite a few drama scenes in Boston Legal. The only real issue is whether JJ wants it. If he does, then a lot of people will be very happy. If he doesn’t, then I hope he at least learns from the past mistakes and just says so early.

The only way Shat would work in the sequel would be if the new crew came across the Nexus and found him there, where, according the Guinan, there will always be a part of a person there. But that would suck and I don’t want to see them take up a chunk of the movie trying to explain the Nexus.

Or… we have Leonard back as Spock reminiscing. But that’s not a good use of plot time either.

Please! Give it up!

Oh, I forgot. There are bunches of other alternate timelines out there and… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Shatner & Nimoy in a telemovie or mini series set in the new universe but future to give them both a sendoff.

A Star Trek mini series each year should be in the works. It would give writers the creative options of expanding the trek universe, each series could involve existing characters or centre on completely new ones.

A much better idea than just another series.

Although my initial response of wanting Shatner in the sequel was more of a sentimental one rather than a “artistic” one, #38 made a very valid point, it would be BIG news, not only to Star Trek fans but in the media in general. The guy may be over weight (if he does appear in the new film that is something that would seriously need to be delt with) and he may be a bit of a ham when he gets in front of a reporter, but the guy is all over TV and is well known to the mainstream audience, perhapes even more than Nimoy is. If it were to be released before the film comes out that Shatner would indeed be in it, it would certainly make waves, something that for sure couldnt hurt Star Trek 2.

NO!!!! They’ve had their time – it’s time for a new crew to take over otherwise this will never be a reboot. I’m not just aiming this at Shatner, but to all those who have been in TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise who want to jump on the band wagon.

THIS IS A FRESH NEW BEGINNING FOR STAR TREK that means going on without them.

NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!!!

no time travel
no parallel universe
no old-Kirk in a holodeck reliving his younger days

the new crew are in their seats, LET THEM DRIVE !

I was hoping Nimoy would drop by the Big Bang Theory

I’m in the No Shat Camp! It won’t work. Let this crew stand on their own.

To have a star from TOS kick off the new movie franchise once is OK. It’s a ‘top-brass send off’, to quote Decker in TMP. But to do it twice is really pushing it. Then it becomes a crutch (or cinematic training wheels), and could only hurt the new cast in their quest to stake out their own claim.

And if Shatner’s role is reduced to an ‘image-only’ cameo, or a quick flashback, then it reduces any chance of a significant contribution by William Shatner. So, no matter how you cut it, it’s a lose-lose situation.

It reminds me of a Twilight Zone where a young man went back into his own innocent, idyllic past and tried to change it for the better and only wound up making it worse (his boyhood self suffered a broken leg as a result of his interference). His father told him (upon recognizing who he was), “This is HIS summer…”

Well, to Shatner and company; these are the NEW voyages of the starship Enterprise. They had a nice enough send-off with Nimoy. That’s enough, IMO.
This should really be THEIR franchise now…

Bring back the Shat.

Also, bring back Mr. Nimoy for one last scene where the two can walk off into the sunset together. I’m sure if the scene is written well and has meaning Mr. Nimoy could be pursuaded. I would think that he would rather have his last acting role be as his signature/iconic character than his Fringe role.

P.S. If you are truly done thanks for the memories Mr. Nimoy.

No Shatner! Kirk died in Generations.
If he has to come back, make him Chris Pine’s Grandfather or something.
Yeah, Grandpa Tiberius!

I wish there was an “I’m not sure” option. Because I’m not. On one hand, it would be interesting to see what they’d do with him and how he’d interact with the new cast. On the other, I do think the new cast should be able to ‘stand on their own’, as it were.