Zoe Saldana In Talks To Play Assassin In Luc Besson Action Movie

It look’s like Zoe Saldana, Star Trek’s new Uhura, is once again going to up her action quotient. The actress who recently appeared in The Losers is in talks to star as an assassin in Columbiana, a new action film produced by Luc Besson.



Stone cold killer Saldana – the next Angelina?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Saldana is in early negotiations to star in Columbiana, an action film produced and co-written by Luc Besson (Transporter series, Fifth Element, La Femme Nikita). Set in Latin America, Columbiana is about a woman who, after witnessing the murder of her parents as a child, grows up to become a "stone-cold assassin". In between hits, she hunts for the mobsters who killed her parents.

Saldana, who as a child used to dress up as Ripley from Alien and Sarah Connor from The Terminator, seems determined to become the next action movie heroine. She followed her role in Avatar with the action film The Losers. In her interview with TrekMovie last November, the actress said that she wanted to "kick some ass" in a fight scene in the Star Trek sequel, and more recently she has revealed that JJ Abrams has agreed to give her that fight scene. All this action has EW asking “is she the next Angelina Jolie.”

Saldana in "The Losers" – the next action movie star?

Saldana will next be seen in the heist film The Takers, which comes out August 20th. More info at whoarethetakers.com, and here is the trailer.  

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This woman can do no wrong!!! I like the photo…nice guns.

omg omg omg im not first this hasd got to be the best ever day

She is turning into a SUPER STAR!

looks cool.

but the next Angelina Jolie? no.
The new Zoe Saldana is more like it! I have a feeling she’ll be different than Angelina……ok I’m gonna say it……better (just opinions guys! don’t beat me up!)

if this keeps up uhura is going to be bigger then kirk or spock.


About time we see a lady in some serious action.

But off-topic but still on Saldana’s character of Uhura, I’d like to see her really show off the fact that not only is she pretty, but truly smart enough to be on the flagship. I felt there was more emphasis on her smooching with Spock than her vital role on the E!

Aside from my rant, though, I’m thrilled to see how far Saldana’s come from “Drumline” and her other first movies. Hello, tomorrow!

She’s really into the action roles, isn’t she? Go Zoe! :D

Shes so sexy. I wish it was possible for whites to date african american girls some of them are sooo sexy. Unfortunately I’d get my ass beaten if I ever dared talk to one. And who says racism is dead!

#8 :: Where have you been? I don’t know where you live, but where I live, there are tons of mixed couples — in marriages, in high schools, in colleges; everywhere.
It’s possible you’re living under a pre-conceived notion. If you like a girl, ignore whatever her skin tone is, be bold, and ask her out.

Heck, if Star Trek teaches us anything, it’s that attraction and romance have no physical boundaries. I’ll point you to Odo and Kira Nerys from DS9… and rest my case. (;

8. Yeah, don’t get that either. Do you live in a hidden valley called Klansville USA? If you have parents and family who carry this attitude I’d tell them to take a flying f, but that is only my opinon. ; )

I’ve got a Chinese wife and half-Sierra Leonian nephews so I don’t see the limitations (there are bumps in the road, like an old racist **shole glaring at my sister’s mixed race baby in a restaurant about a decade ago), but generally I don’t think there are any big problems. A few jerk offs here and there. Though I have lived in China for the past five years, so I don’t if the clock has rolled back with backlash a bit since Obama became president.

I think that Saldana is awesome, but I just wish she would eat more. She would be so much better looking if she had some actual curves.

@#11 VZX –

Get over it, some women are naturally thin and she is very attractive. If you don’t like thin women, that’s fine, but not every woman has to be voluptuous to be sexy.

“I felt there was more emphasis on her smooching with Spock than her vital role on the E!”

She had a vital role?

#13 :: Hello, head of communications? How else could the ship get around without someone taking the phone calls?
Personally, I thought the Uhura character strutted her stuff best in the TOS movies (I-VI) and I’d like to see that brought back. Her relationship with Spock should NOT be the most memorable thing about her, even if it is a new timeline.


Well, she did do a lot of communicating……..with Spock! ;-)

Luc Besson KICKS ASS, Zoe KICKS ASS… Looks like a winner!!

Zoe, you can “kick my ass” any day!!! ;-O

“is she the next Angelina Jolie?” HAH! …WAY hotter IMO!!

#8. Mr.Scotty,

I’m a white guy and I date black girls. (Not exclusively, but the majority of my girlfriends have been African American). Go for it. It’s awesome. But first maybe you should move to someplace less backwards than wherever the hell you are.