More Details On Starfleet Academy Novels Tied To Star Trek Movie

Earlier this year we reported that Simon & Schuster’s Spotlight brand is launching a new young adult series of books tied into the new 2009 Star Trek movie. We now have some more details on these first two novels to tell stories in the new movie universe, including titles, dates and a brief description of the setting for the series.


New Starfleet Academy Books details

As previously reported, the new series will start with two books aimed at teens which will "feature young Kirk, Sulu, Uhura, Chekhov and Spock as members of the Starfleet Academy!"  We now have confirmed an updated schedule of those books, with (working) titles.

 Sale date   Novel (click link to pre-order) Author
11/6/2010   Star Trek: Starfleet Academy – The Delta Anomaly Rick Barba
1/4/2011   Star Trek: Starfleet Academy – The Competitive Edge Rudy Josephs

Both titles will be released simultaneously in hardcover, ($14.99), paperback ($7.99) and ebook ($7.99).

Today S&S also provided us with the following brief synopsis on the series:

Set in 2250, six months after James Kirk joined Starfleet Academy, this young adult series will delve into the lives and relationships of Kirk and the other recruits at the Academy including their training, their missions and their romances.

Look for an update on these novels when the covers and blurbs are released.

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Hope they will be available in Europe and, despite being for a youthful readership, don’t become childish.

I’m looking forward to read them

Guess they’re better than nothing. Pocket is really screwing with the line these days.

Hope these are good! And that I actually have cash to buy them, being a student myself.

I rather liked “Cadet Kirk” a YA Academy novel by Diane Carey. I hope these are as well written.

How is Kirk in Starfleet in 2250 when he didn’t join Starfleet until 2255?

will there be young reader novels tied to the prime universe as well.

Perhaps setting it in 2250 is going to fit it in with the prime universe?

Will there be any screen flares?

huh…there wont??


It takes place in the new universe. Read the article again.

I’m still upset about them telling us about the after movie books and then changing their mind..If you say you are gonna do somthing you do it.


The books that were cancelled took place after the events of the new movies. They were cancelled so as to not interfere or contradict the script for the sequel. These books are different.

#5 Alternate timeline

I’ll read it!

#7 don’t know how they would do “page flares”

Either the date is an error or they’ll go with Kirk dropping out of the academy to set up his bar talk with Pike.

I still keep holding out the hope that Shatner and Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens will continue “Star Trek: Academy”. Come on, “Trial Run”, please! There’s something so fascinating about it.

It’s an Academy (/pre-Academy) story that takes place in the TOS timeline. I’m all for the reboot ‘line, but the first book in the series had me hooked.

@14 – That’s the real reason for the delays – but, good news, they have the page flares down now and you get free Advil with each book purchase… ;-p

#12: “in the 90s there was an extensive series of young adult ‘academy’ books tied to TOS, TNG, and VOY, plus additional ‘Jake & Nog’ YA books tied to DS9. Those books are still available today.”

I am kidding when I say this, but does that mean they have warehouses full of books they couldn’t sell?

Off subject: Does anyone know when the follow ups to the ‘Enterprise – The Romulan War’ books are due out?

Chek”h”ov? Interesting, that could explain the age discrepancy for Pavel Andreievich Chekov, if he’s actually a similarly named Chekhov. ;)

#10 (and others)

I don’t remember there ever being a fear that the novels wouldn’t fit into the “canon” timelines. Look at the slew of novels that came out while TNG and DS9 were on the air.

Personally, I don’t mind it. My brain is capable of saying “this is a book. it just might diverge from the series/film” and not imploding.

Oh well.


Even if they don’t release in Europe, there’s always the ebook. Not sure which country you are in but you obviously have no problem with English.

WOW !!! That is me standing behind Kirk and McCoy at Stafleet Academy. I worked as a background extra on Star Trek 2009 and this is one of my favorite scenes. Imagine my surprise to see this photo when I visited today. This was my first time on a movie set. Very lucky!

Cool, I can’t wait to read them! I hope they are written sensitively and manage to get the tone of the “new” characters from the movie. Good that ships to Germany :-)

… and I pre-ordered it. Thanks for this update!

I think I’ll keep being off topic but…

Why is there no announcement of Leonard Nimoy being in Kingdom Hearts? -sigh- Every other piece of media and not even a mention of one video game role. Especially when this video game role has him playing a pointy eared, goatee bearing old man villain.

I know that but will they be doing prime universe

What, no McCoy? Guess he’s too cranky and divorced for a hip young adult series. I will still hold out hope, though, for some Kirk-and-McCoy bro-college-shenanigans, though. You know they were the Starfleet Academy beer pong champions.

@22: That’s so cool! How lucky to get onto that set. And I see you’re an instructor, too ;D

I hope Wesley Crusher is in this. I love that guy.

It’s hilarious when there’s a series of books dedicated to what the movie should’ve taken care of in the first place.

Will it be another 40 years before we get a proper look at this part of their story?

And somewhere Harve Bennett is shaking his fist.

Hopefully these books will include appearances by Gary Mitchell and Finnegan.

18–There was a note in another article about the next Romulan War coming out in 2011. I love all the relaunches, I just wish they did not make us wait a year or more for the next book in the series. I’ll have to re-read the first Romulan War book to remember what happened by 2011. I still say they should alternate books for the different series (TOS, TNG, DS9, Voy, Enterprise, New Frontier, Vanguard, etc) so that you never have to wait more than a year for the next book.

@5: I guess we’re the only ones to notice that error in the dates. Maybe Nero used the Red Matter again in 2250 and NuKirk gets sucked into the blackhole, thus emergring in 2255!

Or, they just screwed up and misprinted the date of 2250 INSTEAD of 2255.

And, does anyone think that it could be possible that Kirk saw the Enterprise under REFIT construction? Maybe they could have Pike in command of the Ent like in “Cadet Kirk”. Or maybe they’ll incorporate how Kirk did serve on the USS Farragut as a cadet like TWOK.

I hope this doesn’t make Star Trek “all soap opera”


As the evil Romulan, Nero, plots his revenge against Spock Prime in a Klingon prison, a young James T. Kirk takes his first steps into a wider world by showing his mommy he can poop in his potty.

The first in a series, “STAR TREK, THE TERRIBLE TWOS,” will follow our Starfleet heroes through their misadventures as infants. Next in the series: “Star Trek: Scotty Starts the Car.”

@16. Christine

I really liked “Star Trek : Academy; Collision Course” too. Shatner and the Reeves-Stevenses have a great undrestanding of the characters. I really enjoyed reading the book while waiting for “Star Trek 2009”.


I’m anticipating Dr. Crusher’s Starfleet Academy Musical novel line:


#20 :: “..My brain is capable of saying “this is a book. it just might diverge from the series/film” and not imploding…”

That. That.

I love the novels of ‘Trek — almost all of ’em, actually. Half of Peter David’s novels diverge soooo faaaaar from canon, as well as a lot of the numbered DS9 and TNG novels, but they’re still great reads and really well-written.

If any of you haven’t checked one out, or more, I highly reccommend them. A lot are really good and you can find them at most any library or used bookstore. :D

Anthony… could you clarify: Did Pocket misspell Chekov as Chekhov, or was that done only here?

I mean, if Pocket can’t even spell Chekov right….

No McCoy? :-(


Bring on the Shatner novels! I love them all and have read each one several times! Nobody knows Kirk like the orignal!!!

This is great,

This is exactly what we need to fill in some of the blanks. Kirk, Spock, Sulu etc have at least 3 years of stories that can be told. Since we still have to wait another 1-2 years for another movie, the Star Trek frabchise should do everything in its power to keep us interested and informed on the new “rebooted” characters. I for one am looking forward to these stories and hope fans of all “ages” will be able to enjoy them.

John E

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