Leonard Nimoy Providing Voice For Kingdom Hearts PSP Game + Preview

According to Leonard Nimoy, his last appearance as an actor will be this Thursday on the season finale of Fox’s Fringe, but that will actually not his last performance to be released. It has been announced that Mr. Nimoy has added his voice to the next installment in Disney’s popular Kingdom Hearts series for PSP. More details and a preview featuring Nimoy below. 


Nimoy in Kingdom Hearts game

In a press release, publisher Square Enix announced their upcoming game "KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep" will feature the voice talents of a number of celebrities, including Mark Hamill, Willa Holland, Jesse McCartney, James Woods, and Leonard Nimoy. The game will be released in North America on September 7, 2010, exclusively on the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system.

The official release describes the game:

A prequel to the mega-hit series, this pivotal installment takes players back to the beginnings of the KINGDOM HEARTS saga, long before Sora was chosen by his Keyblade. Players will explore iconic Disney worlds in a unique gaming experience that unfolds through the perspectives of three different main characters: Terra, Ventus and Aqua. Their journeys will take them through Sleeping Beauty’s Enchanted Dominion, the Dwarf Woodlands from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Deep Space from Lilo & Stitch. Additionally, KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep includes four all-new multiplayer modes that allow players to enjoy the action with their friends.

Here is the teaser:


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Denise de Arman

I would listen to Leonard Nimoy read the phone book…

Well he’s not quitting entirely.

1 – That just might be Hollywood’s next great idea.


I think they should have him read every word in the dictionary so after he passes on, they can use the audio to construct sentences and we can still hear his voice narrating for years to come.


Dr. Stephen Hawkins electronic voice could be supplied by Nimoy!


He has the best voice ever.

Well. Vincent Price too.

But you know.


I love his voice, “Spock vs Q” is just a feast for the ears.

I wish some actor (or a damn good impersonator) would take the initiative and put up a Funny or Die video of them ACTUALLY reading the phone book or watching paint dry (I had actually written dialogue for that very concept).

#1 & #7 :: Agreed and agreed. :D

I would buy a CD of Nimoy reading the phone book, LOL, I just love his voice so much. xD There are a lot of actors on Star Trek that just have these great voices.

I don’t have a PSP, but I’ve played KH and it’s pretty darn cool. I like it, anyways. I’ll mooch off one of my friends and try to find the part where I can hear his voice.. mwahaha. Or I’ll just listen to “Spock vs. Q” a few more (hundred) times..


Let’s not forget Wil Wheaton has some pretty big acting chops.


I love Kingdom hearts! I love Leonard Nimoy!

Did anyone catch his voice in the “Land of the Lost” movie? He didn’t have many lines, very few actually, but I had a mini-spasm in my seat when I heard his voice.


I was wondering if I had to say it again. Finally they posted this. Voice acting took place in December before Nimoy went back into retirement.


I need to go to one of his last conventions. I know I’ll regret it for the rest of my life if I don’t see him in person.


Just when he thinks he’s out, then they pull him back in!


I must say, I’ve tried wrapping my brain around this Kingdom Hearts premise, but it simply does not compute.
Spiky-haired anime characters + Disney characters? Art discrepancies aside, this sounds as enticing as a peanut butter and sashimi sandwich.

Capt. of the USS Anduril

This role would’ve been recorded prior to his current role, so this probably isn’t a case of “out and back in”

Jim Nightshade

its more fun than u think-i didnt think id like kingdom hearts either-sounds like a great cast-i havent bought a psp game in a while–so far my nintendo dsi gits much more use including loggin on to trekmovie n posting from bed like i am doing now-despite more power psp has memory problems on all but sites designed for it–nimoys voice in land of the lost was almost the only good thing in the whole movie–



Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep?! AND Leonard Nimoy?! Damn the price, and Roxas’ (oh, wait, he’s Ventus in this game) bad VA, I’m buying the game! English version! (despite the fact that Square Enix messes up almost a good chunk of their localizations)

I can’t view the video, though. (Slow PC).
Who is he voicing, anyway? Terra? (lolwat? no way.) I’m guessing either Dilan, or Braig. I just hope it’s an original KH or FF character, not a Disney one.
Must. Research.
(Why did he end up in the most cryptic game in the series?)

#14 :: It is a little weird, but it ain’t bad at all. Appeals to my generation of all of us born between 1991 and like… 1998. Or so. It’s pretty popular for an RPG.


Denise and Christine:

If you want to hear Nimoy read the phonebook, first, go FIND a phonebook (you can find them in hotel nightstands, still, I think, between the beds).

Then, stalk Nimoy. I think he hangs out outside of ‘Weight Watchers’ in Beverly Hills in a “Hostess Twinkies” van with a $12,000 camera.

You get him on that, he’ll read anything.

Jim Nightshade

ya know in that teaser it sounds like Nimoy is Gargling or needs to clear his throat badly….hope its a bit clearer than that in the game, although you can still tell its nimoy of course heheeh


#17 He is going to be Master Xehanort, the villain of the game.

#19 :: Ooohh, AJ! For shame! You’re just jealous because photographers get to see beauty and commemorate it for a living. ;3

Then again, I would like to know what kind of camera he uses… I wonder if he uses a Nikon… They’re the best…



This is not retiring!

The reason why I’m posting here is to infrom those who think Harry wants Trek to be like Trek ‘09 that they are wrong. First, Harry is a consumate Trekker. Many of his arguments are supported by clips from all iterations of Trek. Second, he prefers the “enlightened” Picard of the TNG series verus the Picard of the movies which he argues has gone crazy. Third, in his review, he uses a clip of Jonathan Frakes saying, “I think the audience wants Star Trek to be an action movie.” Harry yells “Wrong. Wrong you a##hole.” Ha, ha. Star Trek is more than just colorful action, it’s heart, adventur