KirkWatch: Chris Pine Headed Back To LA Stage + Awesome Shatner Photos From Upfronts

We have another special edition of KirkWatch. We start with news that nuKirk Chris Pine is returning to the Los Angeles stage to star in a dark comedy. Plus we have some great photos of Kirk Classic William Shatner at the network upfronts, paired with a certain Baywatch icon and the ultimate Big Bang fan.


Pine goes Irish in dark comedy stage play

The Los Angeles Center Theatre Group has announced Chris Pine will lead the cast for their production of Martin McDonagh’s black comedy “The Lieutenant of Inishmore”. Here is the official description of the play:

“The Lieutenant of Inishmore” is a blistering, graphic satire on violence set in 1993 on the rocky island of Inishmore. Padraic (Pine), a hard-boiled terrorist, has been away in Northern Ireland with his busy schedule of torture and assorted nationalist mayhem, but he is lured home to Inishmore by the news that his beloved cat, Wee Thomas, is doing poorly. When Padraic finds out Wee Thomas has been murdered, he initiates a cycle of revenge-killing that threatens everyone in his path, except perhaps the love-struck Mairead (Zoe Perry), a 16-year-old terrorist groupie with a BB gun.

“The Lieutenant of Inishmore” begins previews at the Mark Taper Forum on June 30, opens July 11 and continues through August 8, 2010. Tickets are available by calling CTG Audience Services at (213) 628-2772 or online at or in person at the CTG box office located at the Ahmanson Theatre at the Music Center

“The Lieutenant of Inishmore” marks what may be a summer tradition for Pine. Last summer the actor received high marks for his work in the play "Farragut North" at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles. After Pine finishes his run with “The Lieutenant of Inishmore”, he will be shooting the action comedy This Means War.

phoenix ship
Chris Pine in last year’s "Farragut North"

Awesome Shat Photos: w/ Sheldon at CBS and The Hoff w/ A&E

As the hardest working man in show business, William Shatner has made two trips to New York this month to promote new shows at the network ‘upfronts’. Earlier in the month A&E Networks brought Shatner out to promote Shatner’s Raw Nerve and his new show Shatner’s Aftermath. While there he was pictured on the red carpet with that other multimedia cultural icon, David Hasselhoff, who also has a new reality show with A&E.

The Shat and The Hoff

Yesterday we reported that CBS has picked up William Shatner’s new sitcom $#*! My Dad Says, and will be pairing it with the geeky comedy The Big Bang Theory. CBS brought out TBBT star Jim Parson as his character Sheldon Cooper, who promised that when (not if) he invents his time machine, his “first stop will be NBC upfront in 1969 to prevent Star Trek’s cancellation." CBS later brought out William Shatner to highlight the pairing of their shows, and the two hugged with Sheldon telling the man who played Kirk "I have so much to ask you" before walking off.

Sheldon meets Kirk Prime

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Wow! Shat looks a hell of a lot better than Hoff these days! First?

Bazinga! Will Sheldon get a signed Shatner handkerchief or a signed Shatner restraining order for his collection?

“All I need is a healthy ovum, and I can GROW MY OWN LEONARD NIMOY!!”

Hope you took the chance to swipe a bit of Shatner’s DNA, too, while in close proximity, Sheldon. ;)

@1: You’re damn right! One might wonder which one of both is only ten months away from his 80th birthday (:

Sheldon could make a Nimoy/Shatner baby. Y/Y?


The movie “The Lieutenant of Inishmore” looks really, really stupid. I mean, if he’s a “hard-boiled terrorist” why would he get so emotional over a cat who “isn’t doing so well” ??? Major wtf moment

but I guess if its a comedy it will be excused as humor.

I really can’t believe he’s 80… looks 50-60


Yeah, it sounds absurd. Must have been written by George Costanza.

So maybe absurdity is the idea with this play. :-)

“Baywatch icon” – don’t think I’ve ever seen those words sitting side-by-side before. What an age we live in.


You’d think “Baywatch icon” would mean Pamela Anderson. ;-)

#6 It’s a play… and “graphic satire on violence” so seems to be interesting!

I’m thinking a telemovie set in the new timeline but when spock and kirk are old, so played by Shatner and Nimoy. In saving the universe they also save the Picard’s who the future captain is descended from.

As long as there is Shatner there is hope.

The pic of Shatner and Parsons is full of AWESOME!

The play is by an Academy Award winning, Olivier Award winning, Tony nominated playwright and I think this is awesome news. Congratulations, Chris Pine.


sheldon is like me hes my favourite yeah
i would so react like that if i was given that chance

I hope Pine’s Irish accent has improved since the Trek blooper reel. :)

If Nimoy has really completely retired we may not have a change of his cameo in TBBT. But the Shat would be not the worse replacement.

sorry chance not change

I think Pine was doing German and Quinto Irish in the blooper reel.

Pine and Quinto were both being Scottish in the blooper reel.

Well done Chris Pine

#20: As an actual Scot, I’m happy to agree with your assessment of P&Q’s comedy accents on the blooper reel.

#21: If P&Q really were attempting a Scottish accent, they’re both rubbish at it.

It’s great Pine is showing depth. Jack Ryan isn’t a far stretch. Can[t wait for Shat’s show. The Universe seems to be in balance.