New Illustrations From Haynes Guide To The USS Enterprise

As reported earlier, in September the Haynes Guide people are going to be releasing their ‘manual’ to the USS Enterprise. Some new illustrations from the book are now available revealing that the guide will cover more than just the ships, but also the contents of those ships. Check out the images below.


Haynes USS Enterprise Manual

U.S.S. “Enterprise” Manual from Haynes is a 176 page hard cover book with 200 color illustrations. And these newly released images, from the official Star Trek Facebook Page, show that the upcoming Haynes Guide to the USS Enterprise, will be showing more than just the ship, but also props and at least one shuttle.

Galileo shuttle illustration from "Haynes USS Enterprise Manual"

Communicator illustration from "Haynes USS Enterprise Manual"

Tricorder illustration from "Haynes USS Enterprise Manual"

Of course the guide will have illustrations from the ships.

USS Enterprise illustration from "Haynes USS Enterprise Manual"

And if you missed our earlier story, here is the cover and more details:

Cover for Haynes USS Enterprise Manual

And here are the details:

U.S.S. Enterprise Manual
By Ben Robinson & Marcus Riley, Technical Consultant Michael Okuda

This fascinating Haynes Manual features cutaway drawings, technical illustrations and photographs along with comprehensive background information and specifications on the technology used on board the U.S.S. Enterprise, in all its various incarnations.

Seasoned Star Trek writers lift the lid on the most iconic spaceship of all time, while accuracy and authority are guaranteed by Technical Consultant Michael Okuda.

This is one book no Star Trek fan should be without.

Key Content

  • NX-01 (Star Trek Enterprise TV series).
  • NCC-1701 (Original TV series plus Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock, in which it was destroyed. A reinterpreted version of this Enterprise featured in the 2009 film).
  • NCC-1701-A (The Voyage Home, The Final Frontier and The Undiscovered Country).
  • NCC-1701-B and 1701-C (featured briefly in Generations and in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’).
  • NCC-1701-D (Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series and Generations).
  • NCC-1701-E (First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis).

The Haynes Guide to the USS Enterprise will be released September 2nd and is available for pre-order at Amazon USA has a  listing for notification for the book where you can sign up to be alerted when it is available for pre-order.



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damn looks great!

Is it just me or does the Enterprise on the Cover of the manual look a little differant from the 1701 from the original series?

The communicator looks cool….It all looks cool.

@ #2…..The area behind the bridge is not correct to the model from the original series.

I wonder, is the Alternate Reality incarnation included?

#4 hard to tell from these little pictures, but as the Galileo 7 is one of my favorite original episodes, I can tell you that picture does not match the set from the episode.

I wonder how much of this is new vs. how much is old material. I seem to recall having a diagram of the Galileo somewhere in one of my “old crap” boxes in the closet…


Gotta get this book when it comes out! Trekkie heaven!

Must go! Must buy! I’m not an engineer but for some reason I love these kind of things. I’ve looked all over the internet to find a good jpeg of the ship cut-away posters from a long time ago but none exist. Now I can own a book with all the Enterprises, some of the tech, and info about them.

Looks great, but those errors (the bridge, the Galileo) make me wonder if they got the rest right? Well, it´s a must-buy anyways…

Buy More. Buy More NOW…and be happy.

Yep, the back part of the upper saucer is wrong. Nit-picky ship lover details to be sure. And the Galileo had more space in the “engineering” compartment on the show.

But I don’t get too bent up about it. I’ll be buying this for sure.


I don’t believe we have been introduced?

This should be in every fans library.

Absolutely badass.


TOS geek heaven!!

…credit …card …burning …RED…HOT!!

They didn’t put the stopwatch mechanism inside the communicator either. This is a disaster.

Just kidding! This is great! It’s already in my Pre-Order Shopping Cart on Amazon.

How can you guys even see the bridge detail? It’s so tiny!

Scott B. out.

NX-01!!! My favourite Enterprise!!! :D

This has made me so happy. I’m definitely gonna go get this — haha, maybe I’ll put it next to the VWB Haynes guide downstairs!

I love cutaway drawings. I have a cutaway of the Enterprise A from a model kit. I had it framed years ago… It’s the one that has an older Capt. Kirk in the lower right, perhaps you are familiar with it. It’s just a poster from a model kit, but it’s one of my prized possessions. :)

Oh My God – Nerd Heaven on Earth . . . . . .


But will they actually show the 2009 Enterprise? I’d hate not see the brewery cutaway and the goldfish habitrail. :) – Rick

#23: Yes, the fermenter is where they put the dilithium crystal malt.

If there are errors, these guys are in for a WORLD of hurt on their Facebook page. :) May I suggest that we make sure that they are aware of the problems.

I suspect that they will have 500 comments by tomorrow. :)

I wonder if this book will contradict the Orginal Star Fleet Techincal Manual or Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise–

#23: You joke, but I’d *love* to see the supersized, brewery-powered monster Enterprise.

Maybe the book will include the little bit of code you type into the transporter to unlock it’s secret Transwarp Beaming mode ;-)

It would at least be nice to see just how the brewery fits into the ship. To get an idea of what goes where. To have a point of reference. Like the warp core/cores and where they are positioned. At least in the other series (except TOS) everything sort of revolved around the warp core in the center of the room. When you were watching it you had some idea of where at in the ship they were. Still like the “Abramsprise” though. Just curious.

#27 – That thing would be a nightmare to detail out and reconcile all of the set volumes to the CG model. David Kimble had to fudge a -little- bit with his 1701 Refit cutaway, but nothing like what would have to be done with the 2009 ship. Glad I don’t have to do it.

@ # 5 & #23:

NCC-1701 (Original TV series plus Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock, in which it was destroyed.” A reinterpreted version of this Enterprise featured in the 2009 film”)

That kind of sounds like the new Enterprise will be featured.

I had to look at these with a smile. I remember owning the Star Trek Technical Manual when I was a kid, and in that one too, they had an “inside” view of a communicator and tricorder.

The funny thing was that since that book was made in the early 70’s the “inside” of those devices had transistors, capacitors, etc. – very late 60’s, early ’70’s “high tech” stuff.

Now of course, those bits of electronics are hopelessly out of date, and so these new ones feature much more nondescript technology on the “inside.”

#29 I’ll bet you are. :P

Technically the 2009 Enterprise cannot be in this book because it does not exist in this timeline. It must appear in a separate book from the Haynes company featuring tech from the Post-Nero timeline.
This is just a marketers dream….. Sorry, need to buy another one…

I love the Haynes manuals much more than my original Starfleet Technical Manual. First of all, they were all about real automobiles that I actually owned. Second of all, I really could work on them and make repairs based on the information and guidance from those excellent workshop manuals. This was very important for a teenager without money and even today as I restore my vintage toys.

Now these … I wonder if it will be possible, finally, to build that phaser I wanted as a boy to zap my PITA younger brothers. Hehehe.

Lord, forgive me that wicked thought. Seriously.

C.S. Lewis

This book will definitely be mine. It looks awesome.

I love the prop cut-aways!

Nice though I would have prefered full color illustrations. More akin to the Star Wars Incredible cross sections.

Re: #31 – not to get too geeky about it, but there is text in the FJ Tech Manual about the information contained therein having accidentally gotten to 20th century Earth due to the events of “Tomorrow is Yesterday” and that the proper 23rd century electronics had been replaced with 20th century equivalents so as not to contaminate the timeline. I swear I’m not making this up. Anyone got my back on this?

Scott B. out.


I’ll back that up. It wasn’t cited as being a result of the events of Tomorrow is Yesterday, but a “previously unknown phenomenon, occuring during routine computer-to-computer transmissions” (paraphrasing, albeit from memory)


I see that Memory Alpha includes the reference to the basis for it being the events of “Tomorrow is Yesterday.” Hmmm.

I love the Haynes manuals, I’ve always used them when servicing my vehicles. I pre-ordered a copy as well, now I can get a “My other car is a Starship” bumper sticker

Well I have to get this as I have every tech manual from an original FJ Tech manual thru the DS9 Tech manual. I’m definately looking forward to seeing just where all those beer casks fit into the new “E”s design. I would hope that they would include what surely would be a redesign of the engineering section that they will incorporate into the next film as I heard that they just didn’t have the money to create a morfe faithful Engineering section. In my Art of Star Trek, there is a more conventional design but with a caption that if memory serves basically says they ran out of money and couldn’t build it so they went for location stuff instead.

Nerdgasm!! :D

@23: Wasn’t there a hamster wheel on the big cutaway display in Engineering? And a duck?

The goldfish habitrail should fit in nicely. :)

@41: I agree, the Engineering concept art was amazing. Stupid budget. :( Next film, pretty please?



I think the Enterprise 09 had a secret real hamster habitrail room. Thousands of them, living on carbs from the beer, and running those wheels to feed the engines.

What do you think it was Scotty jettisoned into the singularity? The E has but one warp core, but thousands of hamsters.

Just an idea.

I want this book. It dosen’t matter if it’s all acurrate or not. I used to have the TNG technical manual. I would read it every so often.

The only thing I really noticed that the bridge in the show is slightly off center, In the illustration, The turbolift is directly behind the captain’s chair. But on the show, The turbolift is is behind and left of the captain’s chair. This was intentional so that in scenes where someone would enter through the turbolift doors, The captain’s chair wouldn’t block the shot.

#44 – Of course! The long sought-after Distributed Propulsion System, combined with the Reality Distortion Field (patent pending). Why didn’t I think of that?

I wonder if it includes the bowling alley and the swimming pool like those blueprints from the 70’s.

Ooooh nice,!!

I wonder if any of these will end up in the USUAL outlets for Haynes manuals, like Auto Zone and Pep Boys? That oughta confuse a few of the 21st century Terran aboriginals.

“That don’t look like no Camaro Ah ever seed, Earl!”


You will, Rick. You will.