Watch Marina Sirits and Jonathan Frakes Pitch Their ‘Rikers In Space’ Sitcom

A video interview with of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes has gone viral this week. In it the pair show their fantastic chemistry, joking about an imagined sitcom "The Rikers in Space" and reflecting on their time in the 24th century. Check it out below. 


Reunion with the Rikers

 This ‘Reunion of the Rikers’ interview is one of the special features from last year’s TNG movie box set.

You can watch this and many other new special features on the Star Trek The Next Generation Movie Collection, available on DVD and Blu-ray.



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:*( a dream that will never come true

“Dr. Worf, Medicine Klingon”

McCoy and Spock in “The Odd Couple”

Q and Picard in “The Odd Couple: The Next Generation”

That’s funny stuff! Love them and the cast, especially old baldy!

Awww…. this is so funny and cute.

I’d pay good money for a TNG Reunion movie. Or a Titan movie. Or Series.


It’s nice to see that neither their friendship or chemistry diminished one bit since Nemesis. However, I have to believe that this skit was a gag with the best of intentions.

I’d sure like to see a Next Generation movie come out in the not too distant future, but alas Paramount will seek to ring every penny out of the recent sucessfully launched reboot of TOS before they consider any TNG movie.

Can’t wait for the sequel. Three years between films is TOO much time between Star Trek adventures.

Peace everybody!

@7 I’d love to see that too, but I’m thinking the whole cast is getting too old. If they really wanted to do a reunion, they could make it work within the next couple of years with some TV makeup magic, but beyond that, I think TNG is now officially historical.

LOL’d @ : “My Imzadi..” “.. my Zimbabwe”

They’re hysterical!

If Star Trek is ever going to return to television then it has to be Titan. The pairing of Sirtis and Frakes is perfect given the rich history of the characters. It’s proven Titan is popular given the sale of the books among other interests.

That. Was. Awesome!

@ 8

Hey Rob, you’re right. Age is the enemy here. They (the original crew/actors) could still pull it off within a 3-4 year window. After that, the powers that be would have to resort to recasting much like ST 2009.

I still hold out some hope that the TNG ensemble of actors will not be allowed to just “fade away” and be part of a really special Star Trek adventure that their established characters can bring to life as they’ve proven in the past.

Hopefully, something can be worked out. However, I can hope from here until I grow pointed ears myself and it wouldn;t do me any good. So the realist part of me says, “while I can dream and it would be nice . . . it most likely won’t happen.”

I’ll be quite happy when the TNG movie comes out and if J.J. Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman are involved, (perhaps even Ronald D. Moore), then I’d be highly confident that we’ll see a pretty special movie.



My wife and I are just finishing up TNG through Netflix. Grew up watching this show, and like you, would hate to see it just fade. Patrick stewart really carried that ensemble, and I’d be surprised to see someone who could effectively “do Picard”


Agreed. I’ve always believed that Patrick Stewart was somewhat “under appreciated” in Hollywood. Aside from TNG, and X-Men, Conspiracy Theory he hasn’t done a lot of mainstream cinema. Of course his theater work stands on its own, but this is one actor that I’ve always believed to be under used in Hollywood.

Recasting Picard would be a serious challenge and probably presents a new set of obstacles to overcome when picking out an actor with the acting chops and flair that Patrick Stewart has.

Chris Pine walked into Kirk’s character quite comfortably and we’ll see more of Chris Pine’s interpretation of Kirk in future movies. When the time comes, It will be interesting to see how Picard is recast without coming across comedic in the portrayal of such a stallworth character we’ve all come to grow and appreciate.


There is more talk now about an after DS9 movie but we will see.

The next JJ film will almost have to be Klingon. They would have the new makeup down to do Klingon in both films in that case. We will see.

TNG recast (if they made it within the next 5 years – which they aint gonna do)

Picard – Mark Strong
Riker – Brandon Routh
Data – Cillian Murphy
LaForge – Don Chedel
Crusher – Gillian Anderson
Troi – Eva Mendes
Worf – Michael Clarke Duncan
Yar – Ali Larter
Guinan – Halle Berry

Cillian Murphy as Data? An interesting thought. Though I think you’d be losing a lot by giving him yellow eyes! I bumped into Cillian Murphy one day on the streets of Dublin (as well as Liam Neeson), as you do, and I was incredibly surprised at how short he was. He was very apologetic for walking into me. I, on the other hand, was gobsmacked.

@13: I think it’s a bit unfair to say Patrick Stewart “carried the ensemble”, as much of a fan of his as I am (and I really am). I think Jonathan Frakes had a LOT to do with it as well. Consider his time behind the camera. He’s clearly a very popular member of the cast/crew. And he did direct two of the feature films as well as possibly more episodes than any of the other former TNG cast – one of them arguably the best of the TNG movie franchise. Unlike seeing cast members together with William Shatner, for example, you never get the feeling the chemistry between Frakes & co. is forced. That’s just my opinion. I could be wrong on all counts. I do remember hearing that Jimmy Doohan couldn’t stand being in the same room as Shatner in the latter days.

As for future TNG adventures; I agree with those who reckon they’re now a bit long in the tooth. The ship has sailed in terms of the story, with Troi & Riker being posted to the Titan. That particular avenue, however, would be interesting to explore. I think a story involving the Romulans in a positive light would actually be very welcome, even if it is a little close to the story of ST:VI. Doing it from the point of view of the U.S.S. Titan could be very interesting. We already know that they were sent out to open negotiations from the precedent set in Nemesis.

It would be nice if Star Trek: Titan could make a TV Series appearance. Would love to see everyone, except Data, make a comeback regular or a special guest star.

Data was already “killed” in Nemesis. Lore has been disable and dislodge. Only the character “B4” is left but not quite sure he is part of the Soong Brothers.

Starships NX-01 Enterprise and TOS Starship USS Yorktown (NCC-1717) would be a great appearance in the beginning in the series.

I have to admit that when I first watched the pilot for TNG waaay back in 1987 I was taken off guard a bit, I could tell it wasnt going to be a continuation of TOS or a remake. At first I had trouble wrapping my wits around the new cast, the only one’s that stood out to me was Captain Picard by far and then Data and possibly Troy (but not for not her acting :}). The others just seemed a little bland to me (although I think they got much better as the series went on). I have a soft spot in my heart for TNG although I’ll always hold TOS as my favorite. Still it would be fun to see them again in some fashion, but I think the odds are against it. Star Trek has been reborn.


Hi Philip, when I said Picard carried the ensemble, I meant that entirely as high praise for Patrick Stewart’s performace as Capt. Picard, and not a dis to any of the other cast members. I am just especially fond of Patrick Stewart’s distinct and believable acting. As I said earlier, my wife and I are just finishing up the series on DVD, and we frequently turn to each other and talk about this or that person just “got Picarded”. In my opinion, Tapestry, The Inner Light, and All Good Things represents some of the best of TNG and TV in general largely due to Patrick Stewart’s presence.

I find Geordi to be an utterly likable character. Data, Riker, and Deanna are fantastic as well. I’m finding I enjoy much Deanna much more towards the end of the series as a no nonsense Starfleet officer with a real uniform. Early on she was a little too mushy for my tastes.

Patrick Stewart is the only TNG cast member not to have aged appreciably. He must have a decrepit painting of himself locked away in his attic.

That was nice. Thanks.

They have great chemistry. I would probably watch that half hour no matter how awful. ‘Aint no timeline like a Prime timeline.

Wait. You’re saying those two AREN’T married? You’d never know it from listening to ’em.

I’d love to see the TNG characters have another go. But, honestly, the material has to be solid. I just don’t see attempting a full-on series. If the budget is there, I’d love to see a few direct-to-cable movies. Let the characters grow and change from one to the next. Then again, sometimes it’s best to be left wanting more. Brent is doing some fun work now, but he just doesn’t look like the ageless Data anymore. Would that I could claim to have no wrinkles or spare tire(s). Anyway…

Best to all, wherever the journey takes cast, crew, and fans.

That was a well-produced interview. Instead of brief soundbites between lengthy show clips, it’s the otherway around where we enjoy seeing them interact and get their whole thoughts and anecdotes. Great stuff!

Their chemistry as real people is wonderful, far better than the horrid relationship (warmed over Decker/Ilia) they were forced into in TNG.

I would watch a half-hour show with them. Just bring in “Baldy” and “Dorny” and the rest for a visit once in a while.

I don’t think they will have a chance for a comeback on the big screen. But perhaps there will be some guest-appearances within the next series which might explain what happend after Nemesis.

But first of all paramount will try to establish the reboot.

Hey, if somebody reads this, how about that:

2012 Star Trek II
2015 Star Trek III (completing the trilogy)
2016 New Star Trek Series starts at the 50th anniversary of TOS

How about a phase II – series in the alternative-timeline where Decker gets his command over the enterprise including the vulcan Xon etc. as originally planed before they did The Motion Picture. (the reboot-lineup will be to expensive for a series, so that might be a possibility of continuing the reboot without the characters, who shouldn’t have an inflationary presence on tv anyway)

TNG was great while it lasted but the demand for the return of any of those characters is not significant enough to make it a reality.

Nice people. I do understand them, With me and my friends it is kind of the same. We see us every day, yet when we meet other people, for example on new years eve, we would always find ourselfs at the end of the party, or in the middle of it, and drink alone. Because sometimesyou meet just the right people and you don’t want anyone who who is not right to disturb your fun. I understand her. Great friendship.

My attitude is forget broadcast media that is a dinosaur it should be made by fans and shown on the internet..
I recently watched Of gods and Men and think it is about the best episode I have ever seen. The reason it hasn’t got some idiot studio executives saying what you can and can’t do.
Go fan preductions!!!!!

Come on Bob Orci. Get us a new Trek Series already. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Please!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!

The chemistry between the actors and the richness of the characters is and was always the best part of Star Trek. The actors and characters make it happen. Like other long-lived favorites such as MASH, the story can sometimes be lacking, but the audience keeps coming back because we care about that cast of characters. (The apparent lack of these qualities may be why Enterprise failed.)

I would FANATICALLY ($$$) support any TNG endeavor

Time is the dehydrator in which we shrivel…

Actually though i don’t think there would ever be a demand for the return of TNG to bring it to the big screen it may work if they just brought TNG back as a series.

Not something fans are begging for but done well it would be more like putting an old comfortable set of shoes on.

Man, Marina Sirtis, God love her, looks ROUGH.

This is depressing.

Andrew #35

I think she looks great. Keep in mind it’s not 1987 anymore. I hope I look that “rough” when I’m 55 years old.

The TNG cast all seem like nice people.

TNG deserves a better ending than it got.

Want to see a blockbuster tv rating? Combine the TNG cast with Shatner + Nimoy in a made for tv movie that bring both TOS and TNG to a conclusion that is worthy of both series rather than having TNG go out with a wimper, Kirk dead under a bridge he fell simply felloff of and Spock stranded in an Alt universe.

That would bring a huge spike in interest to ST before the next film hits the screen and it would make all fans happy.

Thank you so much for sharing this clip! Don’t have any blu-rays and it was a wonderful treat after a long day. Thanks!

37. Yeah, count me out. This fan would HATE that scenario. Can you imagine the amount of compromises you’d have to make on things like, oh, I dunno… story? It should never happen. I’d rather take TNG going out with a whimper and the Shat’s Kirk dying under a bridge (seriously: get over it) than have to put up with such a concocted, shoe-horned set of circumstances where all the planets have to be in line and everyone does their special dance on the one night in a thousand years when the sabbath falls on a blue moon to bring all of these situations together. I’m a TNG fanboy, but I’ve managed to come to terms with the fact that we’re never going to see anything new from that particular cast. It’s for the better, too. Because anything that comes subsequently will just cheapen what came previously. That goes for just about anything to do with William Shatner, too.

…aaaand I just fell in love all over again. They are just so awesome.

Yeah, it would be tough, but I think I could wake up to something as “rough” as Marina Sirtis, and I’m 20 years her junior.

@ #16:
TNG recast (if they made it within the next 5 years – which they aint gonna do)

Picard – Mark Strong
Riker – Brandon Routh
Data – Cillian Murphy
LaForge – Don Chedel
Crusher – Gillian Anderson
Troi – Eva Mendes
Worf – Michael Clarke Duncan
Yar – Ali Larter
Guinan – Halle Berry

maybe thats what it should be, but it’d most likely be something like:

Picard – Callum Blue (Zod from ‘Smallville’)
Riker – Ian Somerhalder (Damon from ‘The Vampire Diaries’)
Data – Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop from ‘Fringe’)
LaForge – J. August Richards (Gunn from ‘Angel’)
Crusher – Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper from ‘Torchwood’)
Troi – Lea Michele (Rachel Berry from ‘Glee’)
Worf- Christopher Judge (Teal’C from Stargate SG-1)
Tasha Yar – Allison Mack (Chloe from ‘Smallville’)
Guinan – (in a skin color switchup) – Cote de Pablo (Ziva David from ‘NCIS’)

and as Q…. James Marsters

#13–see my above #42 post in response to #16 for who could play Picard in a non-comical fashion; Callum Blue (played Zod on ‘Smallville’, and carries a similar gravitas on camera as Sir Patrick Stewart..

of course i guess they could get Tom Hardy, who played Shinzon, (and before you laugh my off this site for saying so, AS A VILLIAN Tom Hardy sucked bigtime…but in reality in the part of Nemesis BEFORE Shinzon was revealed to be a villian, Hardy’s portrayal of the nice side of Shinzon almost echoed the tamer parts of Stewart playing Picard…with a proper director for the theoretical reboot of TNG I posted a possible cast for above, say, Joss Whedon, Hardy could theoretically work as Picard…

But my first choice would still be Callum Blue…

typo…i meant ‘me’, not ‘my’

It’s pretty obvious most of the TNG actors hated Nemesis for how it turned out and have a bunch of disdain for the director, Stuart Baird. But they loved the script.

So Blu-Ray means that extras go for really, really long periods of time?

… this was hilarious by the way.

She was always a fox! It was a damn shame they ditched the skirt+boots thing after Farpoint.

46: This extra is on the DVD release also. Although, at least in Europe, it’s cut up and spread across all the DVDs.

That was the most awesome thing ever and friggin’ hilarious. God, I miss TNG so much.

Marina is so hot.

Sirtis and Frakes are so cool! Even a straight to DVD movie for Titan would probably do incredibly well. Why not let them all come back? It looks like they’re all up for it!

So frustrating! Let me run CBS and Paramount for a day, and I’ll greenlight at least two Star Trek DVD movies: DS9 and Titan.

@ #43 nuKirk: Your idea is GREAT! Tom Hardy would definitely play a great younger Picard, and Callum Blue was excellent as Zod on Smallville. He would make a great villain or even a great officer alongside Picard! Remember, Callum Blue was on Dead Like Me and played a very likable guy.