VIDEO: George Takei Mocks Your TV + ‘Suite Life’ Clip

In March Sharp Electronics started a new campaign promoting their Quattron TVs with Star Trek’s original Sulu, George Takei, as the spokesperson. Now the second commercial in the series has been released, with Takei’s character mocking all those with TV’s that have only three color tech. We also a video clip from Takei on the Disney sitcom The Suite Life On Deck.


Takei disses your TV

The new Sharp campaign has George Takei portraying a Sharp scientist trying to explain to you everything you are missing by not having their ‘Quattron’ which has four color technology instead of the standard three (adding Yellow to the usual Red, Green and Blue).

If you want to learn more about Sharp’s Quattron visit the official site. They also have a video on YouTube explaining their technology.

Takei on Suite Life On Deck

As reported previously, George was a guest on a special time-travel episode of the Disney sitcom for tweens, Suite Life On Deck. Takei played a descendant of one of the show’s main characters. In the clip below, you can see how they met.


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I still don’t get it. Yellow can be formed by mixing the existing basic colors. I can see yellow on my screen. What’s the difference?

I would of been real keen to see Captian Hikaru Sulu in command of the U.S.S. Excelsior in his own TV show.

Its a shame that idea was never followed up.

it’s good to see George doing his own Commercials. I hope he gets many more and maybe. Just Maybe. His Own Series.

so its like a cymk instead of an rgb?


Yeah, it’s by mixing, but the long story short is you do get a brighter and more “true” image.

My question is how is this any help when it’s still color data from standard RGB, and if normal people can really tell the difference (a certain segment of the population, almost exclusively women, has extra rods or whatever that pick up on yellow.)

I suggest you read this for more info:

I want to see an epic battle between The Priceline Negotiator and Takei’s Sharp Scientist.

(The Negotiator would win, of course).

Am I reading that right. That is episode 47 of Suite life on Deck?


In my opinion, Shatner as the Priceline Negotiator wins hands down. Takei just isn’t as good as Shatner is when it comes to selling products.
Shatner just happens to be a better spokesman. Nothing against Takei, but his ads are kind of annoying. In fact, I kind of suspect that Takei wants to compete against Shatner because of their ongoing feud.

That glass booth that George Takei exits at the beginning of the scene has shown up in numerous Star Trek episodes too, most notably as an agony booth in “In a mirror, darkly”…

#7, wow, great catch. that’s gotta go up to wiki.

Those after a Captain Sulu series…..come on, that ship has sailed long ago.

Besides which, Takei, as nice a man as he is, is an awful actor, possibly one of the worst of all the Trek shows. No way could he carry a series.

Takei is hilarious. But actually there is more than two of those commercials. For instance I saw a variation of the first one without the “Oh myyy.”

Honestly, I never understood why the colors weren’t red, blue and yellow, as yellow and blue make green, but maybe that’s the difference between color and light.

@13. Yeah, mixing paints isn’t the same as mixing light :) Because light has luminance, additive colors equal white, while subtractive color equals black or brown.

#8 ……. I think its to make money.

Take a color test test here. It’s best if you have a calibrated monitor though.

I imagine the gamut is larger than standard RGB tv’s

Saw the commercial last night on my old, obsolete RGB LCD HD set. It was funny and clever; Takei is a natural. His voice and manner are wonderfully conducive to comedy. Who knew (from watching Star Trek all these years) that he could be so funny?

Get this man a sitcom; stat! ; )

The pictures in that commercial look beautiful on my TV. Thank you, Sharp — you’ve just convinced me I don’t need a new TV.

That clip was super cheesy, but pretty funny!

I love it when actors unleash the Ham.

It’s just a gimmick to try and stand out in a competitive market and not a very effective or good ad campaign at all. Insulting the intelligence of consumers is not the ideal way to sell product.


Did you even watch the advert? It adds yellow to the standard RGB… so its basically RGBY

George has got a GREAT voice. Unfortunately, he rarely got to use it on Trek. : (

Who does George Takie think he is… mocking my TV like that!?

The nerve!!

The problem with the whole Quattron concept is, all the gear that aquires the image – Cameras, non-linear editors exct: all use the 3 color RGB system. So the 4 color system on the TV (Back end) is pointless if the stuff on the front end only uses a 3 color system. It’s kind of like having a color TV and watching a Black and White show, or having a 16×9 HDTV and watching a streched out 4×3 sdtv program.

@25: Nope, it’s not quite the same. It’s more like listening to a stereo-enhanced mono recording.

George Takei cracks me up. I’m so jealous that my brother’s dad knows him.

You’re wrong!! Captain Sulu was as commanding in STVI as any other captain. How dare you type such unwarranted and acusatory words

@David Fuchs
“My question is how is this any help when it’s still color data from standard RGB,”

Well, that’s the whole joke of it all, isn’t it?
You can’t add something that isn’t there. If your source doesn’t support it, then it’s pretty much just marketing BS.