ShatWatch: Bill’s Star Trek 2009 Thoughts + TekWar Radio Show + More $#*! My Dad Says Video

Time for another ShatWatch to catch up on all things Bill Shatner, starting off with his latest comments about the 2009 Star Trek movie (and sequel). Plus Bill reveals he is working on a TekWar radio show. We also have video of Bill talking about his new sitcom (with more clips) and video of Bill on the Dr. Oz Show.


Shatner: JJ’s Trek ‘a wonderful ride’

Today the LA Times Hero Complex Blog posted an interview with William Shatner conducted at the recent Anaheim Comic Con. And apparently Bill has finally seen the 2009 Star Trek movie, and has weighed in on it (and how he knows nothing about the sequel)

GB: There will be another "Star Trek" film coming from J.J. Abrams and his team, and I’m wondering what you thought of the first. For me, I loved the spirit of the movie…

WS: I agree with you. That’s my opinion too. It was a wonderful ride. I think J.J. Abrams did a wonderful job in enlarging the franchise and constructing a foundation for the sequel. I don’t know anything about that sequel. I didn’t know anything about the first one. I know even less about the second one. I know less than nothing about the sequel, if that’s possible.

Planning TekWar Radio Show

William Shatner’s TekWar novels have already been made into a TV series, and more recently into new series of TekWar Comics, and now he is thinking of yet another medium. From the LAT interview.

GB: You always have a range of endeavors underway, both in entertainment and beyond. What are you most excited about right now?
Tek War Chronicles

WS: Well, as you know, I’ve got a series of comic books, four all together — one is out there already, "Tek War," and another is coming out now, and two more coming within the year. So I’ve really entered the comic book world but for me the next thing is my plan to make them in radio shows

GB: You have stage in your background, audio books and animation voice work too. With all that considered, I can see why radio would be alluring.

WS: Yes, it is. And I’ve done radio before as well. It’s a foreign vehicle now. These days, it’s hard to find people who can even write for radio. They’ve all disappeared. The production of a radio show is a challenge too, you’ve got to find sound people for all the effects, for instance, and that’s almost a lost art. A whole tradition has been lost. We’re barely able to recapture some of it, but that is exactly what I’d like to do. It’s all very early on. I’ve got to sell the idea. This piece you’re writing might be helpful.

 More from the new Shatner interview at

Shatner’s new TekWar Chronicles Comics are up to their 8th issue and has already released the first six in a trade paperback collection (available on Amazon).

Shatner talks $#*! My Dad Says + more clips

CBS released another video promoting Shatner’s new $#*! My Dad Says sitcom.


Shatner Quizzed by Dr. Oz

William Shatner was on the Dr Oz Show last week and was quizzed by the doctor about various health issues.

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I love William Shatner!!!!

The. Shat. Forever.

And I am a HUGE fan of radio dramas, I am thrilled to hear that he’s trying to make one!

Does William Shatner sleep?

I wish I had that kinda energy.

man…hate to say it…but on the shit my dad says clips….it really seems like Bill is just reading cue cards. Doesnt seem like hes trying very hard.

I hope those clips weren’t ‘highlights’ of the show; they weren’t that funny at all. William Shatner was far better on “Boston Legal” and the movie, “Free Enterprise” (which is really the responsible for his new, self-deprecating career renaissance he enjoys these days). The writing doesn’t seem all that funny, and Shatner’s delivery feels a little forced.

But hey; he’s doing great! Here’s to his remarkable stamina and versatility. He tackles so many projects with such aplomb; I don’t know how he does it all. Good for him! ; )

hahaha S*&! my Dad Says looks like it will be well worth a look!
Does that look like Bangkok!

Remember denny crane was a part specifically written for shat by boston legals creator n was brilliant-shatner will probably have trouble equalling his past-

So…did he actually (finally) see the film? Or did he just “wing it” in his comments?

Looking forward to shit my dad says

Hard to judge a show by 30 seconds of preview, but The Shat’s gotta put a little more effort into his lines if he’s going to pull this off. From what I’ve read about this show he’s supposed to be playing a grumpy old $#*! and therein lies the comedy element, but here he seems to be reading the lines like a stand-up comedian reading his lines to a live audience for some quick laughs.

That was a pretty lousy job of “masking” The Shat’s voice on the Dr. Oz show.

OTOH, the Dr. has *great* ears for a proto-Vulcan.

Much as I like William Shatner … if those clips are the best the show has to offer, I don’t think the folks who object to the show’s title will have to protest for very long.

Why doens’t he watch Star Trek (2009)?

Yes, I love Shatner.

If the clip is from the pilot show then the Shat may still be trying to find his character’s “voice.” As noted, Denny Crane may be a tough act to follow and he might be trying to avoid coming across as Denny in a sitcom.

I sure hope that I am able to remain as active as he has at 79! Did he say a bottle of scotch a day? ;)

“13. Markonian – May 25, 2010

Why doens’t he watch Star Trek (2009)?”

I have 4 letters for you, my friend….


Nuff said.

The man is a machine.

“13. Markonian – May 25, 2010
Why doens’t he watch Star Trek (2009)?”

Dude? Did you read the article – are you able to read?

To all you people who really believed all this time he didn’t watch it….He’s Watched It.

I wish Bill could have gone into detail about how he felt about the movie. I understand why he held off for so long in seeing the film. In one of his books (Star Trek Memories), he mentioned that he seldom looks at old photos because he does not want to be reminded of what he used to look like. Can you imagine how it must felt for him to see Star Trek 2009? It must be hard to feel replaced. I would love to hear what he thinks of Karl Urban as Bones. Personally, I hated the idea when I first heard it. Then I watched his introduction scene and I was kinda choked up. I miss De Kelley….

“apparently Bill has finally seen the 2009 Star Trek movie” ???? …. humm!… I don’t know…..

More Tek-War’s???? Talk about beating a dead horse (even more). First, the novels. Later the comic books and the special made for tv movies and tv show with Greg Evigan. After that, it was the calling cards!!!!

Radio Drama’s are so cool! Although I could only make it a third of the way through the first “Tek” novel, I will definatly be giving the audio series a try. Anything that utalizes that medium well is worth a look in my book.

SHAT is the most awesomest in the galaxy!!!
Cant wait for Shat my dad says!

#8: We’ll probably never know. He’d almost certainly make the same comments if he saw it or not, liked it or not, etc.

I like to think he saw it and enjoyed it. But honestly, there’s no way to even guess based on such vague, prefab “praise.”


We’ll all get enough sleep after we’re dead.

Wonder what he thinks of Urban’s Bones and the rest of the Star Trek 09 cast.

#2&#22 I too am a huge fan of radio dramas and sincerely hope for the best about Shatner’s TekWar series!

If you like radio dramas, you may want to check out

Yet again… The Shat rules!

Thanks for another great ShatWatch,

The man is unstoppable, and doesn’t look like he will ever truly grow old.

The man is Star Trek

I think the material for Shatner’s character needs more bite. I think of Archie Bunker who would say very offensive, backward things, yet be lovable in spite of it. Or maybe that wouldn’t work today, because the country right now seems to be headed in Archie Bunker’s direction. In Archie Bunker’s time, things were moving away from him and so Archie seemed like a harmless relic. Now, that kind of character might seem like a prophet, or seem redundant to blowhards on talk radio and 24-hour news, and the show would be scary or aggravating rather than funny or touching.

I think Shatner in a sitcom is a great idea, but I think the missed opportunity is not having Leonard Nimoy and not having it be a Grumpy Old Men/Odd Couple remake.

…a great character like Archie Bunker would never float today. Too many people would get “offended.”

All In The Family. Now That was comedy.

32- “All In The Family. Now That was comedy.”

Roger that, Danpaine! The best of the best!

Those were the days!!!!

I thought his delivery of the lines in $#”! My Dad Says was perfect.

loved that Dr oz bit, never seen that before but WOW what love for the shat.

and if you listen RIGHT a the end, he says “hi, I’m running for office”

the shat is the man!

Oh man… I don’t know this new $#”! My Dad Says kind of looks like it sucks… The Shat really doesn’t come across much like an everyman….