TrekInk: 5-page Preview Of Star Trek Movie Adaptation #4 Comic – Includes Movie Easter Egg

This week IDW pass the half-way mark for their adaptation of the 2009 Star Trek movie with the fourth issue out of six. TrekMovie has a 5-page preview below, and if you look closely, you will spot a certain movie easter egg (from a Galaxy Far Far Away) has also worked its way into the comic.


Preview: Star Trek Movie Adaptation #4

Writers: Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Tim Jones, Mike Johnson, Artist: David Messina


The official comics adaptation of the blockbuster film STAR TREK continues in this mini-series presented by J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman!

Witness the final fate of Vulcan as Kirk and Spock battle the evil Romulan, Nero! Brought to you by the creative team behind the best-selling STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN, this series includes scenes not included in the original film!

ST09 Adaptation #4 covers

ST09 Adaptation #4 5-page preview:


(click to enlarge)

R2 D2 where are you?

Did you spot the R2 D2 easter egg, replicated from the film?

R2 D2 movie easter egg makes it into the comics

Movie Adapt 4 Arrives this week

The Star Trek movie adaptation #4 arrives at Comic stores next Wednesday, May 26th. The first five issues (out of six) of the movie adaptation are available to order or pre-order at TFAW.












no pre-order

And if you want to get the full series together, you can pre-order the trade paperback which comes out in October.

New collection in stores now: Star Trek Motion Picture Trilogy

IDW has also just released the "Star Trek Motion Picture Trillogy" collection, which brings together the recent IDW Star Trek II adaptation with the DC adaptations of Star Trek III and Star Trek IV.

This collection is available at Amazon:

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Somehow, that little R2 unit always survives …

whats with the Narada looking so ugly in this one?

I cant wait for the complete collection to come out. Countdown and Nero were fantastic. Look forward to adding this to my set!

Strange. The Enterprise now has outward curving pylons. No wait, later they’re like in the good old movies!
The ship actually looks better in this comic than in the film…

@2 I don’t see that the Narada looks any different here. She’s not a pretty ship!

4 – Good eye.
It’s funny. The JJprise only looks bad when it’s from an angle that shows off the changes. When the angle favors the classic lines, she’s still a pretty lady.

Why would any mining ship look like a giant, hairy flea?

Why the tentacles?

The Jupiter Mining Corporation Red Dwarf is more smegging believable.

I agree. I always thought the Narada was an odd-looking ship. The “design” doesn’t make any sense to me.

@7: The tentacles and such are part of some heavy modifications done to the ship after the destruction of Romulus, according to the “Countdown” comics. It was originally much more recognizable as a ship.

yawn, the movie came out over a year ago already

Whos drawing this? The Enterprise looks awful. In fact, the whole thing looks awful. Yeesh.

@11 – I agree. I hate it when comic artists don’t care enough to properly draw the ships. They did a better job of drawing R2 than the Enterprise.

Looks like to the right of the Enterprise another Easter egg was put in…Looks like an Evangelion to me.

anyone else notice the coloring error? they gave Spock Captain stripes.

speakin of junk floatin ’round in space…i listened to the commentary track for ST09 and the guys said watch closely at the battle scene where the E has dropped out of warp and pieces of the other ships is all that is left…i’ve watched it a few times and still can’t see anything..

anyone notice how un-Trek like blasting a defenseless(at the end of the movie) Narada all to hell is?

The art in Countdown and Nero did a decent job of capturing the actors’ likeness, I’m disappointed they didn’t keep it up. In many frames you can only tell who’s speaking by recognizing their lines. It’s surprising since they had movie stills to draw from.

Spock’s huge puppy eyes in that last page are unnatural.


The Narada blew up Vulcan. Nero threatened to destroy Earth. Nero refused Kirk’s aid. Kirk knew as long as there was a possibility of Nero surviving, he would continue to pose a threat. And to eliminate that threat, Kirk had the Enterprise blast apart the Narada to ensure it doesn’t survive the black hole. Nothing “un-Trek like” about that. Except maybe for Kirk’s glib “No problem” response to Nero.

Lorrak7 – I agree with you. it was the nail in the coffin of a very un-Star Trek movie. Rather than following the ST vision, the writers chose a very simple and cliched Hollywood “good cops – bad cops” popcorn storyline.

@19 – And thats how you make money and gurantee the safety of the franchise…

No offence, but the Narada was as dangerous as a Borg cube, and I didn’t seem the fleet beaming aboard survivors when the battered up that Cube in First Contact, or saving the Duras sisters in Generations, or rescuing any Remens from Nemisis…

The Enterprise does look better. The nacelles are different. I like it.

Ironically Kirk blasting the hell outta Nero might be more Trek-like and more Starfleet-like then you think… the possible true way to earn peace with Romulus mightve been for Kirk and co. to do as they did; blast the hell outta Nero…from the Romulans’ perspective, conquerers though they be, a lunatic claiming to be a Romulan but whom the Empire has no knowledge of goes parading around, destroys almost 50 Klingon ships, blows up their cousins the Vulcans, and tries to annihilate Earth…

As Donatra said about Shinzon’s plan to annihilate Earth, “…and his sins will mark us and our children for generations…” or something to that effect… case in point: the Romulans would be grateful to Starfleet and to Kirk for dealing with their very big problem….namely Nero wanting, as Picard said to Shinzon in Nemesis, “to plunge the quadrant into war to satisfy your own personal demons….”

#16–so defending one’s homeland from annihilation is unTreklike? in that vein I guess PrimeKirk and crew saving humanity from the whale probe was unTreklike…Picard saving Earth from the Borg in First Contact or from his own clone in Nemesis was unTreklike…Sisko and crew, or Starfleet at large defending itself against the Dominion was unTreklike, etc… so basically youre saying that the Trek/Starfleet Way is when threatened by an enemy who will not respond to negotiation, the preferred response is surrender? Surrender and face enslavement or annihilation? WOW………biggest fail this site has ever seen -_-

Face it; Kirk Prime would have done the same as alternate Kirk. It was the only way to save the galaxy. Nero showed no remorse. Besides, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (the Narada), or the one (Nero).

@#16 – Kirk had to destroy the Narada. It had already made it through a singularity and wreaked havoc in Kirk’s time. If he hadn’t destroyed it who’s to say that it wouldn’t have emerged earlier or later and once repaired, started all over again? Better to be safe than sorry.

“Face it; Kirk Prime would have done the same as alternate Kirk. It was the only way to save the galaxy. Nero showed no remorse. Besides, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (the Narada), or the one (Nero).”

Destroynig the Narada is ok but why not beam the survivors, the situation here can not be compared with the above mentioned Borg, Duras and whatnot…
Going a little off topic, has anyone ever thought about what happens to the Hobus star after is was “sucked” by the singularity Spock created in the Prime Universe? If the Narada and Jellyfish traveled through time, it seems logical the remains of the star also did and whatever made that star so “special” that it could threaten the universe could now “contaminate” some star on the JJverse… not to mentin the JJverse Hobus star can have the same fate in the future… :)


They didn’t have the time to beam the Romulans aboard the Enterprise. They were being sucked into the black hole and needed all their power to escape.

As for the Hobus nova it was probably absorbed by the black hole.

“They didn’t have the time to beam the Romulans aboard the Enterprise.”

But there would be if Nero had accepted Kirk´s offer, right? ;-) ;-)

With Vulcan destroyed at the hands of a crazed and powerful Romulan, I think it would be great to see a sequel to “Star Trek” in which the Romulans have made peace with the Federation and reached out to the homeless Vulcans. A peaceful Vulcan-Romulan alliance is thus created that in turn topples the Romulan dictatorship and ushers in a lasting peace with the Federation. This would be a great new direction to take the franchise and open up a whole new universe. Imagine the emotional Romulan vs. logical Vulcan dichotomy — it would be hilarious.


But there is also no guarantee that the transporters would have functioned properly near the black hole. :-)

The transporter would not have worked, according to Hawking.

I like the idea of peace with the Romulans. It means we can have Saavik back & what a love triangle that would be with Spock & Uhura & Saavik.

Nero was essentially a temporal terrorist. His actions will have seriously embarrassed the (then-reclusive) Romulans. There’s every possibility that they completely disavowed Nero’s actions and agreed to the Federation wiping out Nero to avoid any problems coming their way. The Romulans in Universe-1 looked on Vulcan with greed and as a valuable resource: one significant enough that they were willing to invade it. Nero has robbed the Universe-2 Romulans of that, although given them a future (going on the logical assumption that the Narada red-mattered the Hobus Star before zapping Vulcan.) The Romulans can now, of course, offer to ‘aid’ the surviving Vulcans and try to assimilate them and their knowledge into their own empire. Of course, Universe-1’s Spock will no doubt be advising against this!

I had the same reaction as #16, but I thought it was more brainless on Kirk’s part than just being un Trek-like. Yes, Nero and his entire crew deserved to die for destroying Vulcan and going after Earth. There’s no question about that. However, the Narada was imploding on itself; their entire payload of red matter went off, so even if the Enterprise didn’t stay for that extra minute to shoot at it (which they shouldn’t have done because they could’ve gained enough momentum to get away before the black hole started sucking THEM in), the ship and everyone on it was done for and Nero knew that.

All-in-all, I would’ve handled the final confrontation better. I would’ve had the Enterprise (and other ships…where were they by the way? Did the Federation send its entire fleet to Vulcan and leave Earth defenseless?) fight the Narada head on while Spock and Kirk were doing their thing. It would’ve been more epic, but I guess they spent enough money already. :P

Yes 32, very strange that no other ships were present. As cliched as it is , once again the Enterprise was the only ship in range and this time in range meant near earth. Everyone else must’ve chickened out and warped away. Wish there would have been a fleet present. Would’ve been even more great reference shots for scratchbuilt modeling. Oh well.

Hello everybody
I’m Claudia Balboni,I was reading your impressions,and I feel terrible for disappointing you in this issue,I’ll bear your comments in mind,because I respect your opinion so much and I’ll do better next time!I promise!