Star Trek Magazine Now Available In Digital Format

Star Trek Magazine, the official mag of the Trek franchise, is going digital. Starting with the June issue (STM #26) you can read the magazine on PC, Mac or iPad. More details below.


Digital Star Trek Magazine now available for PC, Mac & iPad

The digital edition of Star Trek Magazine represents a first in the history for the official licensed guide Star Trek, which until now has only been available in print format. The first issue in the new digital format is the currently available "Movies Guide" (see TrekMovie preview of print edition).

The digital Star Trek Magazine is available to read in full on PC, Mac or iPad at, the world’s largest digital newsstand and home to a library of over 50,000 magazines. Using specially developed technology, the Zinio reader allows you to zoom, interact, and share with friends.

Screenshot of digital Star Trek Magazine

See it yourself

You can purchase the digital version of the current issue for $4.89 (or £3.20 in the UK). You can preview it at the Zinio website by clicking HERE.

A subscription to the digital version of Star Trek Magazine typically saves readers 35% off the newsstand price. In the United States, the digital subscription price is $39.99 (compared to a cover price of $61.92), and in the United Kingdom it is £26.14 (compared to £40.48). To subscribe, click HERE.

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id have a drink with spock

Very nice idea! I think I will change my subscription to digital and save some trees!

Sweet. I’m goin’ green!

It’s…. GREEN :)

…How does this cost money, when (a) you can read any of this information online when it becomes available, and (b) it costs you nothing to “print” it?

Oooh! I want!

5. Shup before they hear you and realize that! ;) lol

5. I hear ya, but while the ‘information’ might be available, the articles are unique and bring a new perspective that you might not find here or on other Trek BBS’s. Professional writers give a much better read than random posters for the most part.

5. Because it costs money to run a magazine?? Lights, salary, computers…ya know.

Is the online version strictly online, or is one able to download a copy to their PCs for future reference?

“Print is dead.” Dr. Egon Spengler. 1985.

$4.89?!?!?!?!?!?! That’s a huge savings over the ridiculously high cover price. And even though I save every print issue I buy, I honestly never look at them ever again. I think I’m gonna have to switch to digital…

It’s no that much of a savings off subscription price ($49.95) and you can’t take this anywhere you happen to be (unless you have an iPad). I’m sticking with the print.

I might have to try this out on my iPad. There’s nothing cooler than reading Trek stuff on an almost real-life PADD!

In my opinion the price point for digital versions of magazine should be no more than $1.99. With the competition of FREE information on the internet and the drop in costs for these publishers without having to pay for paper, print, inks, shipping, etc this price seems incredibly high. In addition, the publishers still include all of the ads that run in the print version. $5 is far more than I believe a wide audience of consumers would be willing to pay.

For all those complaining that the cost of digital magazines should be free or next to free need to consider how businesses work. Companies spend money producing goods that people want. Companies also pay people to make products. And if it is a licensed product, the company pays a percentage to whoever owns the property(in this case, Paramount and CBS). Plus, companies also pay taxes, leases, and other operating costs. A magazine needs all the revenue sources it can get, i.e advertising, and pricing. Unfortunately, due to the declining revenue in advertising, there is a limit to how low a magazine can sell whether online or in paper form.

And finally, companies are allowed to make a profit. It’s all part of capitalism.

A lower price should reflect the lack paper and printing, nevertheless there are still the writers, editors and so on. They still need to be paid, as do the people who encode the material for the web.

I have to admit, with the iPad now available, buying digital magazines and comics is far more attractive to me!

Will Zinio be able to get round censorship issues for magazines such as Playboy, I wonder ?

. . . Purely out of academic interest of course . . . ;)

Awesome idea. Hopefully it’ll make it easier for us Aussies to get a hold of. :)

17. Tarrax

Yeah, how often do hear about a US edition of a magazine it’s impossible to get in your home country?

Here in the UK, I like to read US Esquire when I can get hold of it. I’m not that bothered by the UK edition. I guess companies like Zinio’s day has finally come!

$40! Yeeesh, that’s expensive. I just got a whole year of Automobile for $7.99. I guess Star Trek mag has a much smaller audience.