Is Futurama Sneak Peek An Homage To Star Trek 2009?

Good news, everyone. Futurama returns in a month, on Comedy Central. Just like it always has, we should expect Star Trek references in the new episodes, and a new sneak peek could possibly hint at an homage to the 2009 Star Trek movie. Check it out below.



To promote the return of Futurama, Comedy Central has been running a series of "Countdown to Futurama" posts on their CC Insider Blog, with sneak peeks of  sketches and images from the upcoming shows. And in a new post they show the Planet Express ship dismantled.

Planet Express Ship dismantled

And this image is reminiscent of a famous moment in the 2009 Star Trek movie.

Kirk sees the Enterprise being built in Star Trek 2009

The difference is that the Enterprise was being built, whereas the Planet Express Ship above is being dismantled. It can just be a coincidence, but the Futurama folks are clearly Trek fans. Over the years Futurama has been known for a high degree of Trek references from the subtle (like door swoosh sounds) to the overt, including many cameos from Trek celebrities. This was most apparent in the episode "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" (see clip below).

 Regardless, we at TrekMovie are looking forward to the return of Futurama. returns New episodes being June 24th on Comedy Central. More info at If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the teaser for Futurama’s return.  



POLL: Are you ready to return to the world of tomorrow?

So are you looking forward to new Futurama, or should it stay dead?



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It just won’t stay dead!

One of many shows that Fox has canned and then later come to regret canning. Firefly, Family Guy, Futurama….

We’re back, baby!

I love futurama!!!

I am getting my vcr ready!!

#3. Seriously….VCR? ;)

Crap!!! I can only afford a cassette player so all I’ll get is the audio!!!!

Good news everyone!

@4 Yes, I suggested to the wife that we should upgrade to a dvr and she say’s the money isn’t there yet. She then reminded me that I have a vcr, And not wanting to miss a minute of new futurama. I’ll do it that way til the blu-ray of the season comes out. Besides vhs tapes are cheap I’d use my superbeta but it dosent like cable channels.

@5 Better than nothing.

I try to use my vcr too but since cable upgraded to all digital it makes it tough-have to run the cable box thru vcr so can only tape what i am watching-it sucks-
i also luv me my futurama-cant wait–when they had the tos crew voices they actually made a funny story to go with em unlike family guys tng cast episode which wasnt funny at all–n woefully underused the cast–the series that wont stay dead indeed–although comedy central at first were going to recast different voices for the new eps which woulda ruined it-mainly was a bargaining ploy to get the actors to work cheaper i think….if anyone needs me ill be in the anger dome—

I will be taking telly snaps

The Space 1999 Eagle shooting out the Sacred 79+bloopers to a Genesis-style planetary sunrise just ate my brain.

I have all four seasons of the show, but lost interest during those straight to DVD movies. I think part of that came from Adult Swim losing the show to Comedy Central, which I don’t watch.

I liked the first straight to DVD movie, but thought the second wasn’t very good and didn’t bother with the last two. Did they ever air those last two on Comedy Central?

5. I remember the day. I had audio taped TOS in the days of my youth before VCRs. The biggest problem was getting my sisters to shut up. My prize was the audio cassette of “The Doomsday Machine”.

#12 — I had a copy of that episode on a cassette as well; copied it from a VHS to a cassette, and would listen to it on the just-about-an-hour drive between New Orleans & Baton Rouge. Had about half a dozen episodes like that.

12 & 13: I recorded TOS on cassette audio tape when I was a kid too, and Doomsday Machine was the only one that I had the full length audio from, (without my brother coughing in the background) I must have played it a MILLION times over, and over, and over, the music from that episode is embedded in my brain forever!

Puny Humans! If you do not watch the new Futurama episodes Morbo will destroy you and devour your offspring!

What’s a television?

Finally, new Futurama eps. Family Guy’s been dead for seasons, and don’t even get me started on Cleveland.

Can’t wait.

Time for Fry and Lela to get it on!…..Whooooo

Hah, I just watched “Where No Fan Has Gone Before” last night.

And I also thought that was a ref. to JJTrek when I saw the picture.

“Homage” is a fascinating word choice :)

I can’t actually recall a time where I was flipping channels, saw a Futurama re-run, and kept going. Every episode gets me every time.

Calculon … Slurms McKenzie … everything Bender does ever.

Good news everyone!!

DUDE! Why havent I heard about this before? Awesome!!! *excitement*

I think calling this shot an “homage” to the new Star Trek movie is a stretch, honestly. That’s like calling anytime someone stumbles back into a chair in grief an “homage” to Star Trek III.

i am do going to watch that, live long and prosper!!!!

That is a beautiful image of Kirk looking at the under construction Enterprise. Gives me goosebumps!

Futurama is high on the list of shows that I think I SHOULD like, but just can’t get into.

Other SF entries: Babylon 5 and all the incarnations of Stargate.

– Harry

I am actually moving over to DVR primarily because of Futurama coming back. Not gonna risk missing epsiodes likes back in the days of the FOX debacle.

Yes, I am THAT MUCH of a futurama fanatic.

Hey, sexy mama… wanna kill all humans?

It’ll be fun on a bun…if they kept the same voice talent. It was reported they were auditioning replacements.

@29, The original voice cast is back. They worked out a contract after those reports (and sadly, after the San Diego Comic Con where the cast was previously expected to triumphantly announce the show’s resurrection)…

What would be great is if they got both new TREK and classic TREK cast members on the show. Kirks facing off!!

Can’t wait for new FUTURAMA!!!