Simon Pegg Doesn’t Know When Star Trek Sequel Will Start Shooting

Last night Simon Pegg, Star Trek’s new Scotty, presented at National Movie Awards in London. While there he answered some questions on the red carpet about his upcoming projects, including the Star Trek sequel, if only to express his lack of information.


Pegg: I don’t know anything

From the red carpet, Pegg said his is definitely coming back for the Star Trek sequel, but is short on info, telling the Press Association:

Hell yeah! Of course, I’m Scotty – but I don’t know yet, [we’ll start] probably end of the year or beginning of the next

While this may not be new info, it does reveal that the actors have not yet been told specifically when to set aside time in their schedules for filming. This could indicate that producer JJ Abrams has yet to lock down a schedule for the film. It was recently reported that Abrams would begin shooting his mysterious alien movie Super 8 in the fall. It could be that they are trying to make sure the productions on these two films don’t overlap, which would allow for Abrams to direct both. As reported before, the team has some wiggle room as the Star Trek sequel is due to be released June 29th 2012, which is 25 months away.

Pegg at the National Movie Awards in London on Wednesday

Pegg also talked about Mission: Impossible IV (doesn’t seem that he will reprise his role), his new film Paul and more in a video interview, click below to watch it.



POLL: How should Pegg handle sequel?

Of all the characters in the Star Trek 2009 film, Pegg’s performance is possibly the most divergent from the original actor (James Doohan). Pegg was played much more for comic relief (like he did inJJ Abrams Mission: Impossible III. How do you think he and Abrams should handle the role in the sequel? Or do you think he should even be in it?



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I’d love to see Trek be KING of the MOVIES in terms of having everything locked down. I hate to see JJ et al spread so thin. I’m sure, though, that they are all happy to be working like crazy. It’s a great time in all their careers.

Congrats. Can’t wait.

Is it me or he looks like Adam Savage from Mythbusters??

Haha, he looks like Adam Savage of Mythbusters in the bottom pic :-P

@2: Heh, sorry, didn’t see your post until after I sent mine ;-)

I suspect (and hope VERY MUCH) that JJ will NOT be directing…

Just a note on something I know I keep driving home re: Simon Pegg

I loved comic-relief Scotty. But please add more depth to the character like he had in the original series such as

I can fix anything Scotty
I can command a starship Scotty
I can kick your ass Scotty
I told Ambassador Fox to shove it Scotty

Re: #6 – Damian –

THANK YOU. I was just about to say that exact thing. Well put.

The movie sequal will be filmed. That much is certain. Just relax and wait.for all we know or don’t. Know they may be shooting it now. Simon will never tell! Or anyone else! LOL !let’s just hope. The movie will be worth the wait. I think it will be best of luck Simon pass it on to the rest of the crew

He doesn’t have a clue? Are they even making a sequel still? Because if they are, when are they going to get going????

I mean, if they wait for a really long time (say, years) then people are going to stop caring about Star Trek (not including me) and they will lose their interest! Get your rear in gear, people!!!

But…I guess they know what they are doing….and we shouldn’t rush them….


761 more days…

I totally thought of Adam Savage too! Lol.

You can bet he knows more than he’s letting on. Let’s not forget JJ’s legendary secrecy. I’ve seen less secure international airports.

As for Pegg as Scotty… I agree that he was most different from his Original Series character. He could do the accent, for a start. But I’m a massive MASSIVE fan of Simon Pegg in just about everything he’s done to date, from Spaced, to his little one-episode appearance in Black Books, to Shaun of the Dead to Hot Fuzz. The guy would probably be sitting here typing away on this forum if he had the time. So I’m convinced the character is in more than capable hands with him, even if it is different to Jimmy Doohan’s Scotty. I would agree with those who’d like to see more depth to his character rather than going down the comic relief formula. After the Captain, the chief engineer would be one of the most important roles on a ship, so it’s unlikely to be one occupied by a buffoon.

To me Pegg was great in the film but he was NOT Scotty.

I’ll have to see the sequel in order to judge his character fully.

Scotty was awesome whenever he was in command in TOS. I didn’t hate the new Scotty, but I think the humor was overdone just a bit. I liked Simon Pegg in the role however!

SERIOUSLY. Is this news?? I heard that the Key Grip didn’t know when the movie would start shooting either. Lame.

Simon Pegg & Adam Savave

Separated at birth ?

You be the judge


Oops correction in the URL

gah, it’s early


#2 and last someone else see’s it! I’ve thought this for a long time.

I liked Simon Pegg quite well in ST11, and I look forward to see his work in the sequel. As about humor, I’d say the same or less, because if he does more, he’ll turn into a clown. Now how should I vote? xD

Simon did a fantastic job in ST09.

“If it ain’t broke………….”

Hmm … if I had a web article written about me every time I “didn’t know something,” there would be multiple headlines every day.

Don’t forget, Pegg was playing a Scotty a few years younger (about 7 years before the 5YM), and also Scotty after he’d just been stuck for about a year on an ice planet with nothing but Keenser for food…

I think he was in a post-traumatic situation. He’ll settle down. If the next movie is ‘in medias res’ and a few years later, I’m sure Pegg will adjust the portrayal accurately. Pegg’s that awesome.

Plus, just as long as Smilin’-Transporter-Guy has Simon’s back (and they sure oughta name him DeSalle, who was occasionally Scotty’s assistant chief engineer in TOS, or Burnstein from the novel) I’m sure Scotty in the sequel will be true to form.

@23. The “Smilin’ Transporter Guy” was Doohan’s son Chris. Simon will be just fine.

25…more…months. OMG!

I would have voted to replace Pegg, but that’s not going to happen. So I voted for the less comedy / more engineering category. The Doohan Scotty was a stalwart character; he was serious and dependable. He didn’t ask for towels or sandwiches. He was no fool.

agree totally with number 6 (i am a free man)

i voted for less humour and didn’t see the more like Doohan option till it was too late, that would be MY option. but it’s gotta be hard to add that on set with Jimmys son there.

so tone it down a bit Simon.

although, are we all forgetting the writers strike? I bet that factored into some of how the part was played for laughs.

I’d imagine/hope Simon will want to tone it down and say on set “but scotty wouldn’t do this”

I liked Simon Pegg’s Scotty in STXI. He played it differently to Doohan, but he was still 100% Scotty.
I really don’t want a nuTrek cast trying to clone the performances of the old actors, I want modern interpretations of the *characters*. This is something the STXI people all did brilliantly, IMO.

I’m looking forward to Scotty running up and down the engine room brewery with Keenser in 2012!

“Get down from there!!”

I wish people would stop complaining about the wait.

There where big gaps between Batman Begins and TDK
Superman IV and Returns
TMP and TWOK (Biggish – 79-82)

and lest we not forget… Wall Street and Wall Street 2

If JJ Abrams doesn’t Direct ST X, my wishlist for replacements ( in no particular order):

Steven Spielberg
Bryan Singer
Christopher Nolan
Sam Raimi
Peter Jackson

I think you’ve had a counting faliure there, John :-)

STX was the one with Picard’s evil mini-me.

are they even still making a sequel cause no one seems to be working on it

I really enjoyed Simon’s portrayal of Scotty in Star Trek XI. I hope they keep the humour in the sequel. I think Scotty can both be funny and serious at the same time. I thought Simon did and excellent job.

31. We’re working on it!

Hey Bob, read any good Trek novels in prepping for your return to the Trek universe? I just got an iPad and I’m looking for a good original series novel to load into the Kindle ap. Loaded up Nick Meyer’s book but I want some fiction as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated, have a great holiday weekend!

@ 33. Boborci

Can you please write some Mexicans into the sequel. Please.


Who said no news is good news?

You know who i would love to see direct iff jj can’t make it? Quentin Tarantino.

I know that would seem odd at first and visions of kill bill in space emerge but here is my thinking.

Tarantino once described himself as a student of cinema. If you watch his films you see that his films really capture all that was brilliant in the shows he pays homage to whiles giving it the makeover that a big budget affords.

I think Tarantino would really get a lot about trek the original series and this would be congruent with the current team.

I think it would be a good mix.

34. Been reading the Eugenics war series. Good stuff.


# 38

Bob (can I call you Bob?) you old dog — reading the Eugenics War series. Anyone want to speculate about whether this could mean a Khan in our future? (this sequel, or the next maybe…)


I don’t know… Before I saw the movie I was excited about pegg. His performance really didn’t do it for me. No offense against him but he just seemed so out of place. It didn’t help that his best lines were repeated over and over in the commercials either.

BTW, Zoe Saldana is WAY too skinny. Go back and look at Uhura in space seed… way better. (eat a sandwich yo!!)

As long as that stupid pet/buddy of Scotty’s doesn’t come back I can deal with everything else.

With the sequel, I think the tone needs to go a little darker. I know people think that’s so cliché – but I never really felt like the characters were in any danger of losing anything. (Not including the opening sequence and Amanda’s death, which were both brilliantly executed)

More importantly, the characters shouldn’t seem so stunned every time they try something that works. No more “…take it out of park…” jokes. Starfleet’s best are well-trained, maybe inexperienced, but not stupid.

As for Scotty – he’s a brilliant mind and in no way lazy (remember his distaste for shore leave) and loyal to a fault. He doesn’t “like this ship!” he loves it. Let’s hope Pegg and all of the actors get an opportunity to explore the deep textures of their characters in an exciting and authentic way.

Take Trek it in that direction – and folks will forget about lens flares, nacelle sizes, beer vats and Ewok sidekicks.

6. YES.

I liked Keenser.
If the staff decide to drop him from the sequel, I’d like to see more scalp makeup going on with other new minor characters. The aliens shown in the BD extras but couldn’t make it to the screen were gorgeous.

Bob, are you bumping the Eugenics Wars from 1996 into the future if you bring back Khan? I really don’t think a general audience will be able to buy a secret world war during the 90’s (no offence to Greg’s books!)

PLEASE *NO* goddamned Khan in the next movie, Bob. Be original.

38, thanks Bob, I’ll give those a shot. Just loaded up Doctor’s looks like it could be a fun story for McCoy…and the new Pike era book sure looks interesting. Plenty to pick from, that’s for sure!

Perhaps Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman could appear as engineers in the upcoming flick or as red shirts who get toasted!

@46: LOL!!! Adam would make a great engineer. Jamie could be a really neat villain!

#38–When you finish with those, you should check out The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh. That was even better (takes place between “Space Seed” and Star Trek II).

I am afraid that I am a doubter when it comes to recasting Khan. How can you improve on Ricardo Montalban? It is a huge gamble. Anything less than Montalban and you risk the movie being ridiculed. Star Trek II was a bonafide classic. There is no need to travel that road again.

Also, I will be perfectly honest, the whole alternate universe thing was to give everyone an opportunity to do new things, not redo what was already done. Star Trek fans are certainly split on this issue. I can tell you, if Khan is in the next movie, I am not sure I would be able to bring myself to pay the bucks to go see it. You got me with the recasting of the original characters, and by and large you hit a home run with them. If we are going to start redoing the villains too, what will happen to originality. There are enough remakes, reboots and recastings going on out there. Please, PLEASE make the next movie an original adventure. Let them explore and solve some crisis where no one has gone before.

2. Tyanazai,

I had the very same thought as you. I guess that means he does.

Scotty is Star Trek’s secret weapon. He can do anything!