NimoyWatch: Limited Edition Vulcan Poster + ‘Evening With Leonard Nimoy’ coming to Long Beach + Shatner/Nimoy Duet?

Today we have a special Leonard Nimoy edition of CelebWatch. First we have more video from Nimoy’s visit to Vulcan, plus info on how you can get a special limited edition poster and T-Shirt from the event. There is also another event (‘An Evening with Leonard Nimoy’) added to his 2010 tour schedule. Plus William Shatner appears to be headed back into the recording studio, and he is trying to coax his friend Leonard to join him.


Get the limited edition Nimoy ‘Welcome Home to Vulcan Poster and T-Shirt

Last moth Leonard Nimoy came ‘home’ to the official Star Trek capital of Canada, Vulcan, Alberta. This was a big event in the small town, with a parade and the revealing of a bronze bust of Spock. Here is the official video from Alberta Tourism from the event:

To commemorate the event, the Vulcan Tourist office commissioned a special poster for the event, made by a local artist.

They printed 500 limited edition posters and 500 limited edition t-shirts. They still have some left. The poster dimensions are about 17”x17” and each one is numbered. They are printed on acid free 80lb archival stock and cost $25.00 each (Canadian). The T-Shirts are 100% pre-shrunk Cotton in navy blue, and come in all sizes (youth – adult). Cost $25.00 each.

They can be purchased by contacting Vulcan Tourism Station by phone (403-485-2994) or email ( Purchased can be made by Visa or MasterCard, and there will be additional cost for shipping.

Secret Selves Shirts

Speaking of T-Shirts. Leonard Nimoy is selling a selection of shirts from his upcoming ‘Secret Selves’ Photo Exhibition. The shirts of various designs are in all sizes, and sell for $23.99, and are all available at

New Nimoy Event

As previously reported, this year Leonard Nimoy is doing a sort of ‘victory lap’ of conventions and public appearances. One of which is "An Evening with Leonard Nimoy" at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center in Long Beach. Here is the description:

Join us for an intimate evening of insight into one of film and television’s greatest icons. Called ‘the conscience of Star Trek,’ by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry—the award-winning actor, director, poet and photographer Leonard Nimoy shares his portrayal of the rational and emotionally suppressed Vulcan as part of a remarkable and diverse career that’s left an indelible imprint on American culture!

Tickets cost $60 and go on sale online on June 1st.

Here is a summary of Nimoy events for 2010

June 11
LA TIMES Film Fest: Star Trek IV Screening – Hollywood, CA

June 27
Official Star Trek Convention – Vancouver, BC

July 29 & 31
Secret Selves Exhibition R. Michelson Galleries & Mass MOCA – Northampton, MA
Book signing & reception (July 29), Opening reception (July 31) &

Aug. 7
Official Star Trek Convention – Las Vegas, NV

Oct. 23
An Evening with Leonard Nimoy – Long Beach, CA

Oct. 24
Official Star Trek Convention – Rosemont, IL (Chicago area)

Tickets for Nimoy event in Long Beach go on sale on Monday

Nimoy salutes

Leonard Nimoy often tells the story of how he borrowed the famous Vulcan salute from Jewish tradition. This week he sent out a tweet with a photo and the message: "I’m demonstrating the blessing which is the origin of the Vulcan greeting. LLAP"

Nimoy demonstrates the source of the Vulcan salute

Nimoy and Shatner duet on new Shatner album?

On the subject of Twitter, in the last couple of weeks William Shatner has been making tweets indicating he is recording another musical album. And over the last month he has tweeted to Leonard Nimoy that he wants his old friend to join him:

William Shatner: Come out of "retirement" @TheRealNimoy. I got an exciting record I’m working on. You’d be perfect to add another voice to it. My best, Bill (May 11)

William Shatner: @TheRealNimoy, If you’re on the album where do you want to eat? My best, Bill (May 13)

William Shatner: Going to lay down a track: Bohemian Rhapsody. Perhaps as the beginning of a new record… My best, Bill. (May 25)

For his part, Nimoy has not replied to Bill’s requests via Twitter, so it isn’t known if we will get a duet of Shatner and Nimoy. Both actors have released musical albums in the past, including the 1997 compilation "Spaced Out: The Best of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner".

But bringing together the talents that brought us "Rocket Man" and "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" is something the world should not be denied.

Shatner jokes about Nimoy Retirement

Speaking of Bill and Leonard, William Shatner was a guest on the Joy Behar show earlier this month and she asked him about Leonard’s return to retirement, watch Bill’s reaction.

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Mr. Nimoy is a national treasure.

can anything beat that performance of rocket man??


I rather like this one:

i checked and that one is not available

The clip with Shatner talking about Nimoy’s retirement is just priceless :)))

Thanks for adding that!

Mr. Nimoy, please return Mr. Shatner’s tweets and record with him. If we can’t have you two together in a Star Trek film, please at least give us this!

“i can’t wait when he gets to obese men… because i’ll get in line”

classic bill… love it.

@Pierson- I rather like this picture of Leonard:

I ordered one of his “Secret Selves” t-shirts, and really like it. He enclosed an autographed photo- which totally floored and delighted me. I hope to be able to get one of the remaining “Vulcan” posters and T-shirts. I love art like that.

I am saddened that Leonard is retiring from both acting and the convention circuit, but his Twitter posts make up for that. His posts and photos are really warm and touching.

This may not be the best place to post this, but I just want to take a moment of appreciation to Anthony Pascale and the folks at for the great job they all do to keep us up-to-date with all the things happening in the world of Star Trek as we await the next movie.

Checking out this site is always one of finest points of relaxation for me in the midst of even my most hectic days.

Also, fellow Trekkers, let us please remember what this coming holiday commemorates and be grateful to the countless men and women who have made enormous sacrifices to protect the freedom that we cherish.

Anthony, how did you miss this?

I hope i have the time and the funds to go to the chicago event

Nimoy is a class act. And the way Shatner pokes fun at himself, how do some people take him so seriously?

I totally thought, for a moment, that the headline said “Shatner/Nimoy Duel” … and I got REALLY excited with visions of “Amok Time: Redux” … but this time for real, and 40-plus years later. Even started humming the music in my head.

Ah well … that’ll always be the dream.

I know there’s a video of Bilbo Baggins and that’s the main reason we see that all the time….but as I keep saying, there’s a version of “Sunny” that Nimoy did that is just classic. It’s bad. It’s good. It’s great! The backing arrangement is super. So good I still find it hard to believe it was done just for a Nimoy album. I’ve always thought it was on a shelf waiting for Mel Torme, Tom Jones, Englebert, whoever….or somebody like that to do it.

Its such a weird experience, watching a bunch of Star Trek movies and getting so used to seeing Nimoy as emotionless Spock………and then turning around and seeing him smiling and dancing away on that bilbo baggins clip………

Gordon Bennett! Do my eyes deceive me, or does that girl at the beginning of the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins video bear a striking resemblance to Miramanee? Now we know what really happened on Amerind.

“He announced his retirement AGAIN?”

– William Shatner

My feelings exactly. If they wanted Mr. Nimoy for the next ST film I think there is a very good chance he could be talked out of it.

I hope they do that duet.

Bill got a case of the “Munchies” for the next 30 yrs

I think I will die happy if at least one of the following happened:

(1) Photo shoot of Bill Shatner by Leonard Nimoy
(2) A “duet” by the two
(3) Two of them appear in ST XII.

I think I will die if all three happened.

@Fraser Link, LOL!! Also, Bill is SO funny in that clip!! XD

Mr Nimoy is a treasure to us all! Here’s a special unseen original series deleted scene of Mr. Spock in Elaan of Troyius and there are other deleted scenes with photos and dialog from 5 other episodes including City on the Edge of Forever! Great website I just found!

XD Nimoy should totally take the pics of Bill. j/k! But seriously, those two need to do something together one more time (or a few more times).

That Nimoy Sunset Pie page was totally awesome. Nimoy is such a part of Americana, it’s unreal.

hehe I think Nimoy did respond to the Shat — after the duet request by Shat he wrote:

@williamshatner llogical LLAP 2:50 PM May 11th via web