TrekInk: Review Of Star Trek Movie Adaptation #4 + Jellico Preview

A stowaway, a destroyed fleet, death, doom, and destruction. Oh, and R2-D2. It’s obviously time for the review of the fourth issue (of six) from IDW’s adaptation of the 2009 Star Trek movie. We also have another preview from the Captain’s Log: Jellico comic.



Picking up seconds after the finish of last month’s third issue, the fourth issue of IDW’s Star Trek adaptation starts with a bang as Kirk storms the Enterprise bridge to warn the captain of the attack at Vulcan. The Enterprise quicky encounters the wreckage of the armada that preceeded them (including R2-D2). The alien ship in orbit contacts them and the crew is introduced to Nero.

Like the last issue, there are no added scenes in this segment, which covers the time from the arrival at Vulcan, through to Spock’s beaming down to the planet. The story is dialogue heavy, but also features the space-jump scene down to the Narada’s drill.

The panels in this story are smaller than prior issues, allowing for more content, but they do take away from the larger feel that the earlier issues had. This almost seems to be a necessity due to the heavy requirements of the action sequences and the cuts between the Enterprise, Narada, and combat scenes. It also works well to split some of the dialogue so that no panel feels too heavy with Mike Johnson and Tim Jones’ words. Despite the use of smaller panels, David Messina still allows himself to use some expansive imagery for some of the sequences, including the arrival of the Enterprise, and the first viewing of the Narada.

After all this waiting, we can finally see how clean Nero’s grooming job is…
(click to enlarge)

Messina is assisted by Claudia Balboni for this issue, and the pair continue to work with Gaetano Carlucci (the inker) to present the imagery from the screen on paper. The shots used do feel a bit like a storyboard version of the film, but (with rare exception) the characters look very much like the actors who portrayed them. The designs of the Narada are just as detailed as they were in the ship’s appearances in the other related series ("Countdown" and "Nero") and almost give the ship the feel of one of the "squiddies" from "The Matrix" films.

Ilaria Traversi comes on board replacing Giovanna Niro for this issue, and her ability to recreate the color palette from the film is impressive, and she changes the colors in space from the earlier blues to the red spectrum. The contrast of space to Vulcan during the space-jump is great and does give a feel that there are grand distances being shown.

Weren’t there only two of them floating above the planet the last time we saw this…? (click to enlarge)

As the back half of the series begins, the heavy exposition continues, but it is intermingled with large doses of action sequences. The story ends on a strong note, but some exciting bits from the film (Chekov’s beaming of Sulu and Kirk) are thinned down – likely due to their not playing out well one the graphic page. Like the last issue, this is another by-the-numbers adaptation, but the pacing is improving, even if some segments seem a bit rushed. The key is that Jones and Johnson are allowing themselves the time to spend on the important parts of the story, and bringing the characters out well on the page.

Covers for "Star Trek: The Movie Adaptation" issue 4
(click to enlarge)

Movie Adapt 4 available now

Star Trek: The Movie Adaptation issue 4 is available in comic stores now. You can order it from TFAW.












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And if you want to get the full series together, you can pre-order the trade paperback which comes out in October.

COMICS NEWS: Another Jellico preview

Recently TrekMovie revealed the final three Captain’s Log comics will be focused on Captains Pike, Jellico and Garrett. We also previewed some of artist JK Woodward’s work for the Pike and Jellico comics. Since then Woodard pointed us a blog post of his, where he reveals another page he ‘recovered’, check it out.

Also new in stores: Star Trek Motion Picture Trilogy

IDW has also just released the "Star Trek Motion Picture Trillogy" collection, which brings together the recent IDW Star Trek II adaptation with the DC adaptations of Star Trek III and Star Trek IV.

This collection is available at Amazon:


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Very nice, indeed.

Pike and Garrett would be interesting but Jellico? Why? On that same note I just read my Harriman issue and thought it was quite an enjoyable story. A good tribute to Kirk as well as some vindication for Harriman. I’d like to see a comic miniseries centered on him.

Still hope they do a few lesser known captains. DeSoto on the Hood, Maxwell on the Rutledge or Phoenix, Maybe even Captain Rixx on the Thomas Paine.

is jellico’s ship a sovvy in this comic? i noticed sovvy class jeffries tube stylings

#4 – Apparently it’s an Excelsior-class.

This looks good. I might get the Jellico comic. I never liked him much in chain of command but the previews of it have looked good.

I hope the Jellico art looks like the preview image above. Soft lines and colors are quite a rest and distinctive, compared to the “bold lines-SHINY COLOR-bold lines” look that’s been standard for the past 15 years.

#4 AND #5–no reason why they couldnt upgrade the interiors to Sovereign Class-style interiors, especially if Starfleet was planning to make that the new Starfleet Standard…

Not to sound ignorant but who the hell is Jellico?

#2- if a Harriman comic is interesting, why SHOULDNT a Jellico one? I can see how Jellico became a command officer. I’m still wondering which uncle/Admiral got Harriman his posting on the B.

Nothing against Zoe Saldana, but I really don’t like that picture of her on the front cover of the movie adaptation. Her body looks too twisted up.

9- He’s the captain of the Cairo. He was in “Chain of Command” from TNG

I was scouring my mind for that name and came up with nothing. Thank you!

That’s some awesome artwork on the Jellico comic.

Hey, shouldn’t the uniforms for the Jellico comic be from the first two seasons of TNG? Or does the comic take place later in the timeline?

has anyone picked up on the fact that the move adaptation is about to get one hour of Star Trek into 2, 22 page issues? It’s a little redonculous.

Captain Jellico must have been promoted to admiral or reassigned to another starship since the Cairo was destroyed during the Dominion War and was commanded by someone else at the time.

Picked up the Star Trek: Motion Picture Trilogy, I already had the Star Trek II adaption in single comic form & the Star Trek III & IV adaptions but wanted them in collected form.

What is wrong with The Collection editor & Designers Justin Eisinger & Niel Uyetake?
Have they never seen a trade paperback of collected comics before?

I was dissapointed by the covers being used inbetween the seperate issues of Star Trek II adaption- i thought the idea of putting them in a trade was to have one flowing uninterupted story?
There was inside cover art in the single issues that could have been used less intrusively as breaks if there was no budget for creating original art to use- the good old delta shield logo usually works.

They inserted alternate Star Trek II covers in between the adaptions of Star Trek III & IV
This is odd & really Jarring, almost as much as the odd Redrawn covers of the Star Trek III & IV adaptions- they could have used the original inside cover art, & cover art then the other covers could have been put together in the standard cover art gallery.
a complete cover gallery.

I thought all this was standard, what is wrong with mr Eiesinger & Uyetake?

as for the Star Trek 2009 adaption, i too am wondering how they are going to get the last hour of the movie in 2 comics even if it was very action oriented & low on story/dialogue…

And what about the poor old Star Trek V adaption?
Maybe if we are lucky they will start a DC Comics post Star Trek V omnibus with the Star Trek V adaption like they should have done with Star Trek I in the 1980 Marvel Comics Omnibus- that was forgivable when they were planning a Movie Omnibus but now it’s just out in limbo like V’ger…

Feel so negative but i had to say it…

Jellico knew what he was doing in CoC. Riker was a whiner-baby and everyone else didn’t get it that the Federation was on the brink of war. Billions of lives were at stake and Jellico’s outstanding tactics and diplomatic skills were all that prevented their deaths. He understood the bloody Cardies better than anyone else.

In the New Frontiers books, he was promoted to admiral and Capt. Calhoun reported to him.

to #10: Because Harriman was apparently good enough to be captain of an Enterprise (not too many uncles could pull enough strings to get a flagship command for someone who doesn’t deserve it). Jellico was an insecure old fart.