Watch Star Trek Phoenix Comic Con TNG Panel w/ Wil Wheaton, LeVar Burton & Jonathan Frakes

Yesterday a "Star Trek The Next Generation Reunion" panel was held at Phoenix Comic Con. On the panel were Wil Wheaton, LeVar Burton and Jonathan Frakes. Video for the entire panel is now up on YouTube, and you can watch it below.


TNG Stars at PHX CC 2010

Video in 6 parts from YouTube

Bonus Video: Wil Wheaton Rock Band

Big thanks to multipleverses and digitard from Youtube


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Not much of a “reunion,” Frakes and the two least charismatic Trek characters EVER.

Three men in search of a real beard.

Great stuff!

I wish we had cons like that in the UK. The only “big” one Ive been too is London Expo – on this weekend funnily enough, but since its inception its become 95% manga and anime and only 5% everything else.


1# thanks for that very informative comment….

#3 Dac, I understand I wish we had cons like this in Australia, I’ve been to the only 2 expos we have every year and it’s 80+% amine. And our guests tend to be (not always I must add) b-list or fringe characters. I’ve really been following the US cons this year, beginning with the emerald city, and am extremely envious.
As a result #1, you should be wrapped to have such influential trek actors available.

Panel I have a question.

Was it Whites-wash day?

I had no idea these guys were so funny. Great stuff, indeed.

It’s a shame Berman ran this franchise into the ground.

#1 apparently has never seen a single episode of VOYAGER or ENTERPRISE, if he’s calling Wheaton and Burton “the least charismatic!”

I don’t particularly enjoy watching interviews/panels with Levar and Wheaton. Frakes’ actual (real life) character has smacks of Riker, but Levar and Wheaton are nothing like the characters whose roles they play, and Levar is particularly boisterous and irritating. Geordi was a comparatively one-dimensional character when placed alongside the rest of the crew, but he did maintain a relaxed sort of maturity, and was never jumpy, loud or in-your-face.

I normally enjoy interviews/panels with most of rest of the cast.

Didn’t think I would watch all 6 videos, but those men are so funny!

Thanks for posting this!

“He totally Rikered her!”

Video game karaoke is lame. When you get an actual band let me know. Maybe next everyone can gather in a huge auditorium and watch some wii bowling.

That this is given an audience is yet another death blow for actual live music.

A great panel. It’s good to hear Wheaton looking at that time with fondness, given the bad rap that many viewers gave him at the time. There is a genuine friendship among these men that is wonderful to watch.


Are you retarded?

They are the reason we watched.

What’s your reason? Oh never mind, I don’t care.

@ 14
play the game dude!
It’s TMN people TROLLING to evoke responses.

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I watched the whole video. ugh… i miss them all :(

an example read this this thread

and check out the Outrageous posts by
Federation Forever

He was able to spew all those personal insults with no moderation at all.

The costumed folks in attendance were not getting a lot of love from Sir Charles last night after the Suns were sent packing….

Those guys are my heroes.

Wil Wheaton, LeVar Burton and Jonathan Frakes were awesome on that panel. All have a sense of humor, yet are still able to provide fascinating insights into what went on behind the scenes and what their opinion of TNG was.

And I have noticed some very picky people on this site…

This was great! Thanks for posting!

It’s funny that they’re all color-coodinated with the backdrop.

That was a lot of fun.

I gotta get me to one of those Comic Cons.

i miss all guys and wish coming back on star trek tv series.

I am the proud owner of

~ Sheldon Cooper

@17: Good Lord, was that guy for real?? I don’t know what was more embarassing, Federation Forever’s posts, or that fact that people kept feeding the frickin troll…

@12: That is all.

Good stuff there. Thanks.

Was there a dress code?

Too bad Brent Spiner wasn’t there. He & Frakes are hysterical together, too.

15 um wtf?
We are trolling our own site? Although we offer comments and they are informative and helpful for feedback, if we turned off the comment functionality it would have a negligible effect on traffic. Only a tiny tiny fraction of visitors comment. Oh and btw, that guy was banned

so you are double wrong and I don’t really appreciate the accusation either.

Thank you for posting! Lots of fun!

I didn’t know “Riker” was a verb… :)

#26 CarlG – Damn! You beat me to it. :)

Trek really was the coolest gig on TV at the time

Mr Frakes could have spat out that “over-relax” gum.
And him looking at his watch and saying “We’re outta here!” is not nice.

And you know, it is “OK” to be serious sometimes. Wheaton found the right balance between humor and intelligent respect of the series. Good job Crusher! :)

I live in Phoenix, but didn’t attend because I’m not into comic books. I figure I will wait until August and go to the big trek convention in Las Vegas. It’s only about a 4 and a half hour drive

Surprised how much balding Frakes is undergoing. At this point his hairline looks like REALLY bad hair plugs!

Anybody ask LeVar about his CA state taxes? Maybe why he was “nice” to Phoenix…he’s looking to move!

These three are very entertaining! I love all of the TNG characters. It was a great ensemble cast. It’s a pleasure to see them now. BTW, I saw Marina Sirtis at the Motor City Comic Con and was completely star struck. She was extremely nice and I got to chat with her for a minute or two. I’ve never been to a Trek convention, but this makes me want to go! Thanks for posting this video.

That was GREAT!
Any other Star Trek Con events available on YouTube?

Funny stuff

I flew out to Phoenix from the Uk for this convention. It’s the second PCC I’ve been to. It was fantastic and this panel, along with all the others were great. There are some good conventions in the UK. Collectormania in Milton Keyens and London are good and so is the London Comicon in July. If you really want to experience a good USA convention then think about a trip out to Phoenix. It’s well worth the effort. I’ll be back there next year!