2-disc Deluxe Limited Edition Of Star Trek 2009 Soundtrack Coming In June

Fans of Michael Giacchino’s score for the 2009 Star Trek movie are in for a treat. Varese Sarabande has announced they will be releasing a limited edition 2-disc version of the film’s soundtrack in June. More details below.


Star Trek: The Deluxe Soundtrack

Varese Sarabande released the single CD official soundtrack for Star Trek last year. But now the publisher says they they have “answered the call” for a more complete version of the score. The newly announced special, deluxe edition Star Trek soundtrack has over an hour of additional, unreleased music and sequences it into a chronological presentation of nearly 100 minutes of music from the film, including the final film version of the Main Title.

Here is the track list:

Disc One
1. Star Trek (2:26)
2. Narada Boom (2:51)
3. Hack To the Future (1:23)
4. Nailin’ the Kelvin (2:10)
5. Labor of Love (2:44)
6. Main Title (:46)
7. Head To Heart Conversation (1:08)
8. One Proud Mother (1:38)
9. Hella Bar Talk (1:55)
10. The Flask At Hand (:29)
11. Welcome Back, Spock (1:09)
12. Vulcan Gets a Good Drilling (1:30)
13. Hangar Management (2:46)
14. Enterprising Young Men (3:05)
15. Flying Into a Trphlthdl (3:24)
16. Nero Sighted (3:23)
17. Matter? I Barely Know Her! (2:05)
18. Jehosafats (3:03)
19. Chutes and Matter (3:23)
20. A Whole In My Hearth (:56)
21. I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Beam Up! (1:51)
22. Spock Goes Spelunking (1:28)
23. An Endangered Species (3:10)
24. Galaxy’s Worst Sushi Bar (2:14)
25. Mandatory Leave of Absence (1:19)
26. Dad’s Route To School (:34)
27. Frozen Dinner (1:30)
28. You Snowin’ Me? (:50)

Disc Two
1. Nice To Meld You (3:14)
2. Hail To the Chief (:52)
3. I Gotta Beam Me (2:02)
4. Scotty’s Tanked (1:37)
5. What’s With You? (2:12)
6. Either Way, Someone’s Going Down (2:44)
7. Trekking Down the Narada (2:31)
8. Run and Shoot Offense (2:03)
9. Does It Still McFly? (2:02)
10. Nero Death Experience* (5:38)
11. Nero Fiddles, Narada Burns (2:28)
12. Black Holes Have a Lot of Pull (:55)
13. Back From Black (:57)
14. That New Car Smell (4:46)
15. To Boldly Go* (:26)
16. End Credits* (9:11)


The elaborate and beautiful, 2-CD packaging includes a 28-page, full-color booklet (in the dimensions of a Blue-Ray disc case), with new liner notes by Starlog Magazine founder Kerry O’Quinn.

Front and back covers for Star Trek Deluxe edition soundtrack

Limited edition — pre-order now

The Deluxe Edition of "sells for 29.98 and is limited to just 5,000 copies, which begin shipping June 14th. You can order it at varesesarabande.com

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Still hate those head shots, though.

FINALLY!!! “Vulcan Gets a Good Drilling ” better be the song during the vulcan space jump scene!!

Great score…but who came up with the track names?
An 8 year old?

Got mine pre-ordered. I’m a Trek music completist. :)

YES! I loved the first one, but it seemed a bit…. lacking in some of the really intense stuff like the Space Jump scene or the Black Hole Escape scene at the end. This’ll be a great addition to iTunes.

Also, I’m glad to see that the vast multitude of bad puns for song titles has returned. :)

#3. Michael Giacchino always has tongue-in-cheek track titles. I like it and find it refreshing.

I have the First C.d I think I will have no choice in getting the second. I love the Music of Trek 09. I know there are some who don’t. But as a long time fan of Trek and here music. This is in the top 5. My top 5 are as follows.
1 Star Trek the Motion Picture.
2 Star Trek the Undiscorved Country.
3. Star Trek 2 the Wrath of Khan.
4. Star Trek Generations.
5. Star Trek 09.

I ordered this immediately !!!

That’s the FASTEST I have EVER placed an order for ANYTHING !!!

They still make CD’s?

Still no Beastie Boys?

Giacchino might be a good composer, but either “Star Trek” was a rushed/uninspired effort or that kind of sweeping sci-fi isn’t his cup of tea.

Protip: DON’T BEAT YOUR MAIN THEME TO DEATH. I can take the insipid Nero theme, but 3/4ths of the cues on the old OST seemed to be variations of the same theme with different backing.

#9 yes I did as well.

Maybe we will get a LOW number.

I love the strange pun song titles. They make me happy.
But WHERE is the song JJ wrote for the bar scene?! My friends and I have been trying to track that one down since the movie came out! Haha!

Gotta love this one:
Flying Into a Trphlthdl

Is the text Romasdfsdfdn !?!

Definitely interested!! Must have!

:) I also hate those head shots. now i do have one problem: why do they publish two great soundtracks so near to each other? (stiii, expanded and st09 expanded)?

now i will have to see how to pay… in germany they offer this cd for 42,88 EUR! that is 53,46 USD! in america you will just have to pay 29,98 USD!

What about ‘Awasoruk Jam’?

Argh, I’m torn. One the one hand, I hate rebuying things I already own, even only partially, but I love that soundtrack and would probably really enjoy this expanded release. Too bad you can’t apply the purchase of *half* a soundtrack towards getting the whole thing when they release it a year later. =/

I saved my money for exactly this score. Somehow I knew it would happen.

Hmmm …well, it’s nice to know that they’re coming out with a much longer release of the Soundtrack, but it still kind of strikes me as ‘double dipping’ nonetheless.

By the way, Anthony, it’s “2-Disc”

Perfect timing too; I was just considering whether or not to buy the Star Trek ’09 soundtrack (after 2 years of waffling). I have the end title track from i-tunes, but as I’ve watched the film more and more, I realized that there are a few other really nice tracks as well. And of course, when you buy the regular editions (ala the original Wrath of Khan soundtrack) you always find that the tracks you like are missing (like Amazing Grace, and Spock’s death/funeral music; all restored for the special edition CD).

I’ve bought (subsequently) the extended WOK soundtrack from Amazon and it was great. I look forward to buying the Search for Spock extended soundtrack (coming June 1st) and now this one as well.

Thanks for the good news! ; )


I am ordering this. I enjoyed the current-release of Star Trek, except its missing HALF OF THE MUSIC. I’m really happy they decided to release this expanded version. Very happy indeed….

Always love Giacchino’s track names. The guy has lots of fun doing his job and the titles reflect that.

More films should see a complete OST release like this one. Definitely glad I held out on buying the original OST last year. This will be a keeper.

Film-accurate Main Title FTW!

What prevents releases of *entire* scores in the first place? When people buy the score, I doubt they want just the edited highlights. We want the whole enchilada!

Yeah it is irritating when they edit so much out on soundtracks and rearrange it….

Dang $30 is more than I can afford but I -need- this!

Michael Giacchino’s track names are so fun! It’s better then most of them out there ‘The Battle’ or ‘War’. SO boring.

26 – Hollywood is a union town, so all of the musicians are mandated to recieve funds for music released to media other than the movie or TV show itself.

These are called “Re-Use Fees”, and are paid in advance, per musician, per 5 minute block.

Since soundtracks are somewhat limited in terms of an audience, this is an extremely expensive proposition for any label wishing to release a score CD.

In order for them to make any profit at all, they have to keep a score release short, so that they don’t have to pay the unions as much.

This is also why the choir is missing from some cues on the original soundtrack release: it doubles the cost if all of those 20+ vocalists have to be paid.

For older scores, or for archival, limited releases, the price to the unions is lowered, so a 5000 copy limited release becomes financially feasibly, and are more likely to sell to collectors due to their limited availability.

27 – I love those cue titles myself.

I think it’s actually his Music Editor who comes up with them, and there are some funny ones on this album !!!

There are a few who don’t like them, but I think they’re fun.

Not to nitpick Anthony but for cd’s it’s “disc” not “disk”. ‘Disk’ refers to floppy disks or hard disks whereas ‘disc’ is the term used for cd, dvd, and blu rays.

Just ordered mine.

I already bought the standard disc that came out last year on Amazon. I play it all the time when walking to work.

Thanks to Trekmovie.com for keeping me in the know on new products like this.

btw, I have never heard of that site Varese before. I am trusting trekmovie.com checks to be sure they are legit before mentioning them.

Great news! Just in time to add to the Father’s Day gift list. :-)

28: Thanks for pointing this out. It was so disappointing when the first CD had the “Narada Burns” score without the choir — it’s one of the most beautiful cues in the movie. Hopefully we’ll get the film version now.

@33 hmm I didnt even notice. I am now even more excited to get this new version. Woohoo!

great but why the blueray dimensions?

@35 the blu ray size suits me. Will fit nicely in my BD display.
But I can see how some people might want it to fit in with their other CD cases.

Hooray. More retarded track titles. *rolls eyes*

Brilliant! I love the soundtrack, and would love to here some of the extra music with sound effects! =)
I’m such a sucker for good music.

This is great! There was me about to buy the soundtrack, and then this deluxe version comes out! Deluxe versions usually wait until a week AFTER I’ve bought the “old” version (leaving me fuming that I can’t justify buying most of the same tracks again for the “complete” version).

Glad to see they’re releasing this. Maybe when ST XII comes out, they’ll remember this and release the full soundtrack first-time.

While not a fan of the track names, at least I can pinpoint where the music is actually located. If you look at the “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” soundtracks, those are much much worse.

#32: Varese is the publisher so yes they are safe.

…and in point of fact half the soundtracks you own were probably released by Varese.

Oh YAY!!! I loved Trek’s score, and I’m happy to see this news.

Aw! I wanted Awasoruk Jam! Rifftrax made up some fun vocals for that song, they call it the “Funky Spock”

RE: Varese Sarabande
As noted in the article, they are the same company that released the single-disc Star Trek soundtrack last year. I added the word “official’ if that wasn’t clear enough. They are a major publisher of soundtracks and have done most of Giacchino’s scores


TrekMovie tries not to report on bootleg or illegal non-licensed Star Trek products. Whenever I am unsure about something I check with CBS or Paramount, although in this case that is not necessary. There have been a few cases when other sites have reported on products that were not licensed and we didn’t follow suit (knowing the sellers were likely going to be hit with a C&D anyway)

My main concern is whether or not the tracks that were on the original soundtrack will now be presented the same way they were from the film. If you listen to the track “Nero Fiddles, Narada Burns”, the part where the Narada is collapsing in the Black Hole has a lot more instrument activity going on than what you actually hear in the film.

seriously, the names of the tunes are awful!

like, what sounds better:

“Stealing the Enterprise”


“Five Finger discount”

Wish I’d known this was coming before I bought the original version…

I feel silly since I bought the first one, but I already ordered this one too.