Happy Birthday, Zachary Quinto

Today is Zachary Quinto’s birthday. Star Trek’s new Spock is now 33 years old (the same age as Leonard Nimoy, when he shot "The Cage"). Tonight Zach will be having a birthday dinner with Mr. Nimoy. More details below, plus some fan tributes to Zach on his big day.  


Birthday dinner with Nimoy + Spock on Spock

While making the Star Trek film, Zachary Quinto and the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy developed a strong bond, that continues on. And to show how strong that bond is, Quinto will be spending his birthday evening with Mr. Nimoy. Leonard sent out a tweet this morning, saying "In NY. Meeting Zachary Quinto for dinner tonite. LLAP", to which Quinto replied "only the best birthday present ever!!! can’t wait sir."

This Newsweek "Spock on Spock" video from last year shows the his bond between the two.

Fans post tributes

Zach has some very dedicated fans and today they are showing their love. There is a special thread set up at tumblr.com for Zach’s birthday at happybirthdayzq.tumblr.com. Fans are posting their birthday wishes, and images, these tributes via shoes and cupcakes.

from idkmybffspock

From Schnippie  

And here are a couple of tribute videos just for Zach’s birthday:


Keep up with Zach

You can keep track of Zach via twitter (follow @zacharyquinto) or at his official website at www.ZacharyQuinto.com.


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Happy Birthday Mr. Z!

Happy birthday, Zachary. Spending your birthday with Leonard is completely cool.

Happy birthday Zachary you are amazing

Hoping to see you both on our next Trek.

Happy Birthday, Zach!

Rock on, new Spock!

BTW, today is also Anthony Montgomery’s birthday.
No love for Enterprise anymore?


A two-Spock party. Cool.

Happy Birthday, ZQ.

How cool would it be to spend your Birthday with Nimoy him self. Happy B Day Mr. Quinto. May you live long and Prosper.

Happy Birthday Zachary:)
I have to say, I do miss you! Please come back on our screens again and relight my fire with Spock…haha


That’s awesome that he gets to spend his B-day with Leonard Nimoy.

Happy Birthday.

Does he have a boyfriend yet? Would be sad if he had to celebrate alone.

happy birthday Zachary!

I grock spock.

That’s cool that Quinto is the same age the Nimoy was when he did The Cage. I just hope that there wil be like 4-5 more movies with Quinto and this new crew.

and the “Mañanitas” Sing in Mexico Citiy the last year ??? HB Zachary ;)


Happy B-day Spock!

Birthdays are so… illogical.

But happy, nonetheless!

They’re in NY?


Happy Birthday, ZQ!

I find it inordinately awesome that he and Leonard Nimoy get along so well.

Happy Birthday! :D

Happy Birthday Zachary!

. . . spending your Birthday with Leonard Nimoy = Priceless

Cherish those memories, ZQ.


Happy Birthday, Zachary Quinto!

Happy birthday!

Can’t wait to see you the new ST movie:)

Zachary Quinto was one of the only good things in ST11. And then of course there’s Sylar!

Zachary, have a great birthday, and many many more.

Happy Birthday ZQ!!!
LLAP Spock!

Happy Birthday! <3 *hugs*


who is horrible blonde with him???? here comes zach with ugly woman again??? oh no! !that´s no possible.

Happy Birthday Mr. Q


Really mature…NOT!

Those cupcakes truly do look like something out of TOS… – the evolution of culinary tastes, and a symbol of a sophisticated palate. It develops in stages, first there are the bright multicoloured cubes, followed by bright blue lobster chunks: congratulations! you’ve reached the liquorice black (with gunge green decals) spongy cupcake level!

Who am I kidding, I couldn’t produce cupcakes half as appetising. Well done that man for making them.

so …Happy Birthday Zach! Eat up!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH! A birthday with Nimoy is the best thing ever! :D :D :D

Zach was a very cool con guest; mingled a lot with the fans throughout the day and didn’t just hide in his room, so kudos. Hope the birthday was a rockin’ one.

HB ZQ!!!!!!

Live long and prosper. From one star voyager to another. \\//,

Happy (late) Birthday!


Please lose the thick glasses.