Star Trek Cable TV Premiere on EPIX HD June 6th + Exclusive Video Extras Available Online Now

On June 6th the 2009 Star Trek movie will have its exclusive cable TV premiere on the EPIX channel. In addition to watching on their TVs, subscribers can also watch Star Trek (and other EPIX movies) online. EPIX also has a web page with lots of exclusive Star Trek videos. More details below, including info on a new Star Trek DVD giveaway.


Star Trek on EPIX

The Star Trek movie premieres on EPIX HD at 8 pm on June 6th, and the film will be available exclusively on EPIX through early 2011 (in the US). EPIX, a pay cable channel joint venture of Paramount Pictures, MGM and Lionsgate, is available to viewers with Verizon FiOS, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, DISH Network, or Mediacom. Subscribers to the channel can also watch EPIX movies in HD online at

Exclusive Star Trek video extras at EPIX site

EPIX has a page on their site dedicated to the Star Trek movie at, which can be viewed by anyone (even if you are not a subscriber). On that page you will find info about the movie, images and a number of videos, including trailers, special features, and exclusive EPIX interviews with the cast and crew.

Here is one promo video, which they have put up on YouTube.

Star Trek DVD giveaway

EPIX will also be giving away 3 Star Trek DVD this week via a Twitter trivia contest. You can participate by following @epixhd.


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Sounds great

I thought FX had bought the exclusive cable premiere rights?

FX bought the basic cable rights, but those don’t kick until the end of 2011

EPIX has the paid cable rights.

Capt Mike of the Terran Empire

Sounds great. But I have it on Blu Ray. But still Cool.

Never heard of EPIX, not interested in paying for yet another movie channel family on top of HBO, Showtime, and Starz.

Did this happen with Cloverfield, too? I never saw Cloverfield show up on Pay Cable (but I don’t get Cinemax, either.)

I think FX paid Paramount about 30-40 million for the rights. Oh man, did Paramount make quite a lot off of Star trek….. They didn’t even have a huge media blitz for it when it was released either, and they saved a lot on advertisement too. I bet They’ll keep the budget down for the sequel too. I hope its not like one of those over-bloated , over the top budgeted films (Iron Man 2, Pirates 2, Spiderman 3, etc…)

7. Relative to other summer blockbusters, ST 2009 may not have had a huge media blitz, but it dwarfed the budgets and media promotion of the TNG-era films. In Trekdom, only ST:TMP had a comparable budget/media campaign. But unlike ST:TMP, ST 2009 made Paramount a ton of money, so hopefully they won’t slash the budget for the sequel like they did for ST2:TWOK (that worked out okay for TWOK, but the low budgets showed badly in the later movies.)

#7. FX paid $24 million for Trek XI and it will begin airing November 2011.

Epix is terrible. It’s the same 20 movies shown every week.

6. Thorny

Epix is not a premium cable channel in the way HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, etc. are. They show movies from Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate. If you have DISH, both Epix and Epix 2 are available as part of their HD package. You’d have to check with your local cable company to see if their offer it any differently than the way DISH does.

Anyways, I have Star Trek on Blu-ray but it’s nice to see some movies appear on television so quickly and I’m sure their selection will improve over the coming months/years. They ran an Indiana Jones marathon (including ‘Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’) the other day. The only downside is that the channel is 720p so picture quality isn’t as strong as some other movie channels who broadcast in 1080i.

@ 8

yea. I guess what i meant was that Trek 09’s media blitz budget dwarfed compared to Wolverine, Terminator and other 09 summer blockbuster movies.

But it definitely was much much larger compared to the previous Trek movies.

How about a new Star Trek series on Epix or made for TV movies (DS9)… I would subscribe

Epix will be free on the Charter cable systems for a couple weeks or so in June to try and pull in new customers. I’m not sure if the ‘free’ persion will apply also to Comcast, Time warner, cox or other cable systems, or dish providers, I have the movie already on blue-ray but it will be nice to see it on Epix when it is free this June.

11. Thanks, Rosario! No, Epix isn’t available on my cable system, but I have ST 2009 on BluRay anyway.

Actually just looked it up, Epix is not availbale on Comcast, Dish, Cablevision and Time Warner yet. So it is still rather limited.

I have Dish Network and I have both Epix 1 and Epix 2. Glad to hear that they are showing Star Trek.

17. Kempec

Same here.

16. Tom

I believe you meant to say Epix isn’t available on DirecTV (not DISH). Epix is currently available on the channels Anthony noted in the article.

Epix 2 is currently exclusive to DISH.

Fascinating. Let’s hope ‘Star Trek XI’ would air on broadcast network television in 2012, on a U.S. mainstream TV network. If that movie airs one of the major networks, then three letters for you: CBS.

I wish some of the past Trek movies got the respect that this new one got.

I love the new movie but I do feel bad that a lot of the Trek I love is being overlooked now.

Sounds like a great news! I’ll check that.

$10 a month more on Fios…..for what, one channel? No…thank….you. Have the blu-ray anyway.

Epix was born out of Viacom’s dissatisfaction over what CBS’s Showtime was paying them for pay cable rights for Paramount’s movies. Showtime for years had exclusive deals with Paramount, MGM and Lions’ Gate, who are now partners in Epix. So, instead of getting money from Showtime (previously $350 million for a multi-year deal; the three studios wanted more to renew), they spent millions on a pay-channel that’s probably a big white elephant. Now, MGM is practically bankrupt, which is why “Bond 23” has suspended pre-production. Betcha MGM management now wishes they’d stuck with Showtime. I have Time Warner Cable, and they show no signs of adding Epix. Cablevision (the other major cable provider here in NYC) has already said that they won’t carry Epix. BTW, the Showtime HD channels are running “Quantum of Solace” in 1080i; the picture quality is superb.
And Thorny, “Cloverfield” and “Ironman” are exclusive to Epix. So will “Ironman 2” , “Up In The Air” and any other film with the Paramount tag will be an Epix exclusive.

#19 – The three major networks aren’t buying theatrical movies to any great extent anymore, as the ratings for them aren’t that great. It’s a rare occasion when any movie shows up on ABC, CBS or NBC. CBS’s recent showing of “The Bourne Ultimatum” was a fluke. They buried the film in a Saturday night timeslot. And, that was after runs on HBO/Cinemax and (IIRC) USA. Major films are now running on basic cable channels after their pay-cable windows. TNT premieres “I Am Legend” tomorrow, and plays “The DaVinci Code” to death. “Casino Royale” went from Showtime to USA. “Superman Returns” went from HBO/Cinemax to FX to AMC. The latter three films I spoke of have never appeared on any broadcast network.

While I agree that movie selection is somewhat limited on Epix, I find that they play a lot better movies during prime hours than the other networks. If there is nothing on I can flip to Epix and usually find a good movie.

Having EPIX is about as exciting as having C-Span on my lineup, which is why I think major cable companies like Time warner & Cablevision show no interest in carrying or have publicly refused in carrying the channel. I’ll stick with my DVD until FX picks it up next year.


That’s a myth about TMP perpetrated at the time by studios execs responsible for STAR TREK trying to deflect flak for their own (ir)responsibility for blowing funds in constantly waffling about whether a TV series or movie was the direction to go.

According to Lou Gaul, Entertainment Editor of the New Jersey BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES, as of November 18, 1979,4200403

TMP had $50 million in the bank from Blind Bid advances from making its premier on time.

Now a year and and 5 months later they waffled back to television, again, and he reports the Paramount line:,254265

“STAR TREK — THE MOTION PICTURE, released in December, 1979, grossed $170 million world-wide, but was not considered successful because of its $50 million plus production cost.” – Lou Gaul, Entertainment Editor of the New Jersey BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES

Now even if I don’t quibble about that $50 million production cost including all the television production cost diversions, can you show me how a movie, with that production cost and an ancillary reap of $50 million in blind bid auction funds, “loses” money going on to gross $170 million?

Will HBO or another major premium movie channel get the movie after EPIX and before FX? I saw an ad for Star Trek on EPIX last night on the History Channel. It was the first time I’d heard of EPIX.

If Paramount wants to continue exposing more people to the new movie and generate interest among more people for the next moive then it could be on HBO, Showtime or another major channel.

Seems this is good for EPIX, but bad for the Star Trek franchise. For example, Transformers 2 is on HBD and Cinamax all the time.

Epix is cool. We’ve had it on Cox Cable free in San Diego for almost two months, and there’s no indication they’re going to charge anything for it. (It was added as both Standard Def and Hi-Def channels.) It also was added to our “On Demand” section, but interestingly, that does require subscription. Whatever. I’m enjoying it for now, and if they start charging, I’ll dump it.

Did anyone try to play any of the videos at the Star Trek Epix site?
( )
I tried and some played ok but a lot of them aren’t loading right. Within a minute audio and video break up and I keep getting “loading” in the middle of the screen!
That’s not much good! The video at this thread plays fine—-but it;s different– it’s YouTube.

So—can anyone here tell me how I can watch these Star Trek videos at the EPIX site?? I first saw this thread yesterday and played several of those videos and they played fine—–today not so much!!

#28 – Kevin posted: “Will HBO or another major premium movie channel get the movie after EPIX and before FX?”
The short answer is “No”, as Paramount is only showing its films from 2008 and up on its own channel. namely, Epix.

Kevin also posted: “If Paramount wants to continue exposing more people to the new movie and generate interest among more people for the next movie then it could be on HBO, Showtime or another major channel. ”
No it won’t. Read the first paragraph here, and my post above (no. 23) which explains the reasons why Epix exists. I still think the channel is a white elephant that will blow up in the faces of Phillipe Daumann and the other Viacom, Lions Gate and MGM execs who thought they could do it better themselves, by sinking millions of dollars into a channel that has few takers. Those three studios’ movies won’t be on HBO, Showtime or anyplace else but Epix, unless Epix tanks. Given time, I think it will.
By the way, Time Warner cable added the “Cooking Channel” last week. No sign of them adding Epix.

Epix 1 and 2 is on dish network HD channels.Its not availble on non HD channels so unless you have and HD tv and subscribe to there HD channels lineup you cant get Epix my only problem with it because we cant get it on our non HD tv.They show new and older movies its very good better than HBO or Cinemax or Showtime or Starz because they show lots more new movies in one month than the other premium channels do.I would show lots more top 2010 horror movies and thrillers and action movies out on video on there tv channels epix 1 and epix 2 that are not just the well known hollywood movies at the theaters only if i ran epix that way they would have a ton of much more variety and it would make there tv channels much more exciting and appealing for people to sign up to get there tv channels one great thing dish network has done so far that Direct tv or comcast has not done yet.It seems fios tv is really up on things and carry Epix also.Dish network should also make a deal with netflix and carry there movies on a channel for the same rate peole pay a month to get netflix delivered straight to there tv through a special roku box you have to order then dish subscribers would be able to get there movies without having to order the roku box through netflix and have to hook… Read more »

Hmmmm. So, people who refuse to pay for yet another premium cable channel (EPIX) that isn’t even offered by half the major cable companies will have to wait to see Star Trek XI until the end of 2011 (with commercials on FX, I presume).

Today is November 7, 2010. I am a huge Trek fan and I kept waiting for Star Trek XI to premiere on HBO, SHO, et al. The powers that be at Paramount didn’t even have the decency to tell us that the film wouldn’t even run on these channels.

Every previous Trek film has been shown on network TV, HBO or Showtime or Cinemax, well in advance of the next film to be produced.

So, for those of you who saw (or did not see) the movie in the theaters and did not want to spend $30.00 for the DVD (or who don’t own a DVD or Blu Ray player), my apologies. You have to wait within months of Star Trek XII to have the “privilege” of seeing the most popular movie of all time. I’d tell you to boycott EPIX, but the fact that a channel almost no one watches or has heard of has managed to retain its stealth “success” for this long means that a boycott would do no good.

Can’t believe I didn’t even find out I won’t be able to see Star Trek XI until the end of 2011, just by virtue of having to stumble onto this site, today, November 7, 2010, by accident, at the risk of repeating myself.

As Kevin said, ” [If]Paramount wants to continue exposing more people to the new movie and generate interest among more people for the next movie then it could be on HBO, Showtime or another major chain.”

RIght. Folks, remember this” Star Trek XI made over $250 million in North America, and this is how you get repaid.


I wrote the above so if you write words to the effect of “when will Star Trek XI premiere on TV,” you’ll have your sad answer.
(I wrote that so some

All of the movies shown on Epix were basically hijacked and purposley kept off all of the other premium cable channels depriving millions of customers being able to enjoy thoses movies commercial free and uncut. For that reason I also hope the Epix channel tanks big time.

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wow! I can’t wait to watch it again, I’m one the many big fan of star trex,

keep in rock’en guys!

Though star trex was good but I think they just one of a million movies that copy cut to the epic movie “star wars”,,

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