Exclusive First Look At Star Trek 2011 Calendar + Ring Ship Image From Ships Of The Line Calendar

The new year always starts in the summer with the release of the Star Trek calendars, two of which come out next month from Pocket Books and Andrews McMeel Publishing. Today we have an exclusive first look at the 2011 Star Trek calendar, featuring images of the original series. Plus Doug Drexler has revealed another image from the 2011 Star Trek Ships of the Line calendar.


Preview of Star Trek 2011 Calendar

Next month Simon and Schuster and Andrews McMeel will release their 2011 Star Trek Wall Calendar, based on the original Star Trek TV series. Here is a first look at the front and back cover. 

Front and back covers for 2011 Star Trek calendar

Each month for the 12-month calendar features an image from the original Star Trek. The calendar portion covers all the major international holidays, plus birthdays for the Star Trek stars. Here is a look at December 2011 from the calendar to get an idea.

Star Trek 2011 Calendar – December

The Star Trek 2011 Wall Calendar has a retail price of $13.99 will be shipping by Mid July and can be pre-ordered now from Amazon for 20% off ($11.19). [NOTE: Above cover image is the final, Amazon shows an early placeholder cover]

Another image from Ships of the Line 2011

The original series Star Trek calendar is one of two Star Trek wall calendar planned for 2011. The other is the latest in the popular "Ships of the Line" series, featuring new images of Star Trek ships. Calendar artist and editor Doug Drexler recently posted a preview on his blog of one of the images for the calendar: The Ring Ship by Mark Rademaker. 

Star Trek Ships of the Line 2011 image

The Ships of the Line 2011 Calendar comes also out in mid July and is available for pre-order at Amazon for $11.19. Note that Amazon has an early dummy cover, the above one is the final.

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Pretty lame that they used a 13+ year old picture for the SOTL cover. It’s the same one that was used for the “Art of Star Trek” coffee table book from 1997.

ships of the line whoo

^Sorry, meant the TOS cover.

Looks awesome! I look forward to adding them to my collection!

The only objection I have is having to turn the SOTL calander on it’s side. While the picture is nicer that way, it never really hangs right.

Lense flare?

#4, I agree. I tried to hang a Ship of the Line calander ONCE. Never again.
They should just make the calender the conventional way just make it larger so when the year is over the images/art can be saved.

Man, that cover art of the TOS Big E with phasers a-blazin’…………..just goosebumps. With all apologies to the current custodians of the franchise, she was the first. And she was the best.

Are there two covers for the TOS calendar, also see one with a crew shot from “I, Mudd” ?

I have a new policy, not to answer questions in comments that are answered in the article.

I have a crazy notion that people should read the articles instead of just look at the headline and the pictures.

I’ve never had a problem hanging the SOTL calendar. In the past I’ve put extra pins in the bottom left and right corners, but this year I just used the two holes on top and it hangs fine.

Geez Anthony. That was a little harsh. I read the above too, but had to go back and look twice to find your “note” that explained the answer to Cap’s question. Maybe if you didn’t cut your article into bits and pieces between all the pictures it wouldn’t have been overlooked. I myself sometimes skip over the blurbs under the picture/links when it’s something I have no interest in buying.

TOS NCC 1701 will always be the best.

Nothing gave me goosebumps more than seeing ‘The Menagerie’ in theaters a couple years ago and seeing the mighty E roar across the big screen in beautiful CGI HD!

Looks like some great stuff on the calenders. # 12. I would love to see The Doomsday Machine and Ballence of Terror on the Big Screen as well. But make it to 3D. Now that would be kool.

I’ve gotten the last two TOS calendars and really like them. Certainly getting this one as the last two have been Season 2 and Season 3. Good to have Season 1.

Wish there was a pic of Kirk fighting the Gorn, though.

The picture of Kirk with the phaser rifle is good. The rest are only so-so. I can’t believe that they can’t come up with twelve shots out of the millions of frames of film that are better than this.

Does anyone really want to look at that picture of McCoy looking like he just caught Spock and Chapel doing it on the biobed for the whole month of May?

Ships of the Line has always been the only Trek calendar worth getting. And it is ALWAYS worth it.

I agree about the way it hangs…

Should the ring ship have been the NX-01?

Sorry I forgot that ring ship was just a passenger liner right?

The cover picture of the TOS calendar with the Enterprise on it, was already in a TOS calendar. Why do they use it again?


No, I think the NX-01 should have been the ring ship.

I have always loved the ship calenders, next best thing to nude women.

I like the ring ship looks good but the ring ship should NEVER be the NX 01.
The ring ship looks of an earlier design like experimenting with advanced ion propulsion, slower than light speed but fast enough traveling out of the solar system in a reasonable amount of time is a viable task.

I wish I could live to see the days of advanced space travel, the way NASA and the ESA are proceeding, its really a sad sad state of affairs. If only countries took the money they spend on war and oil and spent it on advancing technologies. sigh, makes me angry.

@1 “Pretty lame that they used a 13+ year old picture for the SOTL cover.”

Yeah, it’s almost as lame as using 43+ year old pictures for each month’s images.

Just kidding. I too wish they could come up with some more interesting stills for each month. If you look at some of the Trek sites on the web, there are some pretty unusual images that could be had. It would be kinda cool if they did a calendar made up of unusual publicity stills. For example, the shot of Kirk and Spock shot from high and tight that graced the cover of TV Guide years ago. or the shot of Shatner and Nimoy holding the sign that announced the change in time slot, or even shots taken for the GAF Viewmaster reels ( especially that shot using the lost three foot Enterprise miniature and the AMT kit subbing for the Exeter ).

Or, just for the especially geeky among us, a calendar made up of behind the scenes and outtake shots. Check out some of this guy’s stuff for example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/birdofthegalaxy

Now I’d buy a calendar made up of rare images like he has. Of course, that would mean convincing private collectors to share them, but I’ll bet it could be done…and would probably sell better to the hardcore Trek crowd.

Loving it
Others will decide
Oh the anticipation
Klingons about
Sulu fencing

Lurking danger
Ice in the clouds
K7 across the corner
Ensign Mallory here

Scotty help
Hell from above
I have to leave you now
To the breach

An annual “Star Trek” Calendar is great, and their continuing to produce one based on TOS is a testament to its longevity.

However, it’s a little early to be looking ahead to 2011 IMO.

Let’s enjoy what’s left of this year while it’s still here first.

The first ‘Ships’ calendars were freaking awesome!
Great, new, ORIGINAL & REALISTIC photos of various
ships – well worth the price and more. Now, they are
so-so. Just clips (and not really the best ones) from
the TOS frames. The powers that be should go back
to how they were doing it before.

# 7-
I couldn’t agree more with you. I have one of the first Star Trek Calendars from 1977. They used the stardate-“7701.10” or something like that for the year, month and date.

No mention is made of the startrek09 movie calendar-guess it didnt sell well–in fact that was the only trek calendar i saw for half price after new years-also the desk calendar never saw the light of day and nothin for next year either oh well–yeh the tos calebdars are too boring n repititive-i liked the desk calendars with images n trivia from all the series n movies-sigh–

#22. I actually had that thought right after I posted it. I guess I just wished they had gone to the trouble of making at least a new image for the cover. As it is, the TOS calendar doesn’t really have much thought put into it since they just find 13 or so images and slap them onto a calendar. I buy them, but I wished they’d put at least a fraction of the effort they put into the Ships of the Line calendars.

Nimoy Sunset Pie needs to be a calendar: http://nimoysunsetpie.tumblr.com/

# 21

Believe it or not, The ring ship or The USS Pasture Design (All Good Things) was what I was expecting from “Enterprise.”

I was hoping that the look would have been late 1950’s Sci-Fi.

I know that paramount was looking towards the future(Sort Of) with a contemporary design. I’m very fond of the 1960’s design as well as the Jupiter 2 car seen in bread and circus’s. I felt like the studio was leaving me and like minded people behind on Enterprise.

I’ll finish by saying that now that paramount knows what went wrong with enterprise, They could re-start the series and bring it to a better conclusion. and I probably would watch it. Oh and Nice calander by the way:)

oh why, oh why didn’t they used thsi ringship as the Enterpise for the Star Trek Enterprise TV Series … it would have been much more nicer … If they ever revisit that time period for a DirectToDVD movie or something they better destroy the Akiraprise post Federation making and use this one …

#1: “It’s the same one that was used for the “Art of Star Trek” coffee table book from 1997.”

Yeah; it’s a gorgeous painting, but …

The number of stills is, alas, finite (though post 22’s points about rarer ones is well-taken) but paintings … you can always commission new paintings, provided the publisher has confidence that the investment to do so is worth it. Re-used art suggests a low budget allotted to the project, which in turn suggests a low confidence in its potential.

On the other hand, they’ve been publishing these things long enough that maybe they really do know exactly what they are or aren’t worth and did all their risk-taking years ago when I wasn’t looking. Dunno.

I’ve always really liked the ring ship. I’m glad it’s getting the full treatment. It is a design that strikes me as more feasible for an actual ship that we will build, as opposed to the standard spaceship look, which is designed around aesthetics rather than pragmatism.

Ship of the Line calendar looks good. TOS, sorry, looks weak.

PLEASE make them both in 6″ format, so I can hang one in my bathroom. Hey, it’s my only refuge in a house full of non-Trekkies!

@ AnthonyPascale
I don’t think you’re being harsh, That policy is quite logical and it’s your website; BTW Thanks for all this great information posted in such an organized fashion.

I’d love it if they took a leaf out of the ST-Remastered book and released a calendar with enhanced stills from the original show. So, for example, you get to see a scene from an episode with, say, the landscape replaced by the version you’d get on a multi-million-dollar widescreen movie. Or Kirk facing the Gorn in Arena where the Gorn is made look like it would with an unlimited CGI or animatronics budget!

Heck, you could even use a TOS still and recreate a scene from TAS, using a sexy model to play M’Ress and add a CGI Arex!

Back in 1993, they released a Doctor Who calendar of paintings where characters and events from the TV show were ‘re-imagined’ as they would look on an unlimited budget. Also, as Doctor Who’s main audience was adults in the 1990s, it was spectacularly gory! Thus we had some fabulously scary Silurians riding dinosaurs, the Wirrn massacring human colonists in Andromeda and Vervoids that looked like intelligent plants.

Great, but not necessarily exclusive — once again, I point you guys to a treasure-trove of TREK and genre info, including some phenomenal artwork:


Neat! I’ll probably get the TOS calendar. Not sure about the Ships of the Line, as those are a bit useless as calendars.

The TREK calendar Enterprise image was rendered by John Knoll, one of the top VFX supervisors at Industrial Light & Magic. In addition to inventing Photoshop with his brother Thomas, Knoll supervised ILM’s VFX for GENERATIONS and FIRST CONTACT. He’s also a pilot that gets vaporized in STAR WARS EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE (a show he helped supervise, along with the rest of the SW prequel trilogy).

I hear that one of the ships will be planned refit of the NX-01. I’m looking forward to seeing that!


The exclusive is for the Star Trek calender, as noted in the header up top and in the body of the article. In addition there was a link to doug’s blog for the SOTL cal image. TrekMovie has linked to Doug’s blog many times in the past as well.

As I noted before, these things should be clear if you read the text.

John Knoll= awesome talent.
But those nacelle caps….
…just kidding.
Drex’s ringship is utterly beautiful.

Since years the Star Trek Calendars are all the same. We have five (six) series, artwork, quotations, art of, … and this could make some or one very creative product.

But no…. they only put some pics together without fantasy. Nothing I would buy. Only the “Ships of the line” could make it into my home.

Nice to know about 2011 calendar.

Some how I missed getting a 2010 ST calendar and I still have the 2009 ST calendar on the wall and now every month is Dec 2009 with the photo of Capt Pike in the center seat.

I stopped buying the SOTL calendars, they’re inconvenient to hang and the calendar really doesn’t work well if you want to use it like a traditional calendar, two rows of 14 or so days is a little silly.

The Ring Ship is listed as a CVX: an Experimental Carrier.

It’s based on the “Angel’s Pencil” design of 1950s/1960s sci fi stories.

The humans first met the Kzinti in such a ship in a Larry Niven story. Larry’s design was a rotating hab around a control boom. This ship is probably meant to be a rotating hab/ space liner/ colony ship. Whoever called it a CVX probably never served in the Navy.

Read “Bigger than Worlds” by Larry Niven for the ship design, including illustrations.

Who uses the SOTL as a calendar? It’s pictures of ships. My cell phone and computer have all the calendar I need.

15. Yeah, I kinda’ do.

21. Chadwick

I have always loved the ship calenders, next best thing to nude women.


I didn’t want to say it, but it’s true! Dear God, it’s true!

My two-year-old loves the picture on the TOS calendar – he says it’s the “Enterprise shooting at cookies” when he sees it on my screensaver.

But as others have pointed out, this is an old picture. I’m surprised they wouldn’t use a still from TOS: Remastered for this. Wasn’t it a calendar centrefold already as well?