New Trailers For Shatner’s $#*! My Dad Says Sitcom + Kurtzman/Orci’s Hawaii Five-O

The folks at CBS have released some new trailers for their fall shows, including the William Shatner sitcom $#*! My Dad Says, and the Roberto Orci/Alex Kurtzman produced reboot of Hawaii Five-O. Check them both out below.


$#*! My Dad Says

Hawaii Five-O

Source: THR 

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The Shat sure can sell a quip!

Outside of Shatner looking hilarious as usual, the trailer didn’t tell me….at all.

I know what I’ll be watching on CBS this fall…

Aside from Shat, it looks like your typical laugh-track sitcom. Nothing innovative, really. I may give it a tumble if the planets align. Isn’t it time we did away with those awful laugh tracks? I don’t know about the rest of you, but the last thing I need are over-sweetened audience responses to enlighten me as to what is and isn’t funny. “OH! Well, don’t you hear the laughter? It MUST BE a good show! There are people pissing their pants somewhere off screen!”

I love Shat. This looks like a cookie-cutter sitcom, though. I might watch a little Shat then surf. Didn’t Will Sasso take a turn at doing Shatner on Mad tv? (I know Frank Caliendo did as well, but Sasso’s was hilarious.) Maybe we’ll get some of that. It’d be better than “set-up, punchline, rinse, repeat.”

Honolulu is a tiny city (300,000 in the city) which is incredibly boring and sedate if you are not a tourist on the beach. Both times I’ve been there, I’ve been underwhelmed by its mediocrity outside of Waikiki and the PH memorial. And Hawaii becomes much more interesting once you leave Oahu anyway.

When the original “5-0” came out, Hawaii was much more of an exotic and mysterious place, a visit to which was a once-in-a-lifetime goal for most. Now, it’s much more accessible, and not so ‘cool.’

So, why would we get a police series set in a town the size of Tampa? Also, you have no drug trade, except local use (it’s not Miami), and there is no place to flee to except by boat or plane.

I guess the ‘buddy’ thing will take up some time: Those two seem like Starsky & Hutch from the film. The ‘nostalgia’ thing dissipates once the opening tune ends. Let’s see how many compelling stories they can come up with.

Whoa! Danno keeps getting the last word over McGarrett. That must end immediately. Seriously. McGarrett is the King of Cool. He can’t be takin’ no sass from frakkin’ Danno.

Meanwhile, I have serious lust for Grace Park. I hope she has a plan… and it includes me.

i agree that live audiences are more preferred over tracks so perhaps if they pick up good ratings (am i nuts, shat is in it, of course it will have high ratings) then they could do live shows. hope bill is not scared of a live audience

i didnt know it was from the “wil and grace” people, that’s positive right there. if they get james burrows to direct the rest of the shows and not just the pilot as he did w&g, it will work

and, as in previous blogs in this site, i refuse to comment on (oh dear) h5o

Shatner is class. Glad to see him living long and prospering. \\//,

Or rather, it is agreeable that he is prosperous and long-lived. \\//,

They both looked good to me.

And yeah, Grace Park…very nice.

“Captain, I’ve noticed your use of, shall we say, more colorful metaphors since we arrived” – Spock ST IV

“You mean the profanity. That’s simply the way they talk here. No one pays attention to you unless you swear every other word.” – Adm. Kirk ST IV

$#*! My Dad Says. Really William Shatner? Really?

I adore Grace Park…she is a very good actress and incredibly hot. Yes, I will be watching Hawaii 5-O.

The shi* The Shat is reading off cue cards for this show is about as funny as a fart in a whirlwind.

Holy shat, these guys can’t do ANYTHING original, can they? Rebooting Hawaii 5-0, oh my God.

…Until one day – Tum Ta Tittaly Tum Ta Too Da Derp Dee Derp……….. Rated PG-13

I don’t know, $#*! My Dad Says seems kind of dumb, and I have to admit that Shatner isn’t enough of a draw to make me want to watch it. I agree with David C. Robertson and CmdrR that this seems like a run-of-the-mill sitcom, apart from the fact that it’s based on someone’s Twitter account. I can see this show getting a big push, but I don’t know if this show will have any staying power.

Grace Park in a bikini…Hawaii Five-0 is going to be my new favorite show :)

I could’ve sworn I read somewhere that the $#*! My Dad Says pilot was filmed before a live audience. Maybe the laugh track is just for the trailer.

How can you tell the difference between live audience and laugh track? Video is blocked here at work, so I’d like to know what y’all are hearing in this regard.

I wish he was on something I’d really want to watch.

Would rather she Shat guest star on the Big Bang Theory.

I’ll admit it — the “two squirrels” line nearly made me spit my tea all over the keyboard. The material may not exactly be gold, but Shatner’s delivery sells it superbly.

I’ll give it a chance, for the Shat’s sake. He’ll still always be Denny Crane to me, though.

Does anyone else find it kind of dumb that the announcer guy actually says “bleep”, instead of just bleeping “s***” out?

diss me fine, diss the shat and I’ll rip your stinkin’ hat off.

*Vulcan nerve pinch

Oh, I found a wart on my knuckle.

hahahaha, $#*! My Dad Says looks hilarious!


So I suppose you’d rather no one ever touched star trek again?

It was taped in front of a live audience, i was there in the audience with about 70 others for the rehearsal and the final taping of the pilot w

#28: LOL-good one Bob, but I’m sure there are some out there who wish it had never been touched. Frankly, I LOVED the last movie, though. I adored the original Hawaii 5-0 so I’m definitely giving this one a shot. I liked what I saw so far and am hoping it will be a success. Grace Park=excellent choice. But, as a music teacher, I can’t say I’m all that impressed with the jazzed up (electronically) theme song. I prefer the original; heck, I have my pep bands play the original theme. It’s still a crowd pleaser. How’s the next Trek coming along?

Anyone disses your work and I’ll rip their stinkin hat off, in the name of Surak. Peace and long life Mr. Orci. \\//,

28 you have a great cast, and it looks real exciting. looking forward to seeing the show.

Star Trek lives! The universe is unfolding as it should. Woot!

You’re goddamb right ….I’ll check this out.

Go Shatner!!!!

#28 yep. There certainly are some of those out there, Bob. I’m surprised that you would walk into that one, mister!
Perhaps your mind is elsewhere? Maybe that brilliant script for 2.0 is taking all of your attention? I hope so lol

5-0 looks good. Grace looks amazing. I love the Shat but I was not so impressed with that clip.



I just mustered up enough interest to watch that 5-0 trailer. Thats 3:47 of my life that i’ll never get back. Its slick and stylish, for sure, but thats the very least we expect these days. Sorry, Bob, but I don’t see this show getting a long run. There is just nothing new in concept or execution.

Same for Bill’s new show. There are some good line’s in the clip but, beyond Bill’s undoubted star quality, probably not enough to sustain it for long.


Nice to see a post
15 would probably be a guy who would be moaning that was no new Trek if movie didn’t get made.
Loved the 5.0 trailer

15, 18 —

I think what we’re saying is that you could aim to create a show without resorting to pulling out a well-known brand and then giving us something completely different. It’s a bait and switch. This is clearly not going to be Hawaii Five-O. It’s “hip, young cops have sexy adventures where stuff gets blow’d up.” OK. By, why not name it “Stuff My Orci Dreamed Up” and let it take its chances? Why invoke a brand that it is NOT? As a writer, I would hope you’d like to take chances with your own material. You certainly have enough Hollywood cred to not go digging in the TV Land graveyard.

Respectfully yours.

ps- Can I get a date with Grace Park?

What would you do on your first date, CmdrR? Try to park with Park?

Jeez – production values on the Hawaii 5-0 trailer are incredible. Most people would think it’s for a big-budget movie remake, not a TV show. Yep, I’ll watch that.

Bill still looks likes he’s enjoying filling out a big chair!

Grace Park = cute face but too skinny

#43 but watch the budget fall as the audience does.
It does look impressive. it really does. But……… (we’ll see i guess. I hope i’m wrong and it proves to be a great show and a big hit for the boys).

Wow, I am impressed with the new look of 5-0. I had zero interest until seeing the trailer just now. It looks like a movie instead of a series. Someone here said they didn’t like the jazzed up music, but I like it.

As for the @#! My Dad says, I am going to watch it because of Bill Shatner, it seems like it may be funny and I think he can carry it, but otherwise, I am not sure how it will be. I too don’t like the laugh tracks. There incredibly annoying and hope they choose not to use them.

All in all, looking forward to both shows!

Quite impressive 5-0 trailer. Hope that’s not all the entertaining parts of Season 1. Seems somewhat Burn-Notice buddy-ish, but that’s a good choice…

Boy 5-0 looks like a steaming pile of lowbow crap. I was really hoping for a greitty -70ish- engrossing crime drama with real actors instead of Abercrombie type vapid, gen Y dummies

Instead we get a hip young white teen terrorist with frosted highlights??? Because all the terrorists and arms dealers in the world are young, pretty California skater types? If it wasn’t so typical of hollywood nausiating try too hard not to offend political correctness anxiety it would be funny.

Then we have the Anti-Cahn – Scott Cahn. James Cahn is a brilliant real actor. Scott Cahn is an Axe Body Spray commercial dude


The only good thing is that they are apparently going to keep the original theme without doing some crappy hip-hop regee version of it with some flavor of the month drug overdose waiting to happen rap star

sad. Star Trek reimagined success this will not apparently have

Its a shame they don’t have the balls to do a show in front of a live audience any more.