Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana Lose Out at 2010 MTV Movie Awards

The 2010 MTV Movie Awards were held Sunday night in Universal City. Chris Pine was nominated for Star Trek for two awards, and Zoe Saldana was nominated for two awards for Avatar. However, it was not their night with neither star winning any awards. More details below.


No love for the Trek stars at MTV movie awards – Twilight dominates

Star Trek's new Kirk Chris Pine was nominated for two MTV movie awards. However Pine lost both. He lost Biggest Baddass Star to Korean pop star Rain (Ninja Assassin), and he lost out for Best Breakout Star to Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air).

Star Trek's new Uhura Zoe Saldana was up for two awards for Avatar, but she couldn't stand up to the Twilight machine. She lost Best Female Performance to Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga: New Moon), plus she and Sam Worthington lost Best Kiss to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (The Twilight Saga: New Moon).

In the end Twilight: New Moon was the big winner of the night with a total of five awards, including Best Movie. A complete list of winners is available at

Pattinson and Stewart picking up one of five awards for "Twilight: New Moon" at 2010 MTV Movie Awards

Unlikely last year (while the Star Trek film was still in theaters), there were no Trek-related gags during the show. Apparently the Star Trek stars new the jig was up, as (again unlike last year) none of the new crew showed up for the event.

So instead, here is a picture of Tom Cruise (as 'producer' Les Grossman) dancing with Jennifer Lopez.

Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez at 2010 MTV Movie Awards


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I wonder when these producers are going to realize that all voters for these things are dominated by girls. Guys for the most part dont care to vote. We need to go back to the good ol days when there were movie and music critics voting for the best movie or music. We cant count on America anymore.

1: I think those are called the Oscars mate!

1. There’s nothing wrong with fan-voted award shows. Why would MTV be mad that teen girls are the ones voting when that’s their core audience. The ones who vote are the audiences for these types of shows (MTV, People’s Choice, etc.). Just because you (or I) don’t agree with their choices, it is what people voted for.

Ah the Twilight awards… why bother? MTV Movie Awards rapidly losing credibility after promising so much.

Craig – you say that males don’t care about voting, yet the movie industry is dominated by them, they get the best salaries, the best jobs, the longer and more fulfilling careers than females. If what you say is true, in terms of the audience, it sounds as though that females are the ones who actually care more about the films being produced for them. Surely if males can’t be bothered to show appreciation for the product aimed at them, that’s wholly their own problem.

Stewie: “Eww. You watch MTV?”
Brian: “Pot helps.”

What a shock, Twilight wins pretty much everything it’s nominated for.

I remember the year when the first one got “Best Fight” when the Pineapple Express fight was nominated, I mean what’s all that about?

I weep for the film industry.

Maybe the new Star Trek team should take note about not being able to beat Twilight and make the next Star Trek movie for sci-fi and Trek lovers, not teenage girls.

Did you think Star Trek was made for teen girls? I loved ST!

There are inherent issues with the voting process, definitely. American Idol, MTV it’s all garbage. There is no guarantee that the voters even saw all the movies. It stinks… all that to say. Star Trek was definitely more mature and thoughtful. It’s Sci-Fi versus a little girls fantasy…which I get, but it doesn’t make for a meritocracy.

Ah, the good ol’ New Moon. Haven’t seen it myself, but heard it has less value than used toilet paper.

I heard the books are impossible to put down, but the movies are nothing but a put down.

I’ve marginally enjoyed the Twilight movies so far. The scene of a motionless and forlorn Kristen Stewart circled by the camera as the seasons change around her is still stuck in my head.

Tried the actual book, but I couldn’t make it past the first chapter.

So I guess it’s the opposite for me.

*LOL* If ‘Twilighter’s’ think *THAT’s* the best in Fantasy, kissing, and “Movie of the Year?” All I can say is they are sadly deprived or have NO expectations!!

Twilight #1 was pure trash! When we finally decided to check out all the ‘Twilight’ hype, movie #1 was one of the worst films I’ve ever seen in my life! Hell, “Spike” and “Angel” were hotter on their worst day!

I will admit movie #2 was at least better (no wonder they got a new director after 1) but still…Robert Pattinson hot? sexy? Sorry! Even Taylor kicks his @$$ when it comes to looks!

I do not like the Twlight book series myself. Coworkers kept on me to read them, because they were “fantastic” and in my “genre” – they are aware of my Sci-fi/fantasy love. But I found the writing unsophisticated and they read too much like being inside an angsting teenage girl’s head….and as I was NEVER an angsting teen age girl, even when I *was* a teenage girl, I found them exceedingly tedious. They have their audience, but I am apparently not part of it.

Good for both! It was a Twilight night! (Uhck)….. The best thing in this Award was the guys and movies that didn’t win! And the guys who weren’t there!!!…. CP and Zoe are AWESOME! …. STAR TREK IS GREAT!!!!

J-Lo’s still alive…hmmm who knew

These so-called ‘award’ categories sound like something out of the movie, “Idiocracy.” Best Bad Ass? What’s next? Best Franchise UpGrayedd? I’d be honored if I didn’t win!

The MTV Movie Awards… more with more molecules! ; )

Tom Cruise is weird…, but Les Grossman kicks ass, F*CK NUT!!!

wtf! Best Female Performance Kirsten Stewart? You gotta be joking….

She wasn’t THAT good….I mean, come on, she spoke in a growly, monotonous way for the whole movie that bored me to death and made me want to tell her to just shut her trap already!!!

I feel sorry for the poor losers who acually think that she can act. I’m never really like this but I must thank the lord I haven’t been sucked into the braindead twilight-obsessed mass!!!

Oh well…who cares, in our hearts we all truely know that Star Trek is way better.

btw, Rob Pattison is not hot.

Hmmm… is there a Les Grossman movie on the horizon? I mean, Tropic Thunder was a couple of years ago, right? I do love the bit, though. Some of Tom’s best work!

“Unlikely” “unlike”*

‘new’ should be ‘knew’

This is big news? Everyone knew Twilight would dominate. It’s the kind of brainless schmultz that people like.

I think the MTV Movie Awards should not be counted as serious awards. That’s just a thing for (mostly) teenage girls. Who else would vote for Pattinson or Kristen Stewart instead of every other actor or actress in the world?

I doubt most of them allready know that earth is circling around the sun. Just joking…

#21. Yeah, they obviously aren’t serious awards. They are just a fun awards show who have never taken themselves seriously. The Scream Awards are the same (but geared more towards guys), but not many people complained about those because Trek won a handful of them. But they’re exactly the same.


Or more to the point: both owned by the same parent company, Viacom, i.e. SCREAM and MTV.

If I were to find anything to be concerned about in the lack of Paramount/Viacom being able to find some category with which to award ST09 in some way at MTV is that the inability to do so may be indicative of the bloom being off the rose, i.e. ST’s favor at Paramount may be somewhat diminished with regards to its other film developments. Budget cuts could be on the horizon or at least the table..

#23. I don’t agree with that. The MTV Movie Awards have rarely been about about corporate synergy when it comes to the awards itself. 2009’s awards went mainly “Twilight” and “High School Musical 3,” neither from Viacom companies. They tend to focus on what is hip and popular at the moment, which is what they should do since they are more of a snapshot of pop culture than representing what makes a lasting mark. They do throw some Viacom related properties for skits and spoofs, but even there it’s not really a priority.

Beyonce and Ali Larter wins Best Fight against Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Strong? That’s the last straw!

At least The Hangover won 2 awards of it’s own.

No win at MTV Movie AwardsP? That´s a biiiiiiiiiig loss ;-)
But seriously, I think 385 Mio. Bucks count more than this kiddy award.

If EVERYBODY had gotten off their asses when I told them to on a certain Trekfan website, and maybe told a lot of other people as well as the friends of those other people, and if they told other Trekkers… Chris, Zoe, Karl, Bruce and the others as well as the movie would have been awarded. But what did most of us Trekkers (myself excluded-I voted!) do? Nothing at all, except for those deluded fools that were part of the Save Enterprise group who are Connor Trineer fans-who have decided to vote en masse for him to be Captain America in the new upcoming movie! That’s right, because of their love of a past Trek show that’s no longer on, they are voting in their hundreds (they hope) for a guy who’s future career seem to be in DTV movies and appearances in made for TV movies on SyFy! Not Chris, Zoe, Zach, Karl, Anton, John, and Bruce! But Connor!

No, don’t get me wrong, I like Connor, loved Enterprise and hope that he has a good career ahead of him. But he’s and the cast of Enterprise are not Chris, Zoe, Zach, Karl, Anton, John, and Bruce, and Enterprise, as much as I loved it, isn’t the movie. This movie was the franchise’s chance to be reborn, and instead of supporting it like we should of, half of us Trekkers bashed the film, and went pining for the actor of a show that most of them were bashing anyway! That’s why Star Trek 2009 went home unawarded with it’s tail between its legs (so to speak). All thanks to them.

So, at the end of the day, who do we have left to blame? Nobody but ourselves.

Mtv awards used to be cool n kinda even anti-corporate establishment n most importantly a funny n entertaining show to watch that almost spoofs the other award shows but no longer–for truly lousy movies like twlight to win well nuff said–also the show wasnt very funny either–oh well–

awards used to be cool n kinda even anti-corporate establishment n most importantly a funny n entertaining show to watch that almost spoofs the other award shows but no longer–for truly lousy movies like twlight to win well nuff said–also the show wasnt very funny either–oh well–