Kurtzman & Orci To Produce Magical Heist Movie

Star Trek scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have added another project to the development slate. The pair are now attached as producers for "Now You See Me", a new heist movie about illusionists turned bank robbers. More details below.     


Kurtzman & Orci to produce film about illusionist bank robbers

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci continue to add projects to their production slate, which currently includes a number of feature films as well as the TV series Fringe and Hawaii Five-O. And now according to The Hollywood Reporter, the pair will also produce the thriller "Now You See Me" for Summit Entertainment. THR offers this synopsis:

[Now You See Me] pits a crack FBI squad in a game of cat-and-mouse against a super-team of the world's greatest illusionists, who pull off a series of daring bank heists during their performances, showering the profits on their audiences while staying one step ahead of the law.

The film is based on a spec script from writer/director Boaz Yakin (Remember the Titans, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time) and Edward Ricourt (Year 12). Yakin will also executive produce.

Kurtzman and Orci's latest project is producing and writing Cowboys and Aliens, which shoots this summer with director John Favreau. And of course, sometime this year they have to deliver that script for the Star Trek sequel, which they are writing with Damon Lindelof.


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Write that script!

Boy, these guys may be talented, but how many projects can somebody take on at the same time before being stretched too thin?

Wow! Busy guys. The Trek sequel must be in there somewhere… *unsure*

C’mon guys, they can bang these things out over a weekend and still have time to read 40 year old tv guides. Its no biggy.

Maybe it is the kind of thing where they’re never not working. Could be sitting on the crapper staring at the floor and yet mentally they’re working on the next Trek movie.
No disrespect of the good sirs intended by the crapper example.

#5 I think you are correct. I contributed to a magazine for a period a few years ago and you are constantly pondering the job in hand. Looking for inspiration and angles. When you get it right it is very rewarding.

The thing that fascinates me is how these boys are able to compartmentalise the work. I think i’d find that quite hard. I wonder if working as a team is helpful or a hindrance?

My post at No4 was intended as a joke (in case it didn’t read that way) and I am honestly fascinated how they are able to deal with so many projects.

Their getting their slate too filled up. I bet that means the quality of the Trek Script will be sub-part. PREPARE FOR TRANSFORMERS 2 OVER AGAIN.

Producers don’t necessarily do all that much in a movie. Executive producers do even less (for the most part). This is also true for Television. For many producers, it’s a credit and they opened a door to get it made.

Bob, good luck with all the projects. We know that Trek holds a special place in your heart and I trust you to make Trek2 as special as the first.

#7: The most annoying thing would be it being a “Transformers 2” and getting praised like a “Dark Knight.”

Logic compels me to believe that Trek II will be better than Transformers II.
I speculate and assert that to suggest otherwise is essentially trolling and hating.


11. ‘Ear ‘ear!
I have complete faith in the team. Although this makes me even more impatient for nuTrek news… and the next movie itself! ;)

#4, yes it does rather sound like the plot of Mission Impossible if run by Rollin Hand … I mean who really needs a “strongman”, an “electronics expert” and “a fashion model”, when they’re all magicians? (but for the bad guys) Besides we really need a good new illusionist forensics show since Bill Bixby’s “The Magician” went off the air. Of course they sold it as “Penn & Teller meets Oceans 11” … actually they don’t need that many old TV guides either, just the Fall Preview editions. ;-)

Love a good heist flick, sounds like a good concept.
And how about calling the next ST film “Star Trek: 2 Boldly Go”…

Bob! Begin writing Star Trek already!

Who cares about anything else?

Star Trek! Star Trek!

I’d probably enjoy IOTIANS 11.

Let’s hope Bob doesn’t get mixed up on which script he’s working on…..and we have a scene in the next Trek movie where Kirk says, “Hey, Spock, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!”

2. Harry Ballz – June 8, 2010
Boy, these guys may be talented, but how many projects can somebody take on at the same time before being stretched too thin?

If you ask me, their work is already stretched thin. It always feels like their heart isn’t in it. Probably because their heart is scattered across a gazillion different projects.

Don’t they pay them well enough that they have to work this much?


Yeah, the trouble in these scenarios is that, under a time constraint, even talented people will be forced to “slap something together” and then shrug while saying, “ok, that’ll have to do it!” as they rush to the next project. Not good!

Well this appears to be the reason why there is such a long gap in between movies, everyone has a bunch of projects to do, thats good for them, but maybe not so good for Star Trek fans. I still think they will write a solid script (if they already havent) and make a great sequel. This might be the price we pay for having up and comers doing Trek instead of an “in house” production team that was in place for years doing the directing writting ect.

#14= two thumbs way up on that title for the sequel:)

“Produce” can mean anything from a line-by-line rewrite and hand-picking each crew member… to just ordering pizza for the wrap party. Right now, the studio must want to run trailers saying “From the producers of… Transformers, Trek, & Deep Inside Traci Lords…”

“They” say if you want something done, give it to someone who has no time to do it… These guys ARE busy… which is why they get things done.
This sounds like a fun project to work on.
And I’m sure they are hard at work on Star Trek, in spite of any appearances to the contrary.

I’d love to see a Zantanna movie.

I have to agree, the writing team is taking on too many projects. Please guys, start work on the Star Trek sequel and make it even better !!!!!

25. new

When you love what you do, you can never take on too much…


Oh, yes you can. When you love what you do and take on too much, then it becomes just another job and another paycheck. This has been my experience, anyway.

Trek 2 will most likely be another job and another (big) paycheck for these guys. I hope I’m wrong though…

I’ll have to find out Bob’s cell/home phone number or where he lives just to remind him about the “Star Trek” sequel. Of course, I’d probably be arrested after he tells me to get off his property… :-)

Mess with me, fine. Mess with Bob Orci and I’ll make you eat a Klingon pain stick. Anyone who wants to be fronting on Mr. Orci will be seeing five lights in no time. If you’re looking for Star Trek the Experience then go ahead; you’ll be feeling the Vulcan nerve pinch and waking up on Ceti Alpha V with a Ceti eel in your ear and the Horta and Fek’lhr for roommates.

Live long and prosper. \\//,

If they spend more time on the Star Trek XII script we can definiely get a a stronger plot than the last one had.

As long as the illusionist bank robbers don’t turn out to be twin robots in disguise, I will totally go see it.


ok. nice. yay. wow. cool. sweet.

But when are you guys going to get started on Star Trek?!?!

32. We’ve started.

By Zeus, that is good news.

@ 33 Excellent!!! I hope you guys have a good time while writing!!

Guys calm down. They’ve got alot of time to write the sequel. I love that Bob and Alex have deversity in there writing/producing projects. We’ll get our sequel so be patient.

So Bob, have you guys settled on who’s going to play Khan?


I khan’t say.


you better be kidding about the next movie being Khan-related! God, that would be a huge mistake!

Bob, don’t listen to Harry! You guys have to do Khan. He’s the elephant in the room. Plus throw in some Klingons and you will have a “rockin’ and rollin'” sequel!

Yeah, recycle the old stuff, to not so boldy go where everyone has went before.

Khan is going to be a part of it, one way or another. Like 40# said, hes the elephant in the room. Khan is to Kirk (and crew) what the green goblin is to spidey and the joker is to Batman. an Arch enemy! and the most well known and loved, maybe more so than the klingons.

P.S. They may also be going into a totally different direction as well :}

No he isn’t. Not yet anyway. But yeah, if they have Khan in the next one, then they will have turned him into the basic comic book villain.

If Kirk has a Lex Luthor or Voldemort or Joker, then it is the Klingons (that’s right, in general. The Klingons as a political and military power, that’s his archenemy).

Do you want a rehash of the Genesis Device, too? Because it’s one of “Khan’s superpowers” everybody knows, THE elephant in the room of Star Trek doomsday devices?

If you want Star Trek to turn into a friggin’ COMIC, well then do it, but I’m out.

Not knowing whether Khan will be the subject of the next movie or not, I do think he would be an excellent nucleus around which a story both timeless and current could be written about how easily people can be beguiled by charismatic authority figures at the expense of their own humanity toward others.

I’m all for Khan since I don’t think either Space Seed or TWOK used that character to his dramatic potential.

Khan would be the most UNORIGINAL thing to do. All this talk about new universe, reboot, clean slate, fresh canvas, new possibilities… and then what, Khan? This would be horrible.

But yeah, millions would watch it, it would be a huge success, the success would prove them right, blablabla.

From the guys who rebooted Hawaii 5-0 after they rebooted Star Trek after they rebooted Transformers, I don’t really expect anything else than seeing them rebooting Space Seed and Khan, too. I hope they prove me wrong on that one, but I highly doubt it.

If it’s about Khan (and is it unreasonable to want a 2 part cliffhanger?), and they are NOT going to cast an actual Indian to play the Sikh, then I don’t think there’s a better choice out there than Mark Strong, who has the charisma, the look, and the talent to pull off the role.

Mark Strong? And I thought Javier Bardem would be the popular choice.

Mark Strong is great. He has a natural look of predatory intelligence, and with that British accent he could play Khan as a Sikh raised and educated in England.


So, that’s it, then………no new ideas already!

Oh who knows what it is? The fun now is just speculating. You know Bob’s not gonna turn into chatty Kathy.