Zoe Saldana Wins Best Actress At Glamour Awards – Patrick Stewart Presents & Gets Into Spat With Host [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Tonight in London Zoe Saldana, Star Trek's new Uhura, won the Film Actress of the Year Award at the UK Glamour Women of the Year Awards. And presenting the award was none other than Sir Patrick Stewart, who got in to a verbal tussle with the host. We have details and photos from the event below, plus photos of Zachary Quinto in a tux at a New York fashion event yesterday. [UPDATE: Video from the event]

UPDATE: Video of Stewart Spat + Saldana being diplomatic

Here is video of Patrick Stewart’s spat with the Glamour Awards host James Corden, plus Saldana trying to smooth things over.

Original report

Sir Patrick declares Zoe Glamorous

The readers of Glamour magazine named Zoe Saldana as the Best Film Actress of the year, and she picked up the award tonight in London at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards. And for those who care, she was wearing a "jaw-droppingly gorgeous Vionnett dress" (according to Glamour Mag). And presenting the award was Star Trek: The Next Generation's Jean Luc Picard, Sir Patrick Stewart.

Saldana with her "Glammy" for Film Actress of the Year at 2010 Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London – June 8th

Zoe Saldana with Patrick Stewart immediately after he presented her with the "Glammy"

More on the 2010 Glamour Women of the Year Awards at glamourmagazine.co.uk. Plus Glamour also has a new feature on their site, analyzing Saldana's Best Red Carpet looks.

Patrick Stewart gets into spat with host

According to reports from the event, when Patrick Stewart got up to the stage to present the award to Saldana, he started off by getting into a verbal spat with show host James Corden, a UK comedian and TV personality. Here is part of the play-by-play:

[Stewart] told the comedy star not to stand at the back with his hands in his pocket looking like he would rather be somewhere else when recipients got up to collect their gongs. If he was joking, it appeared to fall flat with Corden, and things got worse when Sir Patrick told the portly comic: "From where I was sitting, I could see your belly." Corden told the actor to get on with presenting the award, and started to look at his watch. He then countered: "You could see my belly. I can see you dying right now." As the tension mounted, Sir Patrick retaliated: "Do you want one more? If you fancy one of the Jonas Brothers, cover your belly." [more at newsletter.co.uk]

Sir Patrick Stewart at Glamour Awards – got in spat with host before handing award to Saldana

BONUS FASHION PHOTOS: Quinto in Tux + More Zoe

While on the subject of Star Trek stars at fashion events. On Monday night Zachary Quinto, Star Trek's new Spock, attend the 2010 CFDA Fashion Awards at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center in New York. Quinto arrived looking dapper in a tux at the black tie-event, here are some photos.

Quinto at the 2010 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York – June 7th

Quinto at the 2010 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York – June 7th

And here are some red carpet photos of Saldana from the 2010 Glammys. 

Saldana at 2010 Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London – June 8th

Saldana at 2010 Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London – June 8th

And finally, last Thursday Zoe Saldana attended the AmFar Inspiration Gala at the New York Public Library. Here are a couple photos from that event. 

Zoe Saldana and designer Jean Paul Gaultier at amFAR Gala in New York – June 3rd

Zoe Saldana  amFAR Gala in New York – June 3rd

Photos: WireImage

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I’d bet Sir Patrick was just kidding around. I thought the British invented dry humor? :P

Patrick Stewart looks soo badass with that shirt unbuttoned.

Zoe always looks hot in whatever she wears. And she always dresses classy yet sexy. A lot of actresses can learn something from her.

And Sir Patrick continues to look good at his age. Glad he ditched the ‘stache.

what a total ride… Zoe too!

1st bitches!!!

er…. I mean er, burst stitches?

So great that Sir Stewart let that fat comedian have it lol

#1 if he wasn’t then i say good job, Sir Patrick. I can’t abide Corden. So not funny. Which, for a comedian, is a big disadvantage.

Patrick kinda looks like a wax dummy-but a very dapper well dressed one–another award for zoe–she had a very good year-wonder if she knew who stewart was-

the full report says the comedian made fun of many of the presenters before Stewart got on there, I’ll bet Stewart was just kidding around. sounds like the other guy didn’t appreciate it. Another comedian who can dish it out but can take it, what’re the odds?

edit- that’s dish it out and can not take it

I genuinely hate James Corden, overrated actor / host.
Remember Horne and Corden? He is painful, I cannot understand why he would be hosting anything at all.

Ah snap!

What? No video?

Shelooks like she’s painfully trying to smile in some of those photos. It’s weird… she’s much like Katee Sackhoff to me, she looks far better dressed down than dolled up.

She is beautiful.

ok this is teh account from digital spy, which isn’t quiet as ass sucking to Patrick Stewart as the article posted here…….

James Corden and Patrick Stewart had an on-stage bust-up at last night’s Glamour ‘Women Of The Year’ awards in London.

The spat seemingly started when Stewart criticised the night’s host Corden for standing with his hands in his pockets, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Stewart reportedly said: “I want to speak to James here… from where I was sitting I could see your belly, and that was right over there at the back of the room. These people down here…”

Corden responded: “I’m waiting for the punchline. Go on. No, seriously, go on. No, go on! You could see my belly, and we can all see you dying right now.”

When Stewart later gave Zoe Saldana the ‘Actress Of The Year’ gong, the Avatar star said to Corden: “I like your belly – but I’d like to see Sir Patrick Stewart dying on stage any day.”

Later in the ceremony, Cordon quipped. “I feel bad for people who haven’t seen my belly.” He then lifted up his T-shirt to applause from the audience.

Speaking about the incident after the show, Corden said: “I sound like my mum. I wasn’t angry. I found it quite disappointing. You should ask him about it but I’m certain he’s left.”

Zaldana – for the love of V’ger put some weight on girl! Anyone else think this skinny model look is going a bit too far? I just don’t think she looks healthy at all, and it’s not exactly a positive model for younger women to follow. Then again maybe I am just old fashioned by today’s standards :s

Good on Mr Stewart to dress that twerp down – such a lack of real talent around these days it’s good to see someone standing up to it.

lets repeat what Zoe said there ladies

QUOTE When Stewart later gave Zoe Saldana the ‘Actress Of The Year’ gong, the Avatar star said to Corden: “I like your belly – but I’d like to see Sir Patrick Stewart dying on stage any day.”

P.S. arghh damn typos – obviously meant to write Saldana. Apologies!

Zoe’s keeping the profile high, that’s for sure.

I must say, the Vaseline advertising seems out of place at an awards show like this. Must be a sexy product in the UK.

More photos from the Glamour Women of the Year Awards – http://www.wcbs880.com/pages/7425370.php

More photos from the CFDA Awards – http://www.wcbs880.com/pages/7415357.php

God, Corden’s rather pathetic. He really does make terrible comments about other people in a larky “I’m just jokin’ mate, don’t be so serious” style on frequent occasions but never seems to appreciate having criticism of himself.

He’s also a bit of a hypocrite to take umbrage at ‘fat bloke’ type comments when almost his entire sketch show consisted of different ways of him taking his top off and wobbling his gut about to raise a laugh.

Who the hell does Corden think he is?

Slagging off a legend of an actor, and he in acting or “comedy” for all of 5 seconds in comparison to Patrick Stewart?

Never liked him and he’s proven that he has zero class.

Zach is HOTT no matter what he wears! :)


There you are

Get stuffed Corden….

“But I would pay to see Sir Patrick Stewart dying on stage any day…” is what it actually sounds like Zoe says on the video clip. I think she meant it as a compliment- but unfortunately, it could be interpreted otherwise.

(See video link #21, #26)-thanx)

Quinto’s looking good! (even if the hair is pilled a couple inches too high)

Yay for Zoe for winning the award! You deserve it!

And last I would like to add that it is amazing that sir Patrick could present that award!

Does Quinto EVER shave? Really. Not even for a “fashion event”?

My first thought: who the eff is James Corden? (I’m American). Google. Youtube. Found out he is just a Ricky Gervais wannabe except, obnoxious and not nearly as clever. So……

Like it, good stuff here and I didn’t thing Stewart had it in him!! Just like old Kirk would have done – put fat boy in place, shows a stronger action than I thought Patrick had.. As for her remarks toward Patrick dying, I don’t see her killing anyone out there – just shut up and take the award and run!!

@29 it seems to me that Quinto could shave and half-an hour later he’d have 5’o’clock shadow. . . he’s half Italian: dark and hairy, and half Irish: pale skinned. . . he can’t help it. . .


So… this Corden guy is basically a real-life David Brent?

Regardless of your opinion of James Corden, Stewart’s unprovoked insults on the host took away from Zoe’s moment. Much in the same way Taylor Swift’s moment was stolen accepting her MTV video award. A rare lapse of class from Stewart if you ask me.

I agree, ultra skinny is really un-attractive.

I really dislike Corden as a performer, but Stewart was completely out of line and, tragically, is not nearly as respected as perhaps he assumes – in the UK, he’s just the guy out of Star Trek (and not the cool Star Trek), no one cares about the Shakespeare stuff, and people only went to that Hamlet production because Tennant was in it, not because of him. So for him to have been able to poke fun at Corden and get away with it, he’d need something a lot better than “you’re fat”. And what was that Jonas Brothers comeback about?

Pretty sad.

Zoe and ZQ are absolutely GORGEOUS always!…..Patrick Stewart is OK, too!

honestly i would not want to be talked down to from Patrick Stewart, let alone disrespect the man.

What an ugly tux Quinto… gees…

look i realise this is a star trek site but come on guys, im no big james corden fan but stewart started it and really went too far. and when he remarked on cordens weight thats surely a sign of someone clutching at straws… and what the hell was that jonas brothers comment like… oh my god i was absolutley mortified for him

James Corden…..overweight ‘comedian’ who genuinely think he’s funnier than he ever could, or will, be. Patrick Stewart…. a class act. Kind of says it all really.

@36 Yeah all Patrick is in the UK is the guy off Star Trek….oh and a Knight of the Realm…no biggy

I agree . Doesn’t Quinto ever shave? It looks like he just got up and ran onto the stage.
He is a good actor, but come on… Show some respect.

And if Corden was 1/10 of Sir Patrick, he would have a 100% improvement.

Were they supposed to be “roasting” each other? Because out of context it just like Stewart was being a royal ass. I would not have wanted to be anywhere near that stage.

(Anybody else think it’s wierd to see a picture of Zoe Saldana with the word “Vaseline” right behind her? Almost like it were a suggestion…)

“The Shakespeare stuff” has out lived you and will be remembered far longer than your memory will ever be.

Some read more than the instructions for the I-Pod.

Was Patrick Stewart having a senior moment?

seriously though, what prompted PS to start slagging off so ones posture and body shape?
Normally he a classy guy and a real gentleman but in teh YouTube clip he only embarrassed himself .

BTW, guys I know that PS is a ST legend but don’t automatically raise shields when it’s PS that is making a idiot of himself.
It’s irrational hero worship.

I liked Corden…. Until now. Fat pr***.

In reference to Zoe’s unthinking comment, it brought me back to a reflective comment that I made a while ago: I would be more than happy to see her character killed-off in the sequel!

As for the host, if you’re a comedian, you need to be able to give and take humour. He’s made fun of a great many respected people in the UK; yet, when someone pokes a little fun at him, he’s aghast and apoplectic.!?

Clearly zoe was talking about seeing PS do a death scene in a play, something he does regularly.

some people need to stop being so sensitive

Zoe didn’t mind seeing his belly? yuck!

Sir Patrick is too classy for this bunch.

Love ZQ, but don’t care for the tie on the tux at all-