Cool New ‘Space Seed’ Poster

The Alamo Drafthouse Theaters in Austin Texas have commissioned a series of limited movie poster style prints based on episodes from Star Trek. The first one available is for "Space Seed", and it is pretty cool. It goes on sale today. More info below.


Cool Space Seed Poster

According to The Alamo Drafthouse is working with Mondotees and artist Martin Ansin to create these posters. Each is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint and costs $35 (limited to 300). There is also a variant on wood with an edition of 35 for $135.  Both went up for sale today (Wednesday, June 9th) at [UPDATE: Posters have sold out].

Click to see larger version at

NOTE: TrekMovie has confirmed these posters are officially licensed by CBS.

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Cool! I want it!


Um, awesome!!

I’m certain that these guys got permission from CBS. Because if they didn’t, CBS could and most likely would sue. It wouldn’t matter if this is a limited run, CBS would want to protect its property.

Awesome posters by the way. Khan will be in the sequel. No doubt about it.

Just ordered mine to UK, superb!

They also make a pretty neat screen saver if you save the image


Khan looks kind of like the late Patrick Swayze to me.

And all of the other characters/actors have been made to look way more handsome than they are in real life…

That is way cool, but I think I’ll pass on this one. Here’s hoping one of the upcoming designs will have something that features the big three a bit larger for me. :)

6. Are you kidding? In his prime, Shatner was gorgeous, and Nimoy was (and still is) smoking. Ask the fan-girls! And of course, Nichelle was and is lovely.

McCoy is too far way for me to comment.

I have double checked and these are officially licensed

Looks cool except all that white stuff (I think its supposed to be the lighting or something) thats all over their them reminds me too much of leprosy or something

8. Agreed!


Whoop Whoop!

@ 9

Anthony… if Paramount commissioned this stuff. Does it mean their marketing Khan for the Trek Sequel ?

@ 6: Funny, to me Khan looks like Martin Landau ;)

wow Jas…that is a leap

paramount didn’t commission these, the drafthouse did. And this is the first of a series. Don’t read anything into it

The Khan question is still out there, but this is not related.

@ 13.

LOL, its true !

No. Wrong style altogether. Think “ST III” or “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.

Everything the Alamo Drafthouse does is cool.

I miss Austin :(

Boring. It looks like Khan is using his Jedi mind tricks.

The enduring power of the original series …

I’m breathtaken! :O I must get this!!!

Got ’em!

SOLD OUT!!! I trust Trekmovie will give us a heads up if more become available…

I can’t wait to see which other ones they do in this series! How many will there be? Get the scoop, Anthony!

20 mins later and I wouldn’t have got one – a no brainer! can’t wait…

I am going to the Draft house Tomorrow and getting mine. So Kool to live in Austin Texas.

sold out!

Frikkin’ SOLD OUT already?! Man, I hate the Internet sometimes…

Oh man its sold out, ironically this is the topic on Trekcast this week Space Seed or our version of it anyway. Thanks Anthony for this did you get one at least?

Khan looks like Marc Alaimo, but that’s okay. It’s still bad ass. :)

Sold out… That sucks to high hell. Here’s hoping they do a second printing.

To quote Marla McGivers in that episode, “Magnificent!” ; )

ARGGHH! They need to print more!

#30. Mondo doesn’t do reprints no matter how successful one of their posters happens to be.

Damn! Sold out, criminy.

Totally different – and very cool. Too bad it´s already sold out…

Yes I like it. and hoping for Star Trek 12: Space Seed!!!!!!!!!!

Look forward to “City on the Edge of Forever”!

Awesome ¡¡¡¡ no words ;)

Uh…why only 300??? Would have been nice if they had produced enough so fans would have a decent chance of buying one!

Such a beautiful poster for a great price… and I missed out. DRAT!!!

Already sold out! AAAArrrrgh! Well, if they sold out this quickly, I’m sure we can expect more.

there is all ready a wack of them on ebay. 140 bucks!

Why only make 300 of the paper ones only? I never understood the limited edition thing. Why not sell many many more? They would probably make much more profit.

Very awesome! I like Khan’s pose — very Augustus Caesar-like. I think he’d approve. :)

#41. Hopefully they make the next poster they do in a larger run, but they aren’t going to make any more “Space Seed” ones.

Again, with the Uhura in the ‘Triumvirate’. I love Uhura, but my favorite character is Bones I am getting tired of him getting pushed to the fringes.

Uh oh, maybe Trek 12 is Khan with Martin Landau in the lead. Geriatric Khan in the JJ Verse lived and time travels back to the past to mess Kirk and Co. up!

@ 47 , That would actually be cool. But I can Imagine that many trek fans would do the eye roll.

Movie: ED WOOD 1994- Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi: “I will show the world that I can be it’s master! I will perfect an atomic race of Supermen, Who will conquer the world..Heh , Heh, Heh.”

Pass the popcorn!

They should have put Chekov in the background; locked in the head or something.

“Botany Bay? Botany Bay???”

Wot, no Scotty?
And who is that guy supposed to be? Cuz he looks nothing like Ricardo Montalban. Kirk and Spock are reasonable likenesses tho’