Backstage Video Of Patrick Stewart & Zoe Saldana at Glamour Awards + More Stewart v Corden Clash Fallout

On Tuesday night TrekMovie reported on Patrick Stewart presenting Zoe Saldana with the Best Actress honor at the UK Glamour Women of the Year Awards. We now have some back stage video from the event. Plus we also have a roundup of the fallout of Patrick Stewart's now infamous clash with the host of the show.  



Zoe and Sir Patrick backstage

Here is a brief video from back stage at the UK Glamour Women of the Year Awards, which includes a clip of Sir Patrick Stewart and Zoe Saldana, where she shows her geek cred by talking about the next X-Men Movie, and she and he talk about her plans to get drunk to celebrate.

Patrick Stewart vs. James Corden Spat makes big news

The awkward moment between Patrick Stewart and Award show host James Corden has made big news, especially in the UK. YouTube videos of the event have racked up over a 1/4 million views in the last day, here it is again if you missed our update.

This confrontation has made big news in the UK celebrity and entertainment press, but also in the mainstream press as well. Just one week since Patrick Stewart was making news being pictured at Buckingham Palace being knighted for his lifetime in the theater, this fight is not being seen as a highlight of the actor's career. It seems that Stewart is the one coming out the loser of the exchange in the media. Here are just a few of the headlines from the mainstream press:


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Was Patrick drunk?

Sounds like an idea that looked great on paper, and lost something in execution. Can’t help but think that Sir Pat should leave the stand up to others….

Oh, and someone should have clued in Zoe…felt bad for her trying to rise above that….

W T Blank……think he was drunk or maybe it was the alternate universe Picard from the get a life scit……hope so…he’s just so dignified for that!

I lost a bit of respect for Zoe in that clip as well and felt Patrick was a bit off on this occasion.

I love Patrick Stewart but I did not find this funny.

It seems so out of character for Patrick Stewart. From everything I’ve read, he’s the consummate professional on and off the set. I wonder what set him off…

Oh, dear. Corden improvising. How awful. But Patrick more so.

that has to be Patrick Stewart on an off day, no way my fav actor can be like that, its so out of character.

And for Zoe to say he die anytime, shame on her

Steven above was wondering what set Sir Patrick off… I’m guessing it’s the confrontational in-your-face arrogant nastiness of Corden. Look at the body language when he first muscles in and looms over the podium.

Who the hell is Corden anyway? What’s he ever created that makes him worthy of such a big ego?

The audience didn’t help, being decidedly unfriendly to Stewart, but for that kind of awards ceremony it’s not too surprising; I’d expect people who were into Corden on the basis that they too are non-entity “celebrities” and thus identify with him.

Interviewer: how did it feel?

note PS response to that question, he sticks his tongue out quickly a physical display of dislike to the question.

Could not have seen Picard from the show doing that. Picard from the movies, however, definitely would have been capable of saying something like that.

Zoe meant was trying to evoke memories of hid great tragic shakespearen performances, such as Macbeth where every night he “dies” on stage. Ok, I know Macbeth is killed offstage but you get my point. It was a very classy thing of her to say but she didn’t quite pull it off as it still smacked off Cordens attempt to make a fool of stewart by bullying him into being funny. “go on then, say something funny.” corden even starts his own round of applause by clapping. I know he supposedly wrote Gavin and Stacey but judging by his recent output, “vampire lesbian killers”, “corden & Horne”; I’m sure he was just ruth jones’ typist.

I’m British………. and I F**KIN hate Corden the fat talentless prick….
Him and that muppet Mathew Horne are sooo trying to emulate Simon Pegg and Nigel Frost…. Sorry fatty, your NOT FUNNY.
Pegg & Frost beat you to the funny double act by about 10 years.

Patrick may have been drunk, or he may not have been… but ask people in 20 years who Patrick Stewart is… they’ll tell you.
Ask who James Corden is? …. wha? who?

See you in Non-Entity TV shows trying to resurrect your career Corden.

#1 (Al): The drunk knight—that was my first reaction, too. But there may have been some kind of a script, because Stewart seems to be reading from something later on, but it obviously went completely wrong. Very strange incident indeed. (Maybe one of them will comment on it in the coming days.)

At any rate, who the hell is James Corden?

giving it some more thought – ive a feeling that it might have been a scripted thing (as #14 says) yet for some reason Corden turned on Stewart….maybe he wasnt told what exactly Stewart was going to say or maybe he could sense what was planned wasnt going well in general and decided to leave Patrick to hang as if it were all his doing (if thats the case Corden is a massive shit for doing that)

i wouldnt be suprised that the wrong man is getting the backlash here with Patrick being the victim of some terrible joke Corden thought up going wrong, as its just totally out of character for PS to turn up mocking the hosts presenting style and then calling him fat!….the whole thing sort of smells of a bad Corden joke gone wrong like his sketch show…..its not as if Patrick could go ‘wait wait it was all his idea! he told me to say that!’

i.e. Corden – wouldnt it be funny if Patrick Stewart turned up in his Extras/American Dad mode and berated me on my presenting and then i swear at him…oh no the audience isnt getting it – ok we’ll see how the belly joke goes..oh no it isnt working, ok i’ll make it look like Patrick is screwing up…..phew they all think it was him

if that wasthe case Patrick

Yeah….the British tabloids may be on Cordens side, but since no one in the U.S. knows who the hell he is, and from what we have seen, don’t really want to know….well, lets just say, we’ve got your back Sir Patrick (even if you were acting incredibly odd)

What exactly is so wrong with what Stewart said? Seems to me, he was just trying to encourage that fat dude to be a little more courteous to the presenters and the “award” recipients. He didn’t even try to correct him an overly mean way, just in that way older people tell younger people to pull up their pants or wipe their nose or something to that effect.–it may suck for the younger person to hear and make him or her a little chagrined, but at the end of the day, that old person was still right: sagging pants and a snotty nose does not a respectable person make.

I think Stewart just needs to stay away from low budget, hackneyed “award” shows like this ’cause he clearly expected some variety of classy event when he went into this shindig. Poor soul just didn’t know he was barking up the wrong tree, here…

Patrick needs to release a statement explaining just what the heck it was all about – otherwise this could be another JFK style mystrey that will haunt people forever.

ive a feeling Corden f**ked up giving Patrick some stupid impro crap to do – Patrick like a true gent willingly participated and Corden (who was probably coked up to his eyeballs anyway) screwed him over when it wasnt working

This was obviously a mistake of Sir Patrick, and I feel really bad for him, because Corden (had never heard of him before) really deserved some slapping. He acted like a complete bully towards Stewart, especially when leaning on the podium. If he was offended, he should just have let it go.

Stewart’s mistake was making the weight remark, it was not worthy of a classy guy like him. He should have stopped where he criticised Corden on standing with his hands in his pockets.

One thing that is missing from this is video from the event prior. I guess from Stewart’s perspective in the audience, Corden was being rude. Usually hosts get out of the way during a show, but this seems a cramped event and so the host stands behind the guests and i guess PS didn’t like his body language (or his body).

That being said, if PS was trying to be funny he did not succeed. And he was there to honor Zoe Saldana, not attack Corden. I am not sure that Glamour, who were celebrating Women, are happy that the big news from the event was that two guys got into a spat.

Maybe the weight remark was a touch rude on Stewart’s behalf, but correct me if I’m wrong (I’m not familar with Cordon), but doesn’t he base a great deal of his humor off the fact that he’s overweight? If so, doesn’t that make him more than a little hypocritical to take such umbarge to Stewart making the same kind of jokes he makes (repeatedly) for a living? A better (or at least more consistent) comedian would have laughed that quip off with another, perhaps better joke, I think.

And, I’m fan of Saldana’s, but if she likes jiggly, flubber bellies so much, why doesn’t she grow one and see how long her career last then? Can’t really look at her the same after this…

It figures the Mirror, Daily Mail and the Sun would come out the with the most sensationalist and provocative stories about nothing, but any educated person knows to take their commentary with a pinch of salt (and a heavy-weight of disdain). The story didn’t (wouldn’t) turn up in the FT, so I’m mercifully protected. Newspapers should be about objective information dissemination, and while I’m sure a lot of people would find them a lot more boring for it, the distortionary and negative cultural and social externalities would outweigh any fleeting loss ten-to-one.

…the *mitigation of* distortionary and… &c.

just watched it again (getting all Jim Garrison on this thing now) and it really does look as if Patrick is reading this belly stuff from notes – and appears to wait for Corden to say his lines (or maybe realised it just wasnt working and looked to Corden as if to say ‘take over’) but as it wasnt going down well (or maybe fuming from Patricks possibly unscripted critique of his presenting or maybe annoyed Patrick hadnt made his little sketch ‘fly’) Corden improvised and made our Captain look like a fool!

just eariler i was thinking it was all Patricks fault but now im fairly convinced it was Corden!!

watch it again and you’ll see what i mean – this thing isnt as simple/one sided as it looks!

also ive been trying to figure out lipreading what they are saying when Uhura is on stage and says ‘i like your belly..but ..i would pay to watch SPS die on stage any day.’ Ive watched this and rewatched it over and over ‘Back..and to the left’ style and i believe i may have cracked it:

Corden who is gurning and pulling silly faces and rudely bouncing around in Patricks face like an elephant on crack gesters to the audience as if to say to PS ‘oooof! they are on my side’

Patrick who is smiling diplomatically seems to go ‘i know..I know..’ then Corden appears to say in Patricks ear (and i may be wrong about this) ‘Face it you f****d up!’ Patrick then appears to try and explain something – ‘yes well..’ and then he goes to say something (i cant make it out..but it might be ‘Im sorry’) but Corden cuts him off with something (cant make this out either but it could be ‘not really…dont worry’) and the gesters to Uhura as if to say ‘listen’

anyone else read it different?? id be interested in what others make of that little chat…

#20 “but doesn’t he base a great deal of his humor off the fact that he’s overweight?”

Exactly – thats why im thinking it was possibly Cordens joke that Patrick wasnt able to make work…and Patrick got the blame

Looks like Stewart was in desperate need of help from William Shatner to save his arse.

Well, at least TNG is back in the headlines again.

25 – yeah like in Generations….I bet if Corden had tried this s**t on Shat hed still be in A&E now…

Shatner wouldn’t look too bad if he dropped 30-50 pounds.

But I guess that’s one way to ward off wrinkles.

For all of you Yanks who don’t know who James Corden is…just watch the next episode of Doctor Who! He can be quite funny…but sometimes not, and he should never have outstage Sir Patrick!!

My first thought when I saw it was that it was scripted too…

He writes pretty funny does our James, but clearly this backfired badly! Zoe didn’t act especially well, and as a Trek vet took the wrong side me thinks!!

Incidentally Lesbian Vampire Killers WAS NOT written by Horne and Corden!

This is very odd indeed… But Patrick being the man he is, probably will not make a statement of any kind about this for some time to just to let things lie so he can rise above the bullying and almost physically threatening demenour of James Corden

Who the frak is James Corden anyway?

From what I can tell, there was a script, but the fat guy interrupted it and the punch line never got told.

Patrick Stewart > All other actors

Anyone agree with me? Anyone read my post?

It does look pretty scripted. Obviously didn’t come off as well as it could have…

Honestly, though, I could care less about the whole thing. The lives and actions of celebrities are not at all my thing.

It looked like it was improvised to begin with but it clearly went pear shaped. Either way Corden should have been showing Sir Patrick a lot more respect. I’m still not sure how Corden has come out on top in the media though, the way he was leaning in at the podium like he was spoiling for a fight was bang out of line. Sir Patrick should have dropped the fat tw*t!

Spiegel Online, the biggest German news site, has also an article about the bad behaviour of Patrick Stewart (according to the article).,1518,699914,00.html

Because the UK produces so few celebs that actually go on to have success in the US and become internationally known, I’m not surprised to see the UK media sensationalize this story and shine a light on Britain’s otherwise buzz-free pop culture scene…

Oh, and Stewart is, indeed, > than Corden.

But we already knew that.

Is this website turning into a celebrity gossip rag or something?

Who gives a frig about this crap, Trekmovie?


You don’t have to read the article. In fact, here’s a couple of steps you can take to avoid articles you don’t like:


2) Read the PARAGRAPH under the headline before clicking on (more…)

If you clicked on “(more…)” it means that you either a) made a mistake by clicking on the wrong article or b) you cared enough about the article to read it. Since you wrote “Who gives a frig about this crap, Trekmovie?” it seems to me that you do care about this article enough to post about it, making your statement “ironic”. Or c) you are a troll who has nothing better to do.

And by the way, are you the same person who complained about “old Trek” on the article about the upcoming conventions under the name “nutrek”?

I meant “nutrekonly”

I really dislike the fat (there, i said it) bully Corden but i’m particularly disappointed that Patrick sank to that level. And then apparently ‘lost’ the exchange!
I can’t bring myself to even watch the video such is my disappointment.
Sir Patrck should do what he does well, poliste and classy. Leave the bitchiness and unpleasantness to the likes of Corden.

#37 are you serious? So few go onto International fame? Seriously?

James Corden is in Dr Who this Weekend.

As a brit… our tabloid and TV media are despicable – this is not news, these awards aren’t even news come on BBC, ITV, Newspapers alike go get some real news.

#37 Steve.

“Because the UK produces so few celebs who go onto have success in the US and become internationally known”

hahaha of course everyone knows to become an international star you have to have success in the US… Dumb y(w)ank! i wonder if per capita you have more international celebs than the UK. Can’t claim to know and can’t be ARSED tryin to find out. Another classic example of an Americans arrogance ( and not the fun Stephen Colbert arrogance but the shitkickin dumb George W Bush kind

…ps anthony

I think Glamour will be glad of ANY free publicity. :P

Great shout by oor wullie in post number. 45 there.

It looks to me like a semi-scripted dialogue that just simply bombed–unfortunately at the expense of Sir Patrick. I didn’t really get the sense of real animosity between the two of them–just an unrehearsed scene that needed some work or maybe completely excised to begin with if they had actually rehearsed it earlier!

“I may be fat but at least I’m not bald”

See, this ‘scripted comedy’ improvs not so hard guys. Maybe they BOTH had one too many…

It seems Fat had a spat with Pat.