Exclusive First Look At ‘Star Trek Live’ Opening Friday At Kennedy Space Center & San Diego Fair

Tomorrow Star Trek Live, the new Trek-inspired live educational show, premieres at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida where it will play all Summer. Also tomorrow, a traveling version of the show premieres at the San Diego Fair. We have an exclusive first image from the show. Plus, news on how PETA are using Star Trek Live as a chance to hold a protest against NASA.  


Star Trek Live goes live this weekend – A First Look

Produced by Mad Science® Productions, The STAR TREK LIVE show combines science education with Star Trek in an interactive stage show. In the 30-minute show audience members join "Starfleet Academy" and get whisked off on an adventure.

Here is the official description of the show:

Eager to learn from Starfleet’s best and brightest, our cadets assemble, anxious to prepare for their first day at the Academy. As we are introduced to the Academy, the Earth itself comes under attack from a renegade Romulan, leaving the fate of the future itself in the hands of our cadets. Our cadets will have to quickly learn the intricacies of living and working in space, modern space travel and the latest in communication and technology as they draw on the achievements of science in the 21st century. It will require all our knowledge, ingenuity, logic and an exploration of science to discover what is happening and how to set things right before it’s too late!

And here is our exclusive first preview image from the show 

Commander Sean Christopher (left) and Federation Officer Voula (right) – from Star Trek Live at the Kennedy Space Center
(click to enlarge)

During the orientation from Cmdr. Sean Christopher (who appears to have a uniformed inspired by the Enterprise era), the cadets are surprised by a visit from Voula, a Vulcan scientist from the future, who has traveled back in time in order to set things right. In the above photo, Voula can be seen exiting a shuttle from the USS Wells. The 29th century time ship USS Relativity from the episode "Relativity" was a Wells Class ship, so it seems that Voula is from that ship. She is also wearing a uniform like members of the Relativity crew, sporting the same starfleet logo from the 29th century seen in that episode.

Debuts Friday at Kennedy Space Center & San Diego Fair

Star Trek Live kicks off tomorrow at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex at the Astronaut Encounter Theater, with three shows a day at 12:00 noon, 3:00PM, and 5:00PM. Star Trek Live is included in the price of admission to KSC, which is $38 for adults and $28 for children. The show will run through until Labor Day. For more information, call 321-449-4400 or visit www.KennedySpaceCenter.com.

A traveling version of the show also debuts tomorrow at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, California. The show will run five times daily: 1:30PM, 3:00PM, 4:30PM, 6:00PM and 7:30PM at a special Star Trek Live stage in the infield. The show is included in the price of admission, which is $13 for adults and $7 for kids. The fair runs until July 5th. More info at www.sdfair.com.

Following the SD Fair, the traveling version of Star Trek Live will move on to other cities in North America over the summer. See our previous article for a list of cities.

PETA planning Star Trek protest

Star Trek Live's premiere at the Kennedy Space Center is being used by the animal right's group PETA as an opportunity to protest against NASA. According to a press release, PETA plans to "crash" the opening of Star Trek Live, in order to protest NASA's radiation experiments on monkeys. Members of PETA will hold a protest on Friday across the street from the KSC dressed up in Star Trek outfits.


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wow looks incredibly cheesy

I am planning on going for the last shuttle launch- what a bonus!

The headsets kill it for me. They could at least humor me with a bluetooth, or something.

Oh no, does that mean you’ll be exposed to the horrendous ‘future’ (USS Relativity) style LCARS?

Still… wish I could go, if only to see the sets.

From the San D Fair site:

Fairgoers will join the newly formed Starfleet Academy and be whisked into an exciting adventure steeped in the grand tradition of the Star Trek franchise and the thrilling new Paramount Pictures movie, “Star Trek: Final Stand.”

‘Final Stand’?

Well, kudos to whoever wrote and designed the show for actually putting some thought into this. Sure, it looks cheesy, but Sean Christopher and the future-Voyager uniforms and logo obviously inspired by the Prime timeline? Great stuff! I’m looking forward to hearing more about this….

PETA can only crash the opening as long as they bring all the naked super models with them.

Can PETA not draw our beloved Star Trek into their crap? I’m sorry, but if the life of an orangutan can get us out of the “Cradle of Humanity” faster & save human lives, that’s worthwhile. Use your time & energy to protest stupid crap like cosmetic tests & fur coats – and leave the uniforms at home please.

hmmmm nerdtastic.

Am I the only one who thinks the whole naked supermodel ad thing PETA does doesn’t work the way they think it should? Whenever a new one comes out, all the attention is on whoever’s posing in the ad, not what the group stands for. It certainly doesn’t make me any more inclined to support them.

Why does the shuttle make it look like a vulcan is exiting a single wide trailer? Which trailer park is this from? heheh-and yeh what is that comment about new trek movie with a korny title like that-sounds like a videogame

This feels like Star Trek Disneyfied … I’m all for turning kids on to Trek but I hate to think this could be some kid’s first exposure.

Better they watch “Doomsday Machine.”

I miss the old days when PETA threw pink paint on people wearing targ-skin jackets.

I like Officer Voula.

anyone attending should make a counter point to Peta.

Dig out your Grandmothers old mink coat

Some things just don’t lend themselves to being presented on the stage. Unless Its done as outright parody, Trek is one of them.

Use PETA members, not apes for the experiments.

PETA – go to hell! Aren’t there any KFCs on the Space Coast you can send naked protesters to?

i hope someone dresses like six of nine in a fur coat! hey PETA leave trek alone

Sick and tired of PETA…I hope a member is reading this so they can report back how they manage to alienate more then they recruit. Their agenda is to put animals on a moral par with humans and thats stupidity. I agree with them that there should be more humane treatment of livestock but that isnt their goal thats just their lure. Their real goal is to have people stop using animals for anything period. I was a member for a while but I got in to it with one of their lord high mucky mucks about the hate speech contained in their newsletters and they said ‘too bad’ so I said F* off. Losers.

PETA… ACORN for animals.

So PETA is gonna make Star Trek fans look bad. They’ll be dress in Star Trek costumes? Don’t they usually protest naked?

Gotta love PETA…just in case you forgot that were whacked out idiots, they come along and remind you all over again.

Let me guess, Westboro is going to get in on this too by saying “God hates NASA, Star Trek and PETA”

A protest against Nasa. Don’t you mean Obama, he is the one who canned the space program.

meetup at the SD Fair Friday June 18th at 3 and 6 p.m.!

It was actually a pretty good presentation. A bit light hearted and humorous, it was based on several Trek story lines, and included some fun audience participation. I saw this at the Sandy Eggo fair, but did not see any PETA people. Perhaps they were skulking about the livestock barns.

I saw the show at the SD Fair…it was mediocre…good for little kids.. not for die hard fans…mixed Next Generation with Enterprise with scenes from the Star Trek 2009 movie.


Separately, at the “Home and Hobby Section” of the San Diego County Fair–someone there is displaying Star Trek collectibles there and won first prize.


So bad… So very bad. My daughter went with me and suffered through it. Brave girl. Time travel? “I just lost 35 minutes of my life,” she said.

Sent from courtyard outside theater at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex… still trying to get it out if my brain.