Patrick Stewart Cast In Animated Musical Oz Sequel

Today Summertime Entertainment announced the voice cast for Dorothy of Oz, their animated musiscal sequel to the Wizard of Oz. Included in the extensive list of well-known names is Star Trek: The Next Generation's Sir Patrick Stewart. More details below.


Stewart to Oz 

The animated musical feature film Dorothy of Oz will star Lea Michele (Glee) as the voice of the title role. Joining her will be a number of well known names, including  Kelsey Grammer as the Tin Man, Jim Belushi as the Lion, Dan Aykroyd as the Scarecrow, and Martin Short as The Jester. And Star Trek's Sir Patrick Stewart will be voicing "the humorous old soul and adventure-seeking Tugg." More on the casting at

The film is being made in Stereoscopic 3D and will include songs by 15-time Grammy winner Bryan Adams. You can learn more about the film at a new interactive teaser website, There is also Facebook page with some concept art. 

Concept art for "Dorothy of Oz"

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I was pretty sure when I read the headline that it wasn’t referring to the HBO show about prison life….

Have they also cast James Corden? (Okay, okay… bad joke.)


Wizard..from here….i can see your belly…..

he’s not going to be forgetting this for a while is he?

one more…do you want one more?

if you fancy Bryan Adams…..cover your belly…



1 – Funny, I never laugh at these comments, but yours was great.

I can see Picard shanking someone in the showers for messing with his PRAG.

Glad they have real tallent doing this oz thing

CGI animated OZ ?


If they translate the drawn characters from the books into the film then It’ll be interesting on how it’ll look when it’s done.

– W –
* Curious on how it’ll all look *