Paramount Wins 3 Key Art Awards For Star Trek Marketing Campaign

The 2010 Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards, celebrating the best in movie marketing, were held in Los Angeles on Friday night where Paramount’s campaign for the 2009 Star Trek was up for a number of awards, — taking home three. More details below.


Star Trek Poster, Trailer & Site win Key Art Awards

Paramount went into the awards with ten nominations for their marketing of Star Trek in various media, for both the theatrical release and on home video. In the end Star Trek took .

The wins for Star Trek were:

Best In Show: Theatrical Print — Action/Adventure Posters Rated PG-13 and Below
Star Trek: Final One-Sheet, created by BLT & Associates and Paramount Pictures
Creative/design: BLT & Associates
Co-president, marketing, Paramount: Josh Greenstein
Senior vp creative advertising: Amy Mastriona
Director of creative advertising: Abbie Wisdom

(other nominees were Taken, Where the Wild Things Are and 2012)

Best in Show: Theatrical Audio/Visual — Action/Adventure Trailers Rated PG-13 and Below
Star Trek: Domestic Trailer #3, created by Aspect Ratio and Paramount
Co-president domestic marketing, Paramount: Josh Greenstein
VP creative advertising, Paramount: Peter Giannascoli
Creative directors, Aspect Ratio: Justin King-Hall, Shawn Yashar
Editors, Aspect Ratio: Robert Schulze, Eric McCormick
Music supervisor, Aspect Ratio: Jordan Silverburg

(other nominees were 2012, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Terminator Salvation, and  Where the Wild Things Are)

First Place: Theatrical New Media — Best Website Design
Star Trek: Star Trek Official Site, created by Project C and Paramount Pictures
Creative director: John Cristiano
Art director: Morgan Keep
Lead Flash developer: Andy Schlossberg
Senior VP interactive marketing: Amy Powell
VP interactive marketing: Bryan Warman
Producer: Josh Lawson

(other nominees were District 9, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Up, and Watchmen)

The big winner of the night was Sony Picture’s District 9, which won eight awards, including best integrated campaign. More information and a complete list of winners at and


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I really did enjoy how hi tech feeling but easy to navigate their site was.

congrads ! i liked the art.

That is my favorite trailer!!!

Did the blowtorch guy from the teaser ever make it into a movie cameo?

Did like the music for the trailer….


And it deserves all 3! Definitely the best trailer I’ve ever seen. Of course ‘Freedom Fighters’ makes it even more amazing.

That “mishap at the printer” poster won an award? Egads…
Hideous, absolutely hideous.

I like the poster except that it’s too white. Pictures that are mostly white seem to be very uninteresting in general.

I liked the movie poster a lot. The brightness of it really popped out when you put it with a bunch of other posters.

Well done guys.

yes a truly great trailer. But then they had plenty of excellent material to work with.

Twas a very arty poster, not suprised it won an award, I liked it, very different, conventional posters are becoming dull now!!

Best trailer of 2009 by a long way!!

And finally, the website was outstanding!! All three very well deserved!!

Should have got an award for the arg too!

Congrats, the awards were well deserved!

Not sure why people hate the poster – it’s a beautiful, futuristic minimalist poster that is as iconic as the first Star Wars poster – BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Very cool. I like the Star Trek poster a lot. But I like my movie posters to have simplistic designs. I’ve never been that into ones that crowd a whole bunch of characters from the movie into the image or whatever.

I liked the poster when it was on the digital billboards where they’d alternate the black and white.

I wouldn’t call the poster terrible, I just thought it was a little too simplistic and did kind of look like a smudge. It was okay, but I liked the full character theatrical poster better.

The trailer, especially the final trailer, deserved every single award it could win any more. It was absolute gold. Better than most movies of 2009, frankly.

Hooray! Star Trek deserved it.

I remember when everyone here (including myself) was saying during the secrecy phase how the marketing sucked. But Paramount was right. They used that secrecy to build anticipation for the movie. Sometimes the best marketing is no marketing at all! If they had given us the bridge, ship and uniform shots as early as we had wanted them, the fan frenzy would have been somewhat diluted by the time the film came out.

AP, I recall reading here early on how the marketing effort was going to be of prime interest to you (maybe that’s your profession?), but I don’t remember you ever following up with an analysis after the fact.

I agree with those who thought that there was really nothing wrong with this poster…. but there really wasn’t anything spectacular about it either. I liked it well enough, just not enough to give it any awards. However, I certainly can look at in the light of other posters and say…It may have been the best of the bunch

The poster works because it hides the fugly nacelles.

Anyway, congrats to Trek.

I believe the poster works well. The shape is recognizably the Enterprise, but it doesn’t give away the new design clearly, creating a bit of mystery and intrigue as to how different the new movie was going to look compared to the original ( especially to those who were casual fans and weren’t hanging on every tidbit published here and elsewhere ).

It definitely set this film apart from the previous two decade’s movie artwork with it’s stark, monochromatic, almost impressionistic style. It also stood apart from it’s contemporaries by being one simple, stark image, rather than a depiction of an actual event in the film.

I like it, and found it a refreshing change from the usual ‘ Enterprise -Kirk-Spock-(and perhaps third wheel character )’ typical of previous films ( I definitely liked it better than the ‘Fred Flintstone/ Spock face drawing selected by Paramount for ‘The Search For Spock’). although I wouldn’t want it to become the accepted mode for each subsequent Trek movie one – sheet.

The most amazing thing is DISTRICT 9 didn’t win three more (undeserved) awards.


Well John and I did endeavor to report every nook and cranny of the marketing and merchandising campaigns for Star Trek.

And yes that is of interest to me as I do have a background in marketing. I guess I never did write up an analysis. I still do think that they took the secrecy thing too far and I disagree with them skipping Comic Con 2008 and doing their panel at Wondercon 2009 instead, as Comic Con would have garnered them more press.

But in the end I think the marketing campaign was very good for Star Trek. Paramount went into it with the challenge of convincing fans the film was true to Trek while trying to convince average moviegoers (who couldn’t be dragged to Star Trek Nemesis) that this is a new/hip/cool/etc Trek. I think trailer 3 (and the Superbowl commercial) were milestones. Trailer 3 was one of the best trailers ever made (and it worked for both trekkies and non-trekkies) And in the end that message won out with a strong opening weekend.

After opening weekend, it was the movie itself that really made it a hit. It had very good ‘legs’ based on the positive buzz. Just compare Trek to Iron Man 2. Iron Man 2 opened the same weekend as Trek but this year and had a huge open weekend. But in the end it will probably only make about the same as Iron Man 1, because of weak word of mouth.

Regarding the One Sheet. I have always liked it myself. It is artistic and evocative. Posters no longer have to sell everything about a film as they are now just part of a much larger campaign.

I like the one sheet, and the IMAX variant white on black.

I much prefer the “Under Construction” trailer over the others, though I thought they were all good.

Just seeing the Enterprise under construction, and hearing quotes by JFK and Leonard Nimoy really made my day. It WAS the trailer that announced that Star Trek was back.

As for the poster, it was okay. Not bad. But not great either. Didn’t think it deserved an award.

I really liked the official website and the official trailers! Star Trek today is at its best!

So much money went on design and marketing. Too bad they were left with non when they needed it for the story and script. Most of the young audience where captivated by the media even before watching this film.

The poster was- is- sheer genius.
I commend Paramount for allowing something of that degree of photographic impressionism to become mainstream.

Caught part of the movie again last nite on epix.
It just makes you feel GOOD.
True entertainment.

Well deserved. The Enterprise at warp was a cool idea and that articular trailer gave me chills every time I watched it up until the movie. The website was cool I guess. Don’t really care about that

As much as I love the poster, I kind of hope they get someone like Drew Struzan to do an old-school painted poster for the next one.

And by like Drew Struzan, I mean the man himself, for he is made of talent and awesome.

That’s the trailer that got me to see the film single handedly. I can definitely see why it got the award. The music is what makes it!

I heard iron man 2 has already passed 500 million isnt that more than what trek made and a lot faster even without 3d to add to the totals–

“Domestic Trailer #3” was the best movie trailer I’ve ever seen. Great to see it recognized for the superior work it is. Well deserved award for everyone involved with creating it. It’s the marriage of that terrific music and the editing….just fantastic work.

Come to think of it, I for one would love to see a “Making of the Trailer” interview feature on trailer #3. What was JJ’s involvement (if any)? Were the visuals edited to the pre-existing music, or was the music composed after the visuals? etc. etc. It would be very interesting to hear some nuts and bolts specifics about the creative process in making this trailer.

RE: Iron Man 2
The film is surely a ‘hit’ and will make money, my point was that word of mouth could have made it into an even bigger hit. Iron Man 2 cost $50 million more than Iron Man 1 and will likely only make the same domestically, around $320M. It is doing better overseas so overall it will likely make more of a intl gross, like $320M vs $266 (but studio makes less off overseas). So it will end as a $640M movie, which is big

But the film could have been a $800M+ movie, and the only reason it isn’t is because word of mouth. Marketing has the biggest effect on opening weekend. Iron Man 2 had a massive opening, but since then is actually performing worse than the original film, even in very weak competitive summer.

I have to put in that I loved that poster and would give large amounts of money for it to be in my posession.

yeh makes sense anthony–it took longer for trek but it had good word of mouth which kept it performing over a longer period of time–heres hoping the nu trek movie will do better overseas cuz of the quality n popularity of trek09–thanks for the clarification mr pascale–

What marketing?

The marketing was very good on a basic promotion level, but the follow-through has been weak, in my opinion.

We got a novelisation that I’d have loved Alan Dean Foster to have been able to spend more time on, expanding the story the way Vonda McIntyre did for Treks 2-4. The spin-off novels were announced as being a year off, then cancelled. The toys disappeared from the supermarket shelves and now it’s as if the movie never happened. All that momentum that was built up for the new film that could have been carried over for the sequel has dissipated.

I was hoping for novels set in the new universe (prequel and sequel,) regular comicbooks, sticker albums (very popular still in the UK!) and possibly a cartoon series. All these things can become non-canon easily eough, but they’re still fun and keep the series in the public eye! IDW is the only licencee out there keeping the faith right now, it seems!