More Images From Premiere Of Star Trek Live

Last week we had a first look at an image from Star Trek Live, the new Trek-inspired live educational show which premiered at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida (with a traveling version also opening at the San Diego Fair). Today we have four new images from the weekend opening of the event. Check them out below.  


Star Trek Live

Here are four new images from Star Trek Live.

Star Trek Live

Commander Sean Christopher (left) and Voula (right), a Vulcan federation officer and science expert, greet cadets, the audience, assembled for their first day at Starfleet Academy during the new STAR TREK LIVE™, a new interactive stage show at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. (click to enlarge)

Under Attack

Eager to learn from Starfleet’s best and brightest, cadets assemble, anxious to prepare for their first day at the Academy. As they are introduced to the Academy, the Earth comes under attack from a renegade Romulan, leaving the fate of the future in the hands of cadets. STAR TREK LIVE™, a new interactive stage show based on the popular science-fiction franchise, is now showing at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. (click to enlarge)

A Threat Against Earth

During the first day of Starfleet Academy, Commander Sean Christopher (left) is joined by Voula (right), a Vulcan federation officer and science expert, to warn of a threat against the people of Earth. STAR TREK LIVE™, a new interactive stage show based on the popular science-fiction franchise, is now playing at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (click to enlarge)

A Glimpse into the Future

Commander Sean Christopher (left) and Voula (right), a Vulcan federation officer and science expert, take a glimpse into the future of space travel during STAR TREK LIVE™, a 30-minute show combining fun special effects, audience interaction and cool science to create an exhilarating and unforgettable theatrical experience (click to enlarge)

For more about Star Trek Live, see our preview from last week.

Open now at Kennedy Space Center & San Diego Fair

Star Trek Live kicks at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (in the Astronaut Encounter Theater) runs with three shows a day (12:00 noon, 3:00PM, and 5:00PM). Star Trek Live is included in the price of admission to KSC, which is $38 for adults and $28 for children. The show will run through until Labor Day. For more information, call 321-449-4400 or visit

The traveling version of the show also debuted over the weekend at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, California. The show will run five times daily: 1:30PM, 3:00PM, 4:30PM, 6:00PM and 7:30PM at a special Star Trek Live stage in the infield. The show is included in the price of admission, which is $13 for adults and $7 for kids. The fair runs until July 5th. More info at

Following the SD Fair, the traveling version of Star Trek Live will move on to other cities in North America over the summer. See our previous article for a list of cities.


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A live Star Trek experience is surely pretty cool. Nice idea to tie into the new film, btw.


Wow, embarrassingly silly. Even as a kid I wouldn’t have wanted to sit through this.

Nice, but Commander Christopher needs to roll his friggin’ sleeves down…

That Vulcan dude looks horrible…

…wait… what? A woman? Huh?

I saw the show at the SD Fair…it was mediocre…good for little kids.. not for die hard fans…mixed Next Generation with Enterprise with scenes from the Star Trek 2009 movie.


Separately, at the “Home and Hobby Section” of the San Diego County Fair–someone there is displaying Star Trek collectibles there and won first prize.

I usually don’t have strong opinions like this, but I have to say:

It looks like crap!

Why go with the “Enterprise” era uniform? That’s crap. Even people who know nothing about Star Trek will identify with the TOS era uniforms.

I guess renegade Romulans are all that’s left as far as villains go in the star trek universe

Sean Christopher? As in Sean Jeffrey Christopher who led, or will lead, the first Earth-Saturn Expedition? Maybe his great grandson?

#8 Anthony, a big Amen to that.

I would love to bring my nieces and nephews to this, Remember when there was educational fun like this was commonplace?
Well it has been a while, i’m glad to see Trek being used in a productive way and I think Gene Roddenberry would appreciate his creation being used in this way, to educate and interact with future scientists and explorers.

MY take is, if they are going to do this, they should really go full speed. I don’t neccesarily mean with a huge story line or a huge cast of good actors, but…. make it an hour long, and actually go full speed with the science. It sounds like they are sticking to kids stuff. Not a huge problem, but beef it up for the big boys…you know. Talk a bit about space science in a little depth. Talk about how a star works, how life as we know it works. etc.

Has everyone forgotten about plain old fun and learning? I would have eaten this up at a certain age and I think that’s the idea behind it.

Lighten up folks.

8. So predictable. You’ve done an awesome job of trying to keep these threads as the most sane Trek “boards” anywhere. And they are. But being the most sane place to comment on Trek issues is like being the most trustworthy Vorta in the Gamma quadrant.

THIS IS A DISASTER! Actually a disaster was when, in the early ’90s, a troupe of actors (half of which were deaf) came to my middle school and performed a TOS/TNG crossover play where Kirk ends up on the bridge of the 1701-D. All I really remember is a deaf Kirk stumbling around a cardboard bridge set screaming ‘Spock, Bones, where are you!’ in that strange monotone. I’m not even sure what we were supposed to be learning…

What’s up with those uniforms? One looks like its from the time-ship Relativity from VOY and the others from ENT.

I hope there is Trek memorabilia on display

17 – I think that’s the idea.

Voula has come from the same future as Captain Braxton to warn Christopher about a rogue Romulan altering the timeline.

One would assume (and hope) that she’s referring to Nero. It would at least be concievable that the Ent uniform (though I hate to count Ent as part of continuity) would still be around in Robau’s time.

If the story is well enough thought out, they could be the people responsible for at least one flavour of the Prime universe still existing. They could still teach some decent science in that context.

I don’t hold out much hope for this to be a significant contribution to Star Trek canon, though.

A Science show for kids, with a Star Trek hook, is GREAT! I’d have absolutely loved it at a certain age. I do hope they don’t dumb it down too much though. I’d have hated that at the same certain age.

I do hope they’re expanding the universe, rather than simply using it in a suprisingly knowledgeable way, as they appear to be doing.

16: Um, wow… I almost want to see that. You have to applaud them for the effort and the stones to pull it off.

Im headed for Dollywood in July!…and I agree Anthony #8….get a grip people…this is sooooo why others think us TREKKERS are such freaks..geeks…whatever….stop it!!!

OH. MY. GOODNESS… This looks cheesy beyond compare…

“I saw the show at the SD Fair…it was mediocre…good for little kids.. not for die hard fans…mixed Next Generation with Enterprise with scenes from the Star Trek 2009 movie.”

If something that combines elements from TNG and Enterprise with Star Trek ’09 is *not* something that would interest die-hard fans…then I find it hard to see what would…as a die hard fan, that’s exactly the sort of thing that would interest me, lol.

I think the implication of using Sean Christopher as a character is to connect present-day NASA with Star Trek’s universe, which I think is actually pretty clever. I’d be willing to guess that this is supposed to be the astronaut son of John Christopher, mentioned by name in “Tomorrow is Yesterday”. I’d imagine that the “time” of the live show is supposed to be either now or in the near future. Can anyone who has seen the show comment?

Yeah, it’s probably cheesy…but so are jumpsuits and color-coded uniforms and miniskirts and Trek fan film Kirks with Elvis hair…just because it’s cheesy doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.

Looks toe-curlingly bad to me.

Science has no place in Star Trek!

Saw this on Tuesday and I LOVED it. Both cast members were FANTASTIC.

I LOVE STARTREK LIVE!!! I LIKE VOULA!!!!!! I SAW IT ON OCTOBER 8 AND 2 AND IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!