Photos (& Video) of the Day: Portland Cyclists Take ‘Star Wars vs. Star Trek’ To The Streets

Over the weekend the annual Pedalpalooza was held in Portland, Oregon. The four day festival celebrating cycling included a number of events and rides, including a "Star Trek vs Star Trek" ride on Saturday. Lots of fans of both showed up in costume and with bikes modified for space-flight. Check out photos below.


PHOTOS: Portland Pedalpalooza 2010 – Star Trek vs. Star Wars ride

Here are some photos from the event from Photographer Zander Speaks (via Flickr)

Star Trek cyclists

star trek vs star wars
Enterprise-cycle at Portland Pedalpalooza 2010

star trek vs star wars
Trekkie cyclists on their Enterprise-cycle

star trek vs star wars
More cyclists  at Portland Pedalpalooza 2010

star trek vs star wars
Tribble-adorned cyclist at Portland Pedalpalooza 2010

star trek vs star wars
Red shirt Trekkies at Portland Pedalpalooza 2010

star trek vs star wars
Blue shirt Trekkies at Portland Pedalpalooza 2010

Star Wars cyclists

star trek vs star wars
Star Wars X-Wing bike at Portland Pedalpalooza 2010

star trek vs star wars
TIE fighter bike at Portland Pedalpalooza 2010

star trek vs star wars
Darth-cyclist at Portland Pedalpalooza 2010

star trek vs star wars
Leia and Han cyclists at Portland Pedalpalooza 2010

More photos at



And here is a brief video that mostly shows the Darth Vader cyclist, but also shows the Enterprise bike and other shots from the event (via WalrusGrdn on YouTube).

Special thanks to Jonathan Maus of



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live long, and cycle….

That is so cool, i’m loving the Umbrellaprise, canoe class I think?

Being from the Portland area I can say that I am truly not surprised in the least. Portland trekkies were bound to do this sooner or later.

If only bicycles went warp speed.

may the bike be with you….

Seeing Darth Vader on the bike reminds of the “Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager” show on I was wondering what he’s been up to lately.

The photo of the tribble riddled cyclist has made my day. Awwwdorable. Thank you!

pdx ftw…

keep it weird, my hometwon!

I’m pretty sure that modding your bike to look like a TIE fighter makes it several hundred times more dangerous.

They’re all a lot better looking than the nude cyclists who went through my hometown on Saturday. I think my retinas are permanently scarred from that!

“She’ll do point five past 10th gear. I made a lot of modifications myself.”

I love living in Portland!!

@4, 9, 13 – I echo your sentiment…Portland is a great town. We should start a local TrekMovie Fan club and invite Anthony to come out and party with us!

How did some of these people maintain stabilization while riding?

freddy mercury must be rolling over in his grave-remember queens song bi-cycle i wan to ride my bicycle–and i dont like star wars was one of the lines in the song hahah–f.b. girls u make the rockin world go round–i think the record sleeve had some nekkid girls bike riding too-kinda like seattle hahah–congrats to portland for the great bike a thon-from us up here in the seattle tacoma area-i luv going to lincoln city n tilamook—so anyone know the tallys-were there more trek riders or wars riders? I am guessing wars but trek costumes would be easier to make n wear n bike in–

Good idea! Maybe it will cut down on the wide girth of some of the fans! HAHAHAHAHHA!!! I think it will help reduce the Star Pig population in fandom…and that can only be a good thing! Less diabetes, less cardiovascular disease…less humongous buttcracks showing at the Trek movie screenings…

It’s good! They should have one of these races in every city!


Good sign Trekkies and the force cycling instead of bashing and fighting. As for weight issues, both side have a lot to lose. Sooooo! Keep trekking in the full FORCe.

Is it just me, or am I the only one that noticed the typo? “Star Trek vs Star Trek” first paragraph, second sentence.

Lol, I mean, not that it really matters, because you already get the idea.

Just sayin’.

Nothing but <3


I know there’s a lot of strong opinions on this site, but can’t we at least agree on this?

@14 Yes we should!! We do have some of the best beer in the world!

I can’t believe it’s not raining!

video not available in my country

I deleted a couple of comments because they were not appropriate. I dont see why i have to remind people to be civil and to just be human. These are your fellow scifi fans who are having some fun. If all you can think to say is something mean and nasty, maybe go for a bike ride and get a bit of fresh air instead, it will be more satisfying I am sure.

I’m WalrusGrdn – the lady who made the video (I’m in it at some point – dressed as Twi’lek). I’m hoping this ride happens again next year – my husband and I (Darth Vader) are planning on going as Star Trek characters – just to provide balance.

We both grew up watching Star Trek: TNG with our dads. :)

Anthony, maybe you should come up to Portland and have a beer with us – we’ll show you what nice folk we are up here – and thank you for keeping the site fun!

Pfeh. I’ve been riding my Trek bike since 1995. :-)

Looks like great fun, I just wonder how Vader saw (and breathed) in that mask. Terrific job, everyone!

My bike DID go into Warp speed, when I was 8.

Imagination is a wonderful thing.