Roberto Orci: Star Trek Sequel Script Draft Done By Christmas + Talks ‘Darker’ vs ‘Fun’ Theme

Roberto Orci, who is writing the Star Trek sequel with Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof, gave an update on the project in a new interview. The script should be done at the end of the year. Orci also talks about fan feedback, Abrams directing decision, and the possible darker theme. Details below.  


Bob Orci’s Star Trek update

Bob Orci talked to IGN at the CBS upfronts in May where he was promoting Hawaii Five-O. IGN got him to talk about his other projects, Cowboys and Aliens and Star Trek. Here are some quick highlights on the Star Trek sequel:

  • Team plans to turn in "a pretty good draft" of sequel script by Christmas
  • Just like with first film, producer JJ Abrams wont decide if he will also direct sequel "until he reads the script and gets super excited" [Super 8 schedule does not appear to conflict]
  • Writers not planning on including Nimoy (unless he asks to be involved)
  • Orci brings "cool suggestion" fan feedback into meetings, saying fans "are consultants on the movie"

But the most interesting bit of the article was the question about the theme:

IGN: Second movies, including Wrath of Khan, are often the dark chapter. Things often get pretty intense. Are you going to go in that direction?
Orci: Well, it’s weird. We got kind of a mixed review in terms of the darkness or not in the first one. There was genocide of an entire planet, Spock’s freaking mother died, Kirk’s dad died… But it’s like, "Well, it wasn’t very dark!"
So I think maybe thematically, because we don’t have the burden of an origin story, we can play a little bit more with the theme and it can be a little bit more complicated. But I still think we like fun. Star Trek has always been funny. Even Wrath of Khan has got some great great, great fun in it. I think it will be equally confusing for some, but I do think we get to jump right into it now. 

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POLL: Should Trek get Dark?

What say you? Like the mix of dark vs. fun in Star Trek 2009, or should it go in a different direction in the sequel?



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