Full Episodes Of Star Trek Enterprise Now Streaming At CBS.com

In 2008 CBS began streaming some of its ‘classic’ shows on CBS.com, including the original Star Trek. And today they announced the addition of Star Trek: Enterprise, which is available in the USA to watch right now, in HD.


Watch Enterprise Right Now In HD

Fans in the USA can now watch episode from all four seasons of Star Trek Enterprise at CBS.com and TV.com (which is owned by CBS). CBS also announced that Enterprise will be available for streaming (along with the original Star Trek) at StarTrek.com when the site relaunches later this summer. Episodes are streamed for free, with advertising.

Star Trek Enterprise streaming at CBS.com

Right now there are 84 (out of 98) episodes available in HD and SD. You can watch in HQ, HD and 1080p. As Star Trek: Enterprise has not been released in Blu-ray, this (and HD Net) are your only choices to see the show in HD. It isn’t known when the rest of the episodes will be added.

To watch Star Trek Enterprise click these links:

Standard Def: www.cbs.com/classics/star_trek_enterprise/video/

HD: www.cbs.com/hd/?show=enterprise

There are also 72 episodes of Enterprise available at www.tv.com/star-trek-enterprise/

What’s next?

Following making the original Star Trek available, it makes sense that Enterprise was the second choice for streaming online. The series is the most recent to air and only Trek show that was shot in HD. Although Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager have not been re-mastered for HD, hopefully they too can also be added to the ad-supported streaming offerings at CBS.com (and the future StarTrek.com). CBS.com streams a number of ‘classic’ shows in SD, including The Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks, and MacGuyver. And hopefully CBS also finds a way to extend this to other countries as well.

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It’s about time!

Can’t wait for TNG and DS9.

“Full Episodes Of Star Trek Enterprise”

fixed that for you…


I really hope they release these on Blu-ray soon.

T’Pol in Full HD. Uhmmm…

Cool! I hate enterprise but I’ll watch them all anyways!!

I have been streaming them from some Japanese site…very bad quality. This is such great timing for me to watch season two. I think this was a great show. It has a Twilight Zone kinda feel to it sometimes and other times it is all smiles and good times. I appreciate Archer’s growth in the series.

Glad the new movie made a reference to him!

YES !!!

Man I loved the 4th season! Especially the TOS two-parter and The Soong arc.

Why won’t CBS release Enterprise on blu-ray ? How hard is it for them to do it ? Its already been filmed using HD cameras.

I’d love to have Enterprise Season 3 and 4 on blu-ray.

But… what about some TNG love in HD ?

I still think it’s stupid that Trip dies. In my book of Star Trek history, that never happened. Phlox saved him.

6. Pro-Khan-Sel
“Cool! I hate enterprise but I’ll watch them all anyways!!”

Season 4, otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

“Broken Bow” was okay for a Pilot, but still nothing to crow over.

2. Kev
“Can’t wait for TNG and DS9.”

TNG is already available online.

10. jas_montreal
“But… what about some TNG love in HD ?”

I don’t think they can do it because those special effects aren’t up to snuff for Blu-ray –they’d look like total crap in HD.

Enterprise is the only series I’d want to see in HD. I think its insane that they did TOS in Bluray, I mean TNG wouldn’t look that great, but TOS. But since ENT was filmed in HD it would look pretty good. I still think it was an under rated series that should have gone on, especially with Manny Coto at the helm.

Is it just america only yet again???


@ 11

Read the books; Trip didn’t die!

I hope I didn’t ruin the continuity for anyone!

BTW, I’ll be watching the series @ TV.com as I hit that site up every day!

Its really hard to navigate their website and look for specific episodes. They seem to be arranged almost randomly.

Hmm tv.com is easier to navigate but it has fewer episodes :(

This is great news. This is a seriously underrated show. You can even see evidence among these first 20 comments that reveal the poisonous atmosphere that surrounds this show among Star Trek fans.

I suggest Star Trek fans re-approach this series with a fresh attitude. It is true, there are sub-par episodes, but that is the case with all Star Trek series. In my opinion, Deep Space Nine has a larger number of forgettable episodes than Enterprise.

I applaud CBS’s decision to put them out there. They deserve better treatment than they’ve been getting.

Deep Space Nine please! TNG is on like three channels

Oh and you’re going to need to pull up a list to watch these because they are not properly ordered

Why is it that this is only available in the USA, does the rest of the world not exist? So much for humanity coming together…


TOS and Enterprise are both HD.. TOS was filmed on actual film and that is HD, TNG was filmed and put on tape in SD format so it cannot be cleaned up like real film, or as well as real film at least.


bring it back!!!

Lets have a 5th Season

Not available in your geographic location. RIP OFF!!!!

I wonder if they will keep score on how many times people view “In a Mirror Darkly” or “Twilight” versus most second season eps. Oh, and the eps where Hoshi or T’Pol strip.

It would be sure nice if we were warned in the headline that those of us that live in the rest of the world wouldn’t get so disappointed when we open up yet another link we can’t actually use :(

It’s about time!!!!!

And to all of you ENT haters, all Trek had shitty episodes along with some awesome ones. There’s a lot to love in this series!

Only in the USA shame but then I do own every episode so it doesnt bother me.

I don’t understand why these videos aren’t available world-wide. I find it hard to believe it could be a technical problem…must have to do with money…

…most things are about money…

To those complaining about the episodes not available worldwide, this is a copyright issue, not so much a money issue. It’s the same reason you can’t watch Doctor Who off of the BBC website in the US, or why you can’t watch Hulu content overseas. Indeed, there is money involved that keeps this from happening, but for the most part, it’s due to the fact that copyright laws are still being hashed out, and the internet is still such a developing landscape.

Awesome news!

Season 4 was terrific for TOS fans. I saw the episode Bound last night (the Orion girls episode), and at the conclusion, Manny Coto inserted the typical TOS ending! T’Pol made what sounded like a joke, Tucker and Archer called her out on it, she denied it, and the humans laughed. Great little touch! :-)

It’s about time they finally resolved this copyright issue, and make series available worldwide, because it’s so unfair to us international fans. Well, I can find the episodes on Youtube or somewhere else, but I’d rather watch them legally, in good quality and with ads, than ad-free, but illegally and in low q.

Well, one could argue that I’m supposed to watch it from a local broadcaster or buy the DVDs, but what I’m supposed to do, if, at least right now, I can’t afford the DVDs (not mentioning the shipping costs), and the local broadcaster just aired the final ENT season 3 episode and won’t be airing the 4th season for I don’t know how long, possibly never?

If they made the series available worldwide, this could be a win-win situation for both me and them, but…

no trip never died because that episode never happened. I strongly dislike it, the cast seems to hate it. Lets just mark it down as unofficially not canon. i think a lot of people put star trek 5 in that category as well.

@ 36

American ads don’t target all viewers worldwide. There are probably products among them, which you can’t even buy elsewhere.

I wish it would be different, too, but I don’t think that will change in the next few years, especially not in regards to new series, which haven’t aired in other countries yet. Perhaps some very old series will be one day made available worldwide like TOS and Bonanza, but I doubt even that.

Is it just me or does the first episode (i only checked out broken bow and observer effect) only look like 720p and observer effect look like 1080p. If i’m right i hope they are able to get the full 1080p for the blu-ray release.

ps please do what it takes to bring us tng, vgr, and ds9 in HD as well. I’m willing to pay more for them i just don’t want to waste my money on obsolete dvd tech.

@ 28 “Oh, and the eps where Hoshi or T’Pol strip.”

Episode names and time indexes please.

For the last time (I wish) :

TNG and DS9 were EDITED on SD VIDEO, therefore would have to be completely reassembled on 35mm, transferred in HD and then have HD effects added to release on Bluray or in HD in general. THAT will take a lot of time and money.

Sorry forgot to include VOY too in my rant :)

How awesome is that? I loved ENT, and its a shame it was cancelled.

TOS is #1, ENT #2 and TNG #3 for me.

I don’t count Deep Snore 9 and Voyager: Lost In Space…. they may as well have been a Stargate or Andromeda spinoff… feh.

#11–The relaunch novels retconned Trip’s death as having been a ploy (The Good That Men Do). One of the few times the novels outright undid something on screen. The fan reaction to that episode was so negative, they decided to change it. Really a shame. I liked the Berman years of Star Trek as much as any other, a horrible way for his tenure to end. For his critics, it only cemented their low opinion of him. The last episode should have been all Enterprise, and should have taken place during the 4th year of their mission. “The Good that Men Do” did a good job of undoing the damage and putting the story back on track.

By the way, Pocketbooks–I want my next Romulan War Book. I’m going to start forgetting where we are at soon,

Had Enterprise been streaming online when it originally aired, it likely would never have been canceled.

I agree that Trip should not have been killed off and I still think they should do a Miniseries or something like it set in the Romulan wars. The 4th Season of Enterprise was the best of the series. The 3rd was ok. the first 2 seasons had some good Eps but were not all that great. But I still watched them all.

Well free is a start, but when they start paying me to watch Enterprise, that will be when it is worth my while.

“These Are The Voyages…” in my opinion was merely a holodeck episode. And we all know that the holodecks never performed properly on the Enterprise-D. So all we got was a “glitchy” and inaccurate account of what really happened prior to the founding of the Coalition of Planets.
Therefore, it should not be considered “true” canon. :-)

Its too bad CBS can’t stream the HD versions of “Enterprise” in Canada. It will be a while before they put out the Blu Ray versions. On the other hand, I have the dvd’s and prefer watching things on my tv anyway.

When Hollywood releases a “historical” movie that takes certain liberties, most people don’t notice anything wrong with it. But The Legend of Zorro (2005 sequel to the far superior in every possible way The Mask of Zorro) having Lincoln president in the 1850s doesn’t mean he actually was president then. Technically, all we know about the final mission of the NX-01 is that that’s how the holoprogram said it happened. Maybe Riker and Troi just didn’t know any better.

In the last year that STTE was open in Las Vegas, I was able to pick up all four seasons of ENT on DVD that were marked down to $29.00 per season. Had I not bought these I would be watching it this way but I do love having the DVDs handy and available.

This really was a great series and it had so much going for it in season 4. Who knows what would be in store for Season 5, maybe that would have been a seasonal arc with the Romulan war as was year 3 with the Xindi war.

Then what would we seeing in years 6 & 7??? There was plenty to work with and still has plenty to work with for direct to DVD movies.