Covers & Details For September Star Trek Comics

neroIDW have released their September comic book solicitations, which include covers and details on two Star Trek comics: the fourth issue of "Star Trek Buden of Knowledge" and the next installment in the periodic "Star Trek Captains Log" series, this one focusing on Captain Pike. See below for details and covers.



Sept. 9th

Star Trek: Burden of Knowledge #4 (32 pages • $3.99)
Written by: Scott Tipton and David Tipton • Art: Federica Manfredi  • Cover: Joe Corroney

After answering a call for help from a most unexpected source, Captain Kirk and the Enterprise return to the site of a previous mission, where they make a shocking discovery, one that may force James T. Kirk to make a decision like no other! It all comes together here! From the creative team behind SPOCK: REFLECTIONS!

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Sept. 22nd 

Star Trek: Captain’s Log: Pike #1 (FC 32 pages $3.99)
Stuart Moore (w) • J. K. Woodward (a & c)

 After the events of Talos (Which were detailed in the classic television two-parter, The Menagerie), Captain Christopher Pike and the crew of the Enterprise have been called back to Earth for a debriefing. Upon entering our solar system they are attacked by a suspicious spacecraft—could this episode somehow be linked to Talos… and what eventually awaits Captain Pike?

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As for this month, there are two more Star Trek titles coming from IDW. Next week the trade paperback collection of "Star Trek: The Next Generation: Ghosts" will arrive in stores and on June 30th "Burden of Knowledge", the new TOS series comic from the Tipton brothers, kicks off. See June Preview article for more details.

Remaining June  titles from IDW – Click to enlarge

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*sigh* looking forward to more nice reading… 2nd? o.O

Cool Pike cover. Looking forward to getting home after camp and reading my McCoy Frontier doctor comic that’s waiting for me.


Hmm, the “Burden of Knowledge” cover is reproducing Gorn-anatomy art done by Doug Drexler and/or Anthony Fredrickson in the Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual, which I just happened to be flipping through a few minutes ago.

Your point Mr. Chris

Hey, C.L. Bennett–Ex Machina was an excellent book. :) “Godkiller” was awesome.

The GORN! YES! I’m so there.

Also, I think Simon Pegg would make a great delta-rayed Pike. :D

@ 7
Simon Pegg is a great actor, but i don’t think that he could pull off the depth needed.

Beep. Beep.

Showing some more love for the Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual, sitting cozily on my shelf along with the Star Fleet Technical Manual, the U.S.S. Enterprise Officer’s Manual, the Spaceflight Chronology, and Star Trek Maps, among several other tomes which would interest anyone who isn’t too cool to subscribe to Nacelles Monthly.

One beep for yes.

Beep Beep Beep Beep!

That’s yes yes yes yes!. Not, No no!

The blurb for “Burden of Knowledge” makes it all mysterious, yet the cover gives it away. LOL.

I want more Harriman comics and a Romulan War series.

6: I second that! Ex Machina was awesome! Nice to see some love for TMP.

If you like painted and inked over assemblages of others’ previous work: graphic artists, photographers, etc. then these books are for you- the fast food version of Trek comics. Lots of calories, no nutrition, save Byrne’s Frontier Doc- at least one title with original art.