VIDEO: See Leonard Nimoy As ‘The Terminator’ + more pix & vid of Nimoy, Saldana & Burton from E3

As reported earlier, Leonard Nimoy and Zoe Saldana were at the E3 gaming show to help introduce the Yoostar 2 Movie Karaoke Machine (and LeVar Burton dropped by too). We now have more video and photos from the event, including video of Nimoy inserting himself into a scene from The Terminator.


VIDEO: Nimoy As Schwarzenegger in "The Terminator" + Zoe & Nimoy Yoostar Press Conference

Yoostar lets you put yourself into scenes from TV and film (including Star Trek episodes and movies). For his demonstration Leonard Nimoy decided to try out the famous "I’ll be back" scene from The Terminator. Friend of the site Dave Malkoff from KTLA 5 in LA interviewed Nimoy at the show, and got video of him as The Terminator (you can also spot Zoe Saldana and LeVar Burton in the segment).


PC Magazine also caught Nimoy trying out Yoostar 2.

And GameSpot has full video from the Yoostar news conference with Nimoy and Saldana, where Zoe says she wants to use Yoostar to insert herself into classic Trek.

[on YouTube]

UPDATE: CNN also has a story on the event, with some video:


Joining Nimoy at the Yoostar 2 rollout was his Star Trek co-star Zoe Saldana. And Next Generation’s LeVar Burton also dropped by to see what all the fuss was about.

Zoe Saldana and Leonard Nimoy at Yoostar demo – E3 2010

LeVar Burton and Leonard Nimoy at Yoostar demo – E3 2010

Photos: WireImage

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“Schwarzenegger, eat your heart out!” Awesome!

Let it be noted that Spock uses Windows 7.

My God; Doesn’t Leonard Nimoy look great! What a class act. He’s the gold standard of how to handle fame. I do hope he does more film or TV work. His level of talent is so needed after all the reality-star celebrities we are subjected to.
This new technology has incredible potential. I can see why Nimoy agreed to promote it. It’s a real breakthrough. That company also knows, when Leonard Nimoy speaks, everybody listens.
It was also great to hear Leonard Nimoy reference DeForest Kelly in the video clip. Kelly was such a part of Star Trek’s soul and heart.

How good looking is Zoe?

#3 – “Kelly was such a part of Star Trek’s soul and heart.”

Very true and well said.

Looks like a lot of fun! Have to get this when it becomes available! Great seeing Lenard again, for a guys that’s going to retire he sure gets around.

The Nimonator uses Windows 7. Win.

Yoostar is every film geek’s dream come true. ; )

And Nimoy did a great mini-turn as an ’emotionless terminator.’
That was cute.

Oh, come on. We all know what the best Terminator line is.

“Give me your address there.”


Yes, I’ve always quoted that one too. My wife has even picked up on that one.

A Vulcan terminator is an interesting concept. I don’t plan on getting this, but it’s great seeing Nimoy and Saldana together. They have good chemistry. Maybe the next movie could have a Spock/Spock Prime/Uhura love triangle??
Great videos. Thanks!

Nimoy = awesomeness.

I hope I have the chance to meet him some day.

Oh, and Zoe is very cute.

Got to have Khan’s “I”ll chase him round …..” and Kirk’s KHAAAAN! Or no deal.

Hmmm. Spock to Sarah Conner. You will not live long and prosper. You will be Termanated. It is the Logicle thing to do. Mr. Nimoy is sure one class act.

This is a little silly and probably doesn’t have more than a passing novelty appeal, but I still want it.

Come with me if you want to live…

Spockinator! ;)

Saldanya? Did someone put that curvy thingie over Zoe’s ‘n’? She has enough curvy thingies, and some very nice ones at that!

This looks like great fun for techno and mediafiles! Would someone please tell the lottery people to start picking my numbers. Sheesh.

I want to get this.

Cool seeing Leonard doing the Terminator.

Leonard is a legend

So we will soon be able to insert ourselves into a Star Trek movie. When that day comes, we all know what we’re going for . . .

(wait for it . . .)


come with me if you want to live…. long and prosper.

sorry couldn’t resist. (resistance is futile)

ok ok i’m done, i swear :-P

Gif me yoh adrehss deyah.

# 20. Good one. It is Logicle for you to be Termanated.

Man I have been to E3 in the past now I wish I was there this week! Nimoy is so freaking cool. I hope I have half his coolness and energy when I get to his age. Keep rockin Mr. Nimoy and live long and happy!

Oh yes the shot of Mr. Nimoy and Zoe together is such a great one!

I can’t wait til you can put yourself into TOS…I’ve always wanted to fight Shatner!

Spock as the Terminator, that would be scary. Both are highly logical beings who focus on their goals. Of course Spock might say “I will be back” instead.

It’s an interesting idea, who doesn’t do this already, but without the gadgetry? I do it with “Grail”, “Star Wars”, “Trek”, everything.

Hmm. Yo can put on a Star Fleet Uniform and talk back to Chanceler Palpatine. Or Dress as a Borg and tell Vader that he will be assimalated into the collective. Lol.

Take that mac-fans, Spock uses Windows 7!

I can do Star Trek IV verbatim……


Be careful what you wish for. Shatner would kick your ass! :-)

Nimoy on retirement: “I’ll be back!”

I would still love to know what Nimoy’s story for generations was. He must have had a pretty clear idea. And would he have appeared as Spock had he been allowed to rewrite the script?

This is the burning question.

#21, #9, Oh! My goodness! That’s SO FUNNY! Thank you guys. You made my day!

to 28 and their ilk.

Spock does not use windows, Nimoy the actor does… IF I read it right he was just being his usual “placate the fan” Nimoy.

not that it actually MATTERS what you use.

pick a fight in an empty room much?

-is sad there is no report of the KHBBS NA Trailer which has Nimoy talking in it-

-is happy Nimoy look awesome in those pics-

-is elated over playing the Terminator in that new game-