VIDEO: Rod Roddenberry Tours Julien’s Star Trek Auction

On Sunday June 27th Julien’s will be holding a Star Trek Auction at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas with items from the Roddenberry estate, plus additional items from William Shatner and a collection of costumes and props from the Star Trek 2009 movie. All of the lots are now on display in Las Vegas, and there is a new video of Rod Roddenberry touring the Roddenberry estate collection. See that and more info below.


Rod Roddenberry Guided Tour of Roddenberry Estate Auction 

The bulk of the Star Trek auction will be around 250 items from the estate of Gene and Majel Roddenberry estate, include personal effects, furnishings, memorabilia, books and Star Trek related items from Gene and Majel Roddenberry’s Bel Air home. Proceeds of the auction will be donated to charity. And Juliens has just posted a video of Rod Roddenberry touring the collection, which is now on display at Planet Hollywood.

Star Trek 2009 items

In addition to the Roddenberry collection, JJ Abrams and Paramount have provided a number of items from the Star Trek movie (All proceeds benefit Children’s Defense Fund and Student Veterans of America). Wardrobe highlights include Leonard Nimoy’s ice planet jacket, Starfleet cadet costumes, and Enterprise and Kelvin uniforms and a Romulan uniform. There are also a number of props and set pieces, plus eight artist rendered U.S.S. Enterprise models.

Some of the Star trek 2009 items up for auction

Shatner Items – Plus Shatner Event June 24th

The auction also includes a number of items from William Shatner (with a portion A portion of the proceeds from the Shatner items ill go to the Hollywood Charity Horse Show) Items include his  2005 FXDC Dyna Super Glide Custom Harley Davidson, his Golden Globe nomination certificates for Boston Legal, “Rescue 911” pinball machine, William Shatner original “Walk of Fame” plaque when he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in May 1983 and various ephemera from his personal collection relating to Star Trek and other productions from his career. And Shatner will be doing photo ops and autographs on Thursday June 24th at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

Shatner’s hog up for auction

Auction on June 27th- can bid online

The Star Trek auction will be held on June 27th in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood. The Star Trek auction will be held on June 27th in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood. All of the items from the auction are now on display at Planet Hollywood. Bidding can be done at the auction, or via online proxy bidding.. More information including an online catalog at (You can also buy the catalog for $50)

Julien’s 2010 Star Trek Auction Catalog

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That pac-man jacket is wild. I just don’t think I could pull it off…

That was a really cool tour of things from your childhood, Rod. Thank you!

That was a great video.

$500 for a catalog is absurd! Where do they come off charging such a ridiculous price?

Why is there never one of these in, New York, or for that matter, say, the EAST COAST?

The price is $50, not $500.

man, what I would do for one of those uniforms……

#5 …. are you kidding me? There was the BIGGEST TREK AUCTION EVER here in NY at Christies!!?!?!?! Where were you?

In a way, most of this stuff seems way too priceless – the kind of stuff that I’d never consider selling if it were from my family history. I mean it’s for charity, so I hope it goes well, but in another way I almost hope that most of this stuff stays where it is. I’m overly sentimental though.

I bought the catalog a month ago just to have it. I highly doubt I will bid on anything. The catalog is nicely done and worth it to me.

I was sorry I passed up the chance to buy the Christies catalog of ST items when I was I at the CON in Las Vegas back in 2006. Ther was some one offering a Christies catalog about 9 or 10 months ago for $1000+ on Ebay…. I don’t think it sold.

It’d be cool if they had a copy of the “God Thing” script. For those who don’t know “The God Thing” was Roddenberry’s first attempt at a Star Trek Movie wayyy back in 1975 or so.

Nicely done, Rod.

So, Shatner’s hog bucks go to horses. What are the other charities?

I think the fact that these items are all being sold to benefit charity is the Roddenberry way through and through.

Beautiful tour… this is your life, Rod…

That was neat to see.

I wonder if the three foot Enterprise model from TOS that used to grace Gene’s desk will ever be found?

5. Seriously? And I don’t say this to be mean (and frankly I’m not being mean), but that comment is just so ignorant. Does it matter at all to you be accurate or truthful in your statements or did you just decide to write about how you apparently perceive the world?

Or maybe the jokes on me and you were being sarcastic. I really wish that were the case.

Maybe i’m not informed… or just ignorant… but is Rod gay??

17. OMG… With all due respect, sir:

NOYB for one thing, and STFU for another. IMO.

Live long and prosper. \\//,

I’d be down on this 100% if it weren’t for the fact that none of this money is going to benefit Rod personally. I’m just glad this guy isn’t useing this and star trek to make a bunch of money. Hands off to him, for allowing the money to go to charity


I think they’ve already sold too much, even if it’s for charity. To me the Christies auction sold too many things that were key pieces of history. A uniform or prop here or there is ok to me, but when you get to things like the original ship models and these pieces of Roddenberry history, just seems too much to me. And 17, does it matter?

Its nice to see trek appearances n items in vegas at a location other than the las vegas hilton–since they closed down the experience its bout time some other locations profited from a trek connection-planet hollywood used to be the aladdin-great hotel n mall—and with the ph connection to movies tv n hollywood its appropiate also–

#15… It is hidden in someone’s closet, I’m sure. I wish I had a copy of the picture I saw once, it was baby/toddler Rod, straddling that model!

Wish it was during the week of the Vegas Trek con…

These things belong in a museum.

Besides, selling your family´s personal belongings, for so many years, seems a little…scavenger like.

Honestly, this is quite creepy.

What part of “it’s for charity” did you not get?

And speaking from personal experience, it’s impossible to keep everything your parents owned. I’m sure Rod is keeping some items.

I share your experience #25. My wife’s parent’s estate went to auction last year. We kept a few keepsakes that were special to her. But the rest was sold. There’s no way we could incorporate a life time of accumulated belongings into our own home.

The funny thing is, seeing all of their belongings being scattered to the four corners felt even more final than when they passed. Now the home and all they treasured were gone as well. It must have been hard for Rod to see the family furniture, with all those memories attached, sitting in the middle of an auction house. Doing what he did for charity was a class act!