Philly Comic Con VIDEO: Brent Spiner ‘Happy Data Blew Up’ + Doesn’t Expect To Be In Next Star Trek + Crashes Patrick Stewart Q&A

Last weekend a number of Trek celebrities attended Wizard World’s Philadelphia Comic Con, including Next Generation stars Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner. And in video available online (below) you can see Spiner talking about (not) appearing in the new Star Trek movies and the death of Data, plus another video shows Spiner hilariously crash Stewart’s Q&A session.

Spiner on not appearing in new Trek and being ‘happy’ about Data’s death

During his Q&A Spiner talked about advise for young actors and hinted at a new project "coming soon". Spiner also said that he has not been approached to appear in the new Star Trek movies, joking "how can I do a prequel? Just look at me." The actor told the audience that he was "satisfied" with what he had done with the character of Data over the years. Specifically on the death of Data in Star Trek: Nemesis, Spiner stated:

I was happy to see [Data] blow up. If you are going to go out, go out in a blaze. People really didn’t really care for how Data met his end at the end of Nemesis, but we killed Data and then Paramount killed everybody else. So really what is the difference? It was really all of our last film. We knew it was over and we thought it would be a nice emotional ending, but no one agreed.

Here is the video (thanks to camilereads).

Spiner crashes Stewart’s Q&A

Sir Patrick Stewart also had his own panel. In the video below you can see after he answered a question on his most embarrassing role (Wild Geese 2), his Q&A was crashed by Brent Spiner who had some questions for "Lord Stewart." (video via mratoz)


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