2011 Star Trek Books Schedule & Details Revealed

Over the last couple of months we have been getting hints, but now the official full schedule of Simon & Schuster’s Star Trek books for 2011 has been announced in the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine. See below for the full list and details.



Recently some of the Star Trek authors have been dropping hints about their upcoming plans, but now we can see the full list with dates and novel titles. The following is taken from the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine.  [NOTE: months listed below are TrekMovie estimated street dates, Pocket official dates as seen in STM are one month later. All are new Pocket Books mass market paperbacks, unless otherwise noted]


Star Trek: New Frontier: Blind Man’s Bluff (TPB) [Pre-order]
by Peter David  

Latest novel for the Excalibur crew follows the events of David’s 2009 novel "Treason"

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy – The Competitive Edge  (Simon Spotlight: MM & HC) [Pre-order]
by Rudy Josephs

Second young adult novel set at the Academy during the events of the 2009 Star Trek movie.

Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Paths of Disharmony [Pre-order]
by Dayton Ward  

Fourth novel of the Typhon Pact series focuses on Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-E dealing with "the survival of the Andorian civilization hanging in the balance".


Star Trek Enterprise: Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor’s Wings (mm reprint)
by Michael A. Martin

Mass market reprint of the first novel in the Romulan War series from 2009.


Star Trek: Indistinguishable From Magic 
by David A. McIntee

Stand alone novel focusing on Geordi, Scotty, Nog and Guinan exploring a "technological mystery." (set after last Typhon Pact novel)


Star Trek: DTI: Watching The Clock
by Christopher L. Bennett

First novel-length story of the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations (first seen in DS9 episode "Trials and Tribble-ations", will "explore numerous facets of department’s responsibilities" (primarily set between Destiny and Typhon Pact series)


Star Trek Voyager: Children of he Storm 
by Kirsten Beyer

Following on from her 2009 Voyager novels "Full Circle" and "Unworthy", Beyer takes the Voyager fleet deeper into the Delta Quadrant to deal with "the Children of the Storm, a powerful and extremely xenophobic species."


Star Trek Vanguard – Declassified (novella collection )
by Dayton Ward, David Mack, Kevin Dilmore, and Marco Palmieri  

Four novellas spanning the length Vanguard saga "with revelations that set the stage for subsequent books."


Star Trek: A Choice of Catastrophes   
by Steve Mollmann and Michael Schuster  

An original Star Trek era novel focusing on Dr. McCoy who finds "the past catching up with him", while Kirk and Spock explore a planet "not as abandoned as it seemed".


Star Trek New Frontier: Blind Man’s Bluff  (MM reprint)
by Peter David

Mass market reprint of the January novel.


Star Trek: Cast No Shadow
by James Swallow

Novel set after Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, dealing with terrorists trying to destroy the Khitomer accords, where a Starfleet Intelligence operative must join forces with the disgraced Valeris.


Star Trek Enterprise: Romulan War: In Shariel’s Jaws   (TPB)
by Michael A. Martin

Second novel of the Romulan War depicts the conflict from multiple viewpoints and "delves into ancient Vulcan mythology."


Untitled Vanguard novel #6 
by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore

Follows on from the "Declassified" novella collection with Starbase 47 dealing with threats from Klingons and Tholians.


Star Trek Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions 
by David Mack

Climax to Mirror Universe story David Mack started in "Glass Empires", this novel deals with the final stages Emperor Spock’s bold plan for the Empire.

MORE in STM #27

For more details on the 2011 schedule, see Star Trek Magazine #27, which is just arriving for subscribers and will be on newsstands next week.


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Like the idea of ‘Cast No Shadow’.

Sounds like a great list!

No DS9?! Again?

I’l eager to read “Star Trek Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions “.
“Sorrows of Empire” from David Mack was so great…

Ah, some proper Vanguard. Excellent.

I love that Pick of Chris Pines Kirk with Khan and Dr. Soong in the back ground. Some great stuff. Looking forward to Enterprise the Romulan Wars. Till J.J and Bob Orci make it into a series The books will do. Hint Hint Mr. Orci.

Also. Looking forward to reading Sorrow of Empires. Looks to be a good read. Long live the Terran Empire!!!!!!

I plan on getting every single one of these. I seriously love Treklit.

But yeah very disappointed to see no DS9 on this list.

While all the titles and descriptions look good I look forward most to the new Frontier, Vanguard and Typhon Pact/post Typhon Pact novels the most. And I’m sure the second Romulan War and the next Mirror Universe books will be awesome as well.

The talent putting out Treklit recently is the best its ever been and I’ve been reading the novels since 1988.

Keep up the good work!!!

That’s a loooooong wait for the 2nd ENT Romulan War Book with “In Shariel’s Jaws” being scheduled for a release in October 2011.

Still I can’t wait to read it. Hopefully the follow up(s) don’t take that long…

That Star Trek Magazine cover with Kirk, Khan, and Soong is SWEET!!

…would make a great movie! ;-)

I think that with the Mirrior universe track that DS9 has taken, that it may have become less popular. From what I have seen on these comments, that has been kind of the case with you guys at least. Anyways, I recently read HOLLOW MEN, and though it was awesome, and have also read Avatar 1 and 2 and thought the same. I am eager to read the other one in the post series series (at least the ones that count), but am waiting for the local library to get them in.

So I guess DS9 is done? Kind of hard to get people back after two years.

What the hell no DS9, get some more staff!

I could complain at waiting so long between Enterprise novels, but the fact there is one at all is really cause for celebration.

at least Vanguard is still going… i actually liked it once i read and reread it a couple times, off and on…

Well in 2011 Nog shows up in “Indistinguishable from Magic” and DS9 may also show up in DTI (as DTI was born from DS9). More importantly, there is a DS9 book coming out in December as part of the Typhon Pact.
“Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire” by David R. George

We have reported on this before, but there are three new 24th century Typhon Pact novels coming in the Fall, plus a ST09 young adult novel and a collection of “Myriad Universe” stories. All that comes out in October/November/December. We will have more previews for the Fall Trek books coming up later in the Summer.

Should be a good year.

I miss the DS9 relaunch too though.

Yeah I was thinking what Anthony posted. And while I’m mega eager to read Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire, I don’t expect that book to address whats happening in the Gamma Quadrant and the whole Iliana Ghemor story line.

Guess we will have to wait longer for that.

More Romulan War!! Thank goodness! Yes, it’s a long wait, but I’m certainly down for it. I also like the Cast No Shadow idea…

18 – Well, the Iliana Ghemor storyline ended. But there were a lot of other loose ends in the DS9R. The whole thing with the Ascendents. It seems like the Dominion storyline in Worlds of DS9 ended in an unresolved cliffhanger too – was that also related to the Ascendents storyline? (It seems like it was.)

The crappy thing about unresolved storylines from that long ago is, I have a hard time even remembering what exactly was going on.

It seems like we may never get a resolution either, they’re just planning to jump the DS9 saga ahead to “present day” and tie it into the ongoing storyline with the Typhon Pact stuff. Oh well. :(

All right, can’t wait for the Enterprise book. I loved “Romulan War”, mainly because I suffer from a lack of Trip x T’Pol in my life and it kills me slowly.

But… no Deep Space Nine relaunch?! And they left me with a CLIFFHANGER at the end of “Soul Key”!? This is madness! I want to see my Ascendents! I want to know what happens to Odo and all his people! I WANT ODO AND KIRA BACK TOGETHER.

-simmers quietly now-

Well. I guess it’s back to writing the sequel I started to Soul Key. Too bad it’ll never get published in my dreams. xD;

@5 – oh yes!

@21 – Go ENT!

I am very excited about the ENT and VAN books… Cannot wait!! :)


Hey, give it a shot, you never know!

I’m looking for any news about a possible new startrek series

Regarding a described “lack” of proper DS9 novels here, Rough Beasts of Empire isn’t released until January, making the next DS9 not likely until early 2012.

My question is, now that the 2009 movie has shifted the Trek continuity universe to a “new” alternate timeline, does this effective put the kibosh on any new Trek books that take place AFTER the Nero incident?

In the official comic adaptation, it shows the events leading up to the movie including the destruction of Romulus and Spock being pulled through the wormhole to the new alternate universe. In that same book, it shows crew from TNG reflecting on the loss of Spock, indicating the old universe still lived on.

I’d love to hear thoughts on this.

Looks like jumping DS9 to the time of TNG, Titan and Voyager has paid off. I would imagine he should get another DS9 in the first quarter of 2012?

Since there has been such a long time between DS9 book will the next one be a re-relaunch?
i am currentlt reading Inception. it is not as good as i would have expected but it is still ok.
are there any star trek books that pick up after the last movie available or will there not be a line of books following the exploits of that crew?

what exactly is the Genius Issue,,a book or a comic book?

I’d like to see more of DS9 and USS Aventine some day….hopefully in 2012

DS9 has always been the red-haired stepchild (apologies to red-haired stepchildren everywhere) of the Star Trek universe. Jerked around the TV schedule when it was on. Crap for advertising. Why did we need a relaunch (with new characters who were mostly lame)? Why not novels during the run of the show? So we content ourselves with the relaunch & that vanishes too…


Romulan War!!! YES! I will buy this as soon as it becomes available. There is so much that can be done with that story arc.

Maybe there has been a book covering this but…
I wonder if there will be a novel covering the future of the Dominion territory/Gamma quadrant. What will happen to the Jem’Hadar as a species or the Vorta. What happens with all the world that have more freedom.

I just don’t understand the thought process behind the great machine which is S&S which is CBS. Things I see as problems are announcing the series of books based on the latest movie, then putting them on hold, because they don’t want to box the writer’s and director of the sequel into a corner, since when has this ever mattered, that’s why we have cannon and non-cannon material. Indefinite postponement of the DS9 relaunch when fans have been clambering for it. Indefinite postponement of KRAD’s Klingon series. Feeling the need to reprint stories which are readily available on the used market or even new because they didn’t sell well enough originally. They do have a few good things going, the New Frontier, The Vanguard Series, SCE,which seems to have slowed down. There are way to many exceedingly talented writer’s just busting at the seems to do quality trek, for the powers that be to just ignore the consumers input. But I guess if all you make is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches eventually people will get hungry enough to eat them and spend good money for the privilege. Come on S&S do right by the folk paying for your products.

Am I the only one who deeply misses the old style of Star Trek publishing, when each new book was numbered and lent a sense of collectibility to these literary pleasures? And each novel in each series had a continuity to its design aesthetic, utilizing the same fonts and cover designs? It seems so much harder to keep track of the overall line of books now (especially as I was away from them for several years and now have a LOT of catching up to… which is even harder since most of the books I missed are now long out of print… thanks for nothing, Pocket Books! This never used to happen in the old days! Now I have to pay $50+ for a used paperback of “The Empty Chair” of “Engines of Destiny”?? Unbelievable!!).

There was a stretch of several years, too, around the time DS9 and Voyager were on the air, that we were getting two Star Trek books every month, not one… which meant that you didn’t have to go a whole year or two between, say, new DS9 novels. :( Of course, Star Trek was MUCH more popular in those days. I understand that Star Trek finally hit sort of a point of oversaturation by the time Enterprise started stinking up the airwaves with all four of its misbegotten years, but I don’t feel that the approach being taken to Star Trek novel publishing over the last several years has kept or expanded audience interest to any noticeable extent.

God, I miss the old days.

I’ve just read the lastest Star Trek Voyager books, Full Circle and Unworthy. Now waiting on Children of the Storm.
Can anyone please tell me why after waiting all these years since Voyager was first aired, that Admiral Janeway and Captain Chakotay finally spend a night together and then TPTB kill Janeway.

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