Star Trek: The Exhibition Now Open In Riverside and Sacramento [VIDEO]

Today Star Trek: The Exhibition, the traveling exhibit of Star Trek props, costumes and replicas, opens in Riverside, CA. We have a video report from the opening, plus one from the other engagement of ST: The Exhibition which opened two weeks ago in Sacramento. Check those out and more details below.


Star Trek: The Exhibition Opens in Riverside

Today Star Trek: The Exhibition opened at the Riverside Metropolitan Museum in Riverside, CA. Here is a video report from KABC 7.

The show will run through February 2011. Hours are 12-8 PM daily and tickets cost $15 (with discounts for kids, seniors, military &members).

Star Trek: The Exhibition Also open in Sacramento

And two weeks ago, the other engagement of St Trek: The Exhibition opened in Sacramento, CA at the Aerospace Museum of California. Here is a video report from News10 Sacramento.

The show will run through January 2011. Hours are 9am-5pm (T-Sat), 10am-5pm (Sun) and tickets cost $16 (with discounts for kids, seniors, military &members).


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blah. to hell with this crap!
who was it that said “hey guys screw the rest of the country let’s just open the same exhibits over and over again in california”.

im so pissed. i’ve been waiting for what- 3 years for this friggin exhibit ( or what ever it was called before they revamped it) to make it to the east coast, more so florida or the south east.

i’m over it!

Can’t really argue Steve-o’s point. Forced to agree here.

Another opening of “Star Trek: The California Exhibition”. Bring it to ATLANTA or even CHATTANOOGA you fraking small lobed Ferengi petaQs.

Like I said –you never see stuff like this happening in New York — it’s always California.

Damn it.

So Detroit doesn’t count? OK.

I would be happy with detroit, or new york..
considering Canada never gets anything (Toronto or area)

Yeah, I have to agree… I’m really pissed that it’s barely been in the midwest at all. It all seems to be in California.


You know, if I had even half a case, I would sue for false advertising. They kept saying it will be going to just about every big city in the US, yet it HASN’T LEFT CALIFORNIA! If I were a millionaire, I’d sue these people for screwing us (not that it’d work anyway).

Hey it looks like Star Trek actually has fans out side of California! Who knew?! (I know there is – just kidding!) But apparently the people who set up these events and some of the conventions don’t get that. I wonder why they feel that way. It’s kinda odd. Maybe they feel there is less demand outside the west coast. Maybe someone should politely suggest to them that they are wrong about that.

There is another article on mentioning this Exhibit will also be in Louisville, KY starting in January. I know it’s not much, but its something.

How about Riverside Iowa?

I got excited reading the headline, then realized nothing that cool will ever come to such a small town.

Booooooo. At least Chicago would be nice.

Let the Powers That Be know there is an abundance of Star Trek fans in the Midwest!

1. Steve-o, You can contact your local Museum to find if they will host ST: The Exhibit. It will require a substantial out lay of funding on their part.

Most places that could host the ST: The Exhibit are hesitant to put out the funds required to bring the Exhibit to their location. They are taking a chance that their investment will not show any profit for them.

You must convince them that there is enough interest to warrant the out lay of the money to bring the people into their Establishment. There has already been shown that there is plenty of people to attend and pay the money required to make it a good investment here on the West Coast.

Until you can show your area also has the volume to make the return viable, you will not see ST: The Exhibit in your area any time soon. You Must call them and let them know what you want. Have all of your friends call too.

HAHA at people who don’t live in California!

I probably won’t even go to this exhibit! Nothing would ever make me want to drive out to that s—hole Riverside.

I moved here 4 years ago from a mid sized town in Michigan and I gotta say. Relax for goodness sake! Get your town to do what Riverside did, lobby for it to help boost the economy in your town. Meanwhile, stop acting like a Klingon with a toothache!


Why the hell would you write comments like those? First of all, a lot of people on this thread would give an arm and a leg to go see the Star Trek Exhibition no matter where it is. It is just too costly for those of us who live hundreds or thousands miles away to attend. Not everyone lives in California you know. And speaking of which, I have never been to California, but I doubt a lot of people living in Riverside would appreciate you calling it a s–hole. If Riverside is that bad, then why is the Star Trek Exhibition being held there?

I was mostly joking. I have a friend in Riverside, so I will drive out there for her.

I missed the exhibit at the Hollywood & Highland location, which was silly of me because I could have walked there. I didn’t want to go alone, and I don’t have any friends nerdy enough to go with. I need more Star Trek fan friends.

Maybe I’ll check out the Riverside one if I get a chance.

Hey guys, at least it is in the same country… ! ;-)

I was in Sacramento just over 2 months ago ! Why could it not been open then !

These news reporters are pathetic. Engineering PADD from the original series? Engage Scotty? I mean, come on. At least get your facts right.

Hey i went to the opening weekend of star trek 09 in detroit michigan and saw the exibit there and the movie on imax i enjoyed the exibit little pricey for pics

“In the original show a lot of the lights were hard candies”. What??? I’d never heard that one before! Have my doubts…

As for above comments: agreed! Getting tired of this CA-centric exhibit!

haha guys what about us outside the U.S, nothing nadda zilch zero…..

Uh … it was already in Detroit last year (I saw it there). Also was in Philadelphia.

Folks, I’m not the first to say this, but I saw it when it was in San Jose and it really wasn’t all that fantastic; many, if not most of the exhibits were recreations (albeit, very NICE ones) and it just didn’t hold a candle to the old Las Vegas attraction.

Now THAT was something to see! Many, if not most, were original props and costumes behind glass in the waiting queue, intelligent and informative placards that explained what you were seeing, and that nifty time-line for tracing Trek history. That AND the recreation of the Big E and the motion ride. I was there during the Klingon era, but am told the Borg version was equally impressive. Even the cash-driven Quark’s Bar and gift shop were hecka fun. Of course, that had a multi-million dollar backing by the Hilton organization and the full cooperation of Paramount – this traveling exhibit is a fraction of what preceded it…

The current exhibit is rather pricey for what you get, and a bit underwhelming. Still, a pleasant curio at best; might be more impressive to those who never experienced the Vegas attraction…

My two cents.

Looks like I’m off to Riverside this weekend!

If you haven’t been to a ST tour or exhibition, then you might enjoy the Riverside location. However, I myself dropped in on it in Hollywood, and this weekend, saw it in Riverside. The Riverside location is considerably smaller, and doesn’t have a display of the bridge. It’s also missing anything from the Abrams movie, with the exception of a tricorder and communicator. The space feels cramped, and it doesn’t take very long to cover the entier area. Compare that to Hollywood, which covered much mroe space, and had many more items on display. Where Riverside shines is the fact that many of the displays have been refurbished, and/or had much needed maintenance done to them, which was apparant in Hollywood. At the cost of $15, for the Riverside showing, I was expecting more.

So, if you’ve already seen it, dont’ bother. If you’ve never seen it, and you’re okay with parting with fifteen bucks, then you might enjoy it.

Haven’t they been in Phoenix, Detroit, and Philadelphia?

I’m just sayin’. It’s not all California.


I went to the showing in Detroit. I hope i can see the Enterprise D bridge one day.

The Exhibit was in Detroit and it hasn’t been just: Star Trek the California exhibit… I am really shocked that it hasn’t been exhibited at the Smithsonian in Wash DC (perhaps b/c of costs ?)

Unfortunately, everytime the exhibit moves, the quality of the exhibit goes down, down, down…due to wear/tear… the first place where it was shown in Long Beach, CA– wow… but I’ve seen it in Philly and in LA and the stuff has taken a beating…


Addendum to Riverside’s STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION:

They’ve added starting today at 3pm a sequential (one each for each Saturday and Sunday of the next few weekends) showing of all the Trek films except for the orphaned NEMESIS. This takes place at the recently renovated Fox Theater (where some historic films were pre-screened in their day. GwtW for one.)

The theater’s restoration left them with the ability to present films in various formats as well as digital. Unknown which format these movies will be presented.

sorry to all that cali is the epicenter of showbiz…..i guess that’s just life? we pay a pretty-penny to live here and it’s way over-crowded anyhoo….