A Father’s Day Photo Of The Day: Nimoy and Son On The Bridge

Today’s is Father’s Day and TrekMovie wants to wish all the Trekkie dads the best. And in honor of the day honoring fathers, we have a special Photo of the Day from Leonard Nimoy featuring a classic picture with his son on the set of the USS Enterprise.  



The Nimoys

Recently Leonard Nimoy shared a tweet and photo of himself and his son from back in the day when he was shooting the original Star Trek, and it seemed appropriate to share on Father’s day:

@therealnimoy: The makeup folks put ears on my son Adam to surprise me. A precious moment while shooting the original series. LLAP

See a fun photo?

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OMG LIL’ SPOCK!!…first?

Took me 30 seconds to decipher LLAP. I’m so ashamed!

– Harry

Seen this photo for years, love it!

I didnt even know Nimoy had a son, good photo. Maybe he should play Spock?

Its the child of Spock & Zarabeth


Mods, please stop deleting my comments, they are inoffensive and friendly :)

Didn’t Adam Nimoy direct an episode of TNG?

@ 7. zanzibar

– Timescape
– Rascals

according to idbm

imdb ^ sorry [BLUSHES}

Is that Zachary Quinto on the left?

This is probably a screen capture from the infamous TOS blooper reels. Adam walks onto the bridge and says, “Hi, Daddy!” and the entire filming crew just cracks up.

@8. Olley
One of the best (Timescape)
and one of the all time worst (Rascals)

Damn…they should’ve done an episode in TOS involving Spock flashing back to his childhood with Adam playing kid Spock then…and yup #8… the irony is that makes two Nimoys a part of last year’s film (though Adam indirectly), as ‘Timescape’ was one of the episodes used as inspiration for the new film…


You’re thinking of “Yesterday’s Enterprise” as one of the episodes that was partial inspiration for the recent movie. Adam Nimoy had nothing to do with that episode.

“Timescape” was the only time we got to see the aft compartment of the unnamed Danube-class runabout, in it’s lone TNG appearance.

“Rascals” was a fun episode. Dumb, but still good. They did a good job casting young actors who looked like younger versions of Picard, Guinan, Keiko and Ensign Ro.

Adam directing on TNG was part of Leonard’s historic deal for doing TNG fifth season two-part “Unificiation.”

And yes–the comic scene with “Daddy” Riker and “son” (young Picard–or Rene Picard, is that you? ;-) ) was priceless.

Color-Corrected version of Mr. Nimoy & Son: http://i47.tinypic.com/rkt3j8.jpg

Master Spock??

oh, and #16, well color-corrected!

Adam Nimoy also directed the modern Outer Limits remake of “I Robot” with his father Leonard in the role of defense attorney “Thurman Cutler” (played by Howard Da Silva in the original, when Leonard Nimoy played the newspaper reporter.)

I used to read in the “making of” books that Nimoy never broke character all during TOS. More and more on TrekMovie.com I get to see how much fun they had making the original show. It’s nice to see.

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I recently read Adam Nimoy’s autobiography (it’s really somewhat differently written than a typical chronological autobiography), “My Incredibly Wonderful, Miserable Life.” It’s a well-written book, and, among other things, tells of Adam’s strained relationship with his dad. Leonard doesn’t come off very well in the book, I’m afraid. I wouldn’t describe it as a hatchet job, but it’s clear that the elder Nimoy is a human being with his own demons he’s had to wrestle. As a father myself, I enjoyed the parts of Adam’s book talking about his relationship with his own children. He’s also has some personal issues he’s had to work through. It also made me realize that I would hate bringing up a kid in Hollywood. No good seems to come of it.

Scott B. out.

This photo could also be called “Zarabeth’s Little Surprise…”
; )