Watch Karl Urban Fight Bruce Willis In Teaser Trailer For ‘Red’

Karl Urban, Star Trek’s new McCoy, makes his next movie appearance is in a supporting role in the comic book adaptation Red, starring Bruce Willis. The film is about a group of CIA agents who are struggling with retirement. The teaser trailer was released this afternoon, and in it you can see Urban and Willis fighting it out.  


Teaser for Red – featuring Karl Urban (also featuring Helen Mirren with a machine gun)

Red will be released on October 15, 2010. More info at Yahoo.


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Helen Mirren is THE BOMB! As funny as Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich will be in this movie, she’ll steal the show.

Oh, and Karl Urban looks great, too.

Can’t wait.

A Helen Mirren action film… That looks awesome!


That’s my birthday! Haha that looks pretty cool! :D

Dame Helen Mirren firing machine guns?! SOLD.

Hey, karl is billed first name after title…not bad.


This is a kick-ass movie….

It’s weird, for a second I thought that was a picture of John Cho!

Karl Urban doth rockest.

Helen Mirren!

This looks like fun! But c’mon, Willis is still THE MAN! Karl gona get his ass whooped. Judging by the sound of the crunch its his neck that gets Willised!

They need to show Helen Mirren wearing a bikini AND firing a machine gun.

(Don’t know the bikini reference? Google it…)

Helen Mirren firing a machine gun? Now I’ve seen it all….:-)

Looks like an awesome action flick. Could also be a big, steaming pile of shit!

Yay Helen Mirren in a comic book movie finally–the poor dear must be slumming haha–shes too classy for this movie–its certainly an all star cast–hope its a great movie-

Willis for Picards great grand pops in the sequel!

Yippe Kai Yay McCoy!

Cool teaser!

#14 John Luc McClane? ;-)……. don’t see it myself!

But I could see Millen as Picard’s grandma: class begets class.

I gotta get this one thru Netflix…….

he calls him Rambo:D now that looks like a good Movie.

He’s dead, Jim!

Looks fantastic!

Was Morgan Freeman wearing a Sgt. Pepper’s jacket?

Did anyone get Morgan Freeman’s line “We’re puttin the band back together” an homage to the “The Blues Brothers”?

Wow…. Red actually looks kind of good! Im suprised.

Isn’t it unusual to give Karl Urban billing at the end of the trailer when his demise is clearly shown a few seconds beforehand? :D In any case, it looks like a fun movie.

This looks funny as hell. I will buy a ticket just for the novelty of Helen Mirren with a gun. Is this based on a graphic novel?