TrekInk: Exclusive Five-Page Preview of Star Trek: Burden of Knowledge #1

Next week IDW kicks off a brand new four issue comic book series, set in the original Star Trek era. See below for an exclusive first look at the three different covers, and a five-page preview of "Star Trek: Burden of Knowledge".


PREVIEW: Star Trek: Burden of Knowledge #1

Writers: Scott Tipton and David Tipton
Federica Manfredi
Covers: Federica Manfredi & Joe Corroney


The newest adventure of the classic Enterprise crew begins here! When a routine Federation diplomatic visit turns suddenly and unexpectedly violent, Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy find themselves kidnapped and halfway across the galaxy! A new Original Series-era miniseries from the creative team behind Spock: Reflections!

Burden of Knowledge #1 covers

Burden of Knowledge #1 — five-page preview:


(click to enlarge)

Burden of Knowldege 1 arrives next week

Star Trek Burden of Knowledge kicks off with issue 1 on Wednesday June 30th. The first three issues are available to order or pre-order at TFAW.









And if you want to get the full series together, you can pre-order the trade paperback which comes out in December.

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Gorn, Tholians, I want to explore them more!

I love the alien cityscapes, they remind me of some of the matte paintings from TOS. The character art is kind of variable, to be honest.

“Mr. Thomspson, you’re with us.”


@ 1. Get a room!

; )

I like the fresh art. IDW is doing a great job, as usual.
I hope it sells well, they deserve it.

I see a bit of Chris Pine and Zach Q in those faces.
Good breaking point, classic cliffhanger…

But the plot was predictable…
I think.

Love Joe Corroney’s covers, particularly Burden #2. Really nice designs and execution.

Scott B. out.

Roddenberry’s penciled vandalism of the E lives on forever. When are we gonna give up on the segmented saucer section? It makes the E look like a great big space cheese.

Otherwise, KEWL komix.

@3 and 4


Note the Kirk lear on page 1. Haven’t seen one that obvious since Marlena Moreau sashay by in the prime universe.

“Hey, beautiful nice universe. You come here often?”

Nice stuff, very classic Trek.

All covers and interiors are gorgeous. I especially like how the issue’s title, “Uncertain Prescriptions”, is done in the same font as the TV series. Very nice establishing shot.

You can actually hear the cast speaking those lines. Looking forward to reading this.

oh great…the blue alien looks like Jafar from the DIsney Aladdin films -_-

Wait a moment the beam down cityscape looks like it incorporates elements of other Trek cityscapes. Do all alien cities look alike?

comple other things i noticed :center-right panel of page 3 of the preview: doesnt Spock look like he’s thinking ‘you have GOT to be kidding me here’? LOL and doesnt that Thompson dude goin down with Kirk, SPock and Bones look a bit like he was modeled after Ian Somerhalder of Lost and Vampire Diaries?

and i still think the blue alien looks like Jafar from the Disney Aladdin films LOL and on the 2nd panel of page 4 doesnt that blue alien look like he’s eyeing Spock like ‘I soooo want a piece of that?’ LOL


Maybe the blue guy was a love between the Genie and Jafar? :-)

Art seems ok, if a little stiff.

OOPS! I meant:

“Maybe the blue guy was a LOVE CHILD between the Genie and Jafar? :-)”


All he seems to do is lightbox photographs. Am I missing something?

LOL #17 and #19 probably….LOL


This is prime Trek so its Shatner and Nimoy all the way.

Loved the ’09 new Trek film, but found the stated reasons for sh*tcanning the 40 year old established canon timeline baloney. TOS will forever be THE Star Trek. That it lives on- CONTINUES to live on through novels and great comics is telling STAR TREK Lives!


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