Exclusive: Robert Meyer Burnett Responds To Shatner/Free Enterprise 2 Rumor

The rumors about a sequel to the 1998 cult classic Free Enterprise (starring William Shatner) are heating up and this time it is Shatner himself who appears to be starting them. TrekMovie decided to check in with  Free Enterprise director and co-writer Robert Meyer Burnett to find out what is going on.


Shatner talks Free Enterprise II?

William Shatner did an interview this week with the Tulsa World promoting his appearance (today) at Tulsa’s TrekExpo. The article appeared to report that the often discussed sequel to Free Enterprise is happening, here is an excerpt:

In the next few weeks, Shatner will be working on the film "Free Enterprise Two," a sequel to the cult favorite about young filmmakers who meet their screen idol: William Shatner.


Burnett responds

We have heard rumblings about a sequel Free Enterprise before, most recently last September, when Robert Meyer Burnett spoke to TrekMovie and SciFi Wire saying that he hoped they could secure financing, noting it should be easier in the wake of the success of the new Star Trek movie. Today TrekMovie checked back with Burnett. While he would not confirm or deny the veracity of the article in the Tulsa paper, he did say (paraphrasing Star Trek II):

There are always possibilities, and it would be fun to go back to the Free Enterprise universe with William Shatner some day.

Burnett did say that if and when there was something to report about the project, he and Altman would give TrekMovie an interview. So TrekMovie will be keeping a close eye on anything new related to "Free Enterprise Two".

UPDATE: More from Shatner

While Burnett is playing his cards close to his chest, it seems Bill Shatner is letting it all hang out. At Tulsa’s TrekExpo on Saturday, Bill again talked about shooting Free Enterprise 2 this summer. See report for more.

Free Enterprise

And if you are not familiar with the original Free Enterprise, here is the trailer.

…and if you want to pick up a copy, it is available on DVD.



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It would appear that the Shat is getting a little ahead of himself.

LOL, not much of a comment, was it? :)

Hard to get anything out of these tight-lipped Hollywood types…


At this stage in the game. I don’t think this movie will ever see the light of day. Too many stars would have to align.

But it would be awesome if it did.

That was a great little movie n shatner DOES NOT take himself seriously this movie is a good proof of that–would luv to see a sequel

Would CBS’s lawyers be more willing to allow Star Trek posters and merchandise to appear on screen than Viacom’s? Anytime there’s a movie about characters who love Star Trek we never get to see any Star Trek stuff!

I saw Shat today at Trek Expo in Tulsa and he mentioned it. While he was updating everyone on his projects, he said he looking forward to doing some fun stuff with it soon. The man has so many irons in the fire it’s crazy. But he was great as usual. Good show today…Never thought the world would survive the coolness of William Shatner and Adam West, together, in the same building. But it did. Loads of fun.

Shat was at Trek Expo in Tulsa OK today and said he was involved. He didn’t say how.

This would be great. Free Enterprise is a terrific movie.

A sequel to that would be nice if handled properly. Cue Nimoy and Pine.

Ummm, one was quite enough. I guess if you keep dropping hints about something that will never happen at some point people will think your full of it? Paraphrasing Star Trek lines insted of a yes means nobody wants to pony up the cash? What about the original producers? I know Burnett and he talks alot but nothing ever happens, the perfect hollywood “player”

Umm… I think this will happen, guys. Can’t say anymore, but… I think this will happen.

I’m all for it. I was pleasantly surprised by the first one.

Also, I wish I had even half of Bill Shatner’s energy.

Scott B. out.

Loved the first one and I’d love to see the sequel.

Robert Meyer Burnett is a great guy. Met him at Comic Con about five years ago, and spoke to him for a few minutes. He signed my Free Enterprise dvd with a great quote from “Mirror, Mirror.” I’ve read his (and FE co-writer Mark Altman’s) articles from the (sadly) defunct Sci Fi Universe and Cinefantastique magazines and they are so on the money. Their editorials were often like reading a scary, printed mirror of my own thoughts at times!

I loved FE (my wife and I often joke that it’s our love story only with better-looking people playing us)!

Here’s wishing RMB and Mark Altman much success with “Free Enterprise 2” (whenever it comes into being)!

And I still say if you need a quirky scene in a bar or some place with a Trek style band in the background my brothers and I have kind of an act where we do all the original music from the Way To Eden, in costume. I’m Adam and he plays Dr. Sevrin and my youngest brother plays bongos as Tongo Rad. C’mon it’d be great.


That sounds great! “Way to Eden” is one of my biggest, all-time guilty pleasures. My geeky friends and I once sang some of those songs on the way to a convention once. It was a lot of fun!

Good times! ; )

Free Enterprise also had a ‘Steppin’ into Eden’ scene at an LA hamburger stand fairly early on in the movie. I am so glad that we’re not the only ones who “reach!” Ha ha ha…


Thanks for the kind words. I’ve never really considered myself a “Hollywood Player,” just a guy trying to eek out a meager living doing what I like to do.

Whether you like FREE ENTERPRISE or not, it was the best I could do at the time with the resources available to me. To quote Ed Wood, “My next one will be better.”

The first movie was interesting, as it foreshadows the Third Age of Shatner: self-aware parody. Shatner has never left the public eye, but like Betty White, his star is larger now in his post-career stage than it ever was before. In 1998, he was a bit of a has-been (without the Ben Folds.) Now, though, after the Priceline ads, Boston Legal, his album and everything else: is there anything he can do in a sequel that can surprise us?


Love it. Love it.

And @ 17
I’m looking forward to your next endeavor. I’d love to help out myself. Contribute other music even.

And @ 17

I guess I should add….you had some very kind words for me and spent some time talking to me at comic Con three years ago after Daren showed my Gary Seven stuff. You gave me advice…getting a demo reel together and such. Talked to me like a real Joe. I always appreciated that. Nice to know that exists in the biz.

#17 Robert Meyer Burnett

You are most welcome.
One of my best friends was in the movie TREKKIES and when she saw Free Enterprise (on dvd at our house back in 1999), she kept saying, “Oh god! That was us five years ago!” My wife was my ‘Claire’ as well. We met while discussing our mutual hatred of 1997’s “Batman and Robin” with a group of mutual friends! Right there, I knew… ; )

FE is both a charming romantic comedy and loving tribute to the eternal pastime of dream chasing (of which ALL of here in this blog can relate, I’m sure).

I’m normally a bit leery of sequels (Empire Strikes Back, Bride of Frankenstein and Godfather 2 being the exceptions), but if FE 2 has any of the charm and chemistry of the first movie, I await it eagerly.
Best of luck to you and Mark, and the entire team behind it.
As Kirk said to Spock in “A Taste of Armageddon”;
“You almost make me believe in miracles.” : )

Robert’s a great guy and FE was one of my all time favorite movies so Im keeping my fingers crossed.
Also, dont forget the Hills Run Red.

Big ups to Robert Meyer Burnett. He’s one of the good ones.

Quarks Bar – June 26, 2010
At this stage in the game. I don’t think this movie will ever see the light of day. Too many stars would have to align.

The stars are aligning.

And since this wasn’t one of the choices on Anthony’s poll and should have been…..”Yes, I’ve seen it. It was required viewing at the academy.”