First Look At SULU Pour Homme – San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Star Trek Fragrance

The folks at GenkiWear have announced their latest Star Trek fragrance. SULU Pour Homme will be introduced in July with  special San Diego Comic Con exclusive packaging. We have details and a first look below.


Sulu Pour Homme

Genki’s new Sulu cologne is their sixth Star Trek fragrance. Here is the official description:

SULU Pour Homme

SULU for men is the perfect cologne for the man who does everything, whether that’s cataloging exotic plants, collecting antique firearms, or piloting ancient helicopters and advanced starships.

It’s more than just choosing to live your life with style; SULU dives straight to the soul and allows you to release your own Intergalactic Man of Mystery. That jaunty, fearless swashbuckler of a man who, whether he’s wielding a rapier in a swordfight or commanding the helm of a Constitution-class starship–is always
ready for action.

And here is the packaging for Comic Con

Exclusive SDCC Sulu Packaging

The new Sulu cologne will be available for the first time this July in exclusive 2010 San Diego Comic Con packaging, with only 300 limited edition show exclusives sold. Fans will be able to buy them at Booth #3744 for $39.99 (limit two per person). GenkiWear will also sell some at shortly before the show.

Available Genki Star Trek fragrances

In 2009 Genki released four fragrances: Red Shirt Cologne, Tiberius Cologne, Pon Farr Perfume, and Khaaaan Cologne (which was a Comic Con Exclusive). Red Shirt, Tiberius and Pon Farr are carried by Entertainment Earth and each retails for  $29.99 and you can pick them up by clicking the links below:

Star Trek Tiberius Cologne
Order Star Trek Tiberius Cologne from Entertainment Earth!
Star Trek Red Shirt Cologne
Order Star Trek Red Shirt Cologne from Entertainment Earth!
Star Trek Pon Farr Perfume
Order Star Trek Pon Farr Perfume from Entertainment Earth!

And coming in July is their latest new Star Trek fragrance, Shirtless Kirk . You can pre-order the fragrance at Entertainment Earth.

Star Trek Shirtless Kirk Cologne
Order Star Trek Shirtless Kirk Cologne from Entertainment Earth!


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