Photos of the Day: Zachary Quinto In “Margin Call” & Chris Pine in “Lieutenant of Inishmore”

Last summer they were tearing up the screen as the new Kirk and Spock in Star Trek. This summer Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are on different coasts working in very different projects. This week Pine begins his LA stage performance of the satire The Lieutenant of Inishmore, while Quinto is NYC started shooting the financial crisis drama Margin Call. We have photos from both below.


Zachary Quinto in Margin Call

Zachary Quinto is currently in New York shooting Margin call, a film about the recent financial crisis. Quinto is producing the film and playing one of the eight characters who the film follows during a fateful day of the crisis. Over the weekend Quinto tweeted one of his arty photo from the set with the comment "empire. state. reflections.’

Zachary Quinto on the set of  "Margin Call"

Pine in The Lieutenant of Inishmore

This summer Chris Pine is appearing in the stage satire The Lieutenant of Inishmore at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles. Here is a synopsis:

Padraic (Chris Pine, Star Trek), a hard-boiled terrorist, has been away in Northern Ireland with his busy schedule of torture and assorted nationalist mayhem, but he is lured home to Inishmore by the news that his beloved cat, Wee Thomas, is doing poorly. When Padraic finds out Wee Thomas has been murdered, he initiates a cycle of revenge-killing that threatens everyone in his path, except perhaps the love-struck Mairead (Zoe Perry), a 16-year-old terrorist groupie with a BB gun.

The play opens this week, and here is a publicity photo of Chris.

Zoe Perry and Chris Pine in "The Lieutenant of Inishmore"

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Chris with an Irish accent… hum

Sounds like fun!

I wish them both well in their careers.

Hey Mr. Terrorist, keep your hands off that 16-year old or you’re in BIG trouble!

But does he make Captain by the end of the movie?

I’m such a proud fan!

I like Chris, but the play sounds about as bad as the Cork based episodes of HEROES actually were. . .

I love CP and ZQ!!! <3!!!

Actually tis a pretty good play, really surreal humor, totally off the wall. I’m actually an irish actor, and a speech by Padraic has been one of my audition pieces for years

Is he a catholic priest? That could be the reason he is holding the 16 year old.

Oh my God, I’d kill to hear Chris Pine do a Northern Irish accent! As I’m from Belfast myself, that’d be one for the books! There’s never, ever been an actor who isn’t from Northern Ireland who’s done even a half decent version of the accent. It’s very hard to emulate.

I have to say that I respect Chris Pine as an actor a lot more seeing him go back to the boards at a time in his career when he doesn’t have to. Ask any actor and he/she will tell you that stage acting requires you to know your stuff.

@11, what about Tommy Lee Jones in “Blown Away”? :-^)

Just to point out the age of consent is lower in Ireland so he’d be okay (though Ireland has some seriously screwed up consent laws at the moment, anyway, based on the assumption that women are always ‘victims’ of sex… if a 14 year old guy has consensual sex with his 15 year old girlfriend he’s guilty of rape for instance, and has to go on the sex offenders register, while she’s committed no crime under the law)

Kudos to Chris branching out but most of the plays at the Taper Forum are quite forgettable and this one sounds especially bad. Let’s just say that drama company is not exactly giving Broadway a run for its money…

#13, again I reiterate, no actor born outside of Northern Ireland has perfected our accent. Though I can understand that it may seem authentic to someone outside Northern Ireland, but over here, we just cringe because it’s done so badly. Neither Tommy Lee Jones, Brad Pitt or anybody has been able to do it authentically.

I love ZQ I want to see in margin call!!!!

Poor Zachary is not getting any chatter.
We still love your work Zachary but I
do like the ears over the suit.

Check out his Irish on the extended DVD
extras. I am sure you can take that apart
for us.

Chis Pine does a terrible Irish accent in one of the Trek bloopers (on purpose, of course). It’s funny as hell!

It’ll be interesting to see what his “serious” accent sounds like.

ZQ’s pic looks like something out of Mad Men…

lol carlG – i actually find ZQ quite creepy – always have.